70 Years Of PEUGEOT Estate Cars

70 Years Of PEUGEOT Estate Cars

A couple of weeks ago, the PEUGEOT brand presented the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW, a model with it’s own silhouette. It displays his own expressive style, a distinguished profile and a sophisticated back. A very efficient and ultra modern car with all the customer expected assets in the compact estate segment.

Less spartan, more powerful, more attractive, today’s estate car has nothing to envy to other passenger cars. On the other hand, it retains what has always made the segment special: a long silhouette and above all a large load volume.

A little history

The first PEUGEOT estate car dates back to 1949, the year the PEUGEOT 203 estate car was introduced. At the time, the segment was still in its infancy and no one knew if there was really a customer base for this type of car. But the Lion brand knew it was onto something good, so much so that it offered two versions of its PEUGEOT 403 station wagon: a Family estate car and a more basic Commercial car.

Given how well these models were received, PEUGEOT was encouraged to further develop its offer. As early as 1956, the Sochaux-based manufacturer launched a PEUGEOT 403 station wagon, which was also offered in Family estate and Commercial versions. It was replaced in 1962 by the PEUGEOT 404 station wagon, whereas the PEUGEOT 203 station wagon waited until 1965 and the arrival of the PEUGEOT 204 for a descendant to appear.

The story continues and new chapters unfold as time goes on: PEUGEOT 304 and 504 estate in the 1970s, PEUGEOT 305, 505 and 405 estate in the 1980s, PEUGEOT 306 and 406 SW in the 1990s. At the beginning of the 2000s, PEUGEOT furthered this offer with two original proposals: a PEUGEOT 206 SW, which came in a particularly small size for an estate car, and a PEUGEOT 307SW which recycles some good ideas seen in the minivans.

The list goes on with the SW versions of the first PEUGEOT 308 and the PEUGEOT 407, as well as the first and second generation PEUGEOT 508. With all these models, it is probably not an exaggeration to say that almost everyone can recall some form of PEUGEOT estate in their memories.

The new PEUGEOT 308 SW: the next chapter

In 2021, a new PEUGEOT estate car enters the scene: the new PEUGEOT 308 SW. Like the saloon it is based on, this model is undoubtedly one of the most seductive vehicles in its segment.

608 litres of load volume, and even 1,634 litres with the bench seat fully folded down: there is plenty of room in the boot of the PEUGEOT 308 SW, a lot of room even! The new PEUGEOT 308 SW is also practical, with a three-piece bench seat that can be folded down directly from the boot using controls on the sides.

The wheelbase of the new PEUGEOT 308 SW has been extended by 55 mm compared to the saloon. This change provides more space for the rear passengers, and also gives the car a more solid silhouette, which appears to stand firmly grounded on its four wheels.

Whether it is a saloon or SW estate, the new PEUGEOT 308 has a 10-inch 3D digital instrument cluster and an innovative 10-inch high-definition central touchscreen with the new PEUGEOT i-Connect® Advanced. Fully configurable i-toggles replace the traditional physical controls. The small steering wheel, another integral part of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, allows the driver to become truly one with the car.

The first copies of the new PEUGEOT 308 SW will arrive on the road early next year. PEUGEOT is offering a number of engines from the launch, including two 180 and 225 hp plug-in hybrids.

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