1945 GMC Tanker

This series of Cab Over Engine (COE) GMC trucks were produced from 1937 through 1946. This is a 1945 GMC, COE, model AFR-522 powered by a 236 CID inline six cylinder engine 97 hp on a 136-inch wheelbase. The gross combined vehicle weight for this model was 32,000 pounds and it had a gross vehicle weight rating of 19,000 pounds. GMC offered two-ton and three-ton versions in five different wheel bases. The cab over engine models provided shorter overall lengths and were perfect for use as a tractor. They also gave a better view in city traffic because of the of the driver position.

  • Model: AFR523
  • Serial Number: 887
  • Wheelbase: 133 in. (Modified)
  • Cab: GMC 1506 heavy duty cab-over-engine
  • Body: Tank, gasoline, 1,500 gal. capacity (Est.)

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