Zagato Mostro Barchetta

Mostro Barchetta Zagato Powered by Maserati is the continuation of a long partnership with the Trident’s Home, started in 1931 with the model Maserati 8C 2500 Sport Zagato and, after ten prestigious realizations, followed in 1957 when the Italian Atelier realized the Maserati 450S Coupé Zagato. The special version, originally named “The Monster”, has been requested by Stirling Moss and constructed together with the precious support of the aeronautic specialist Frank Costin, to participate at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the most important Worldwide Championship of endurance.

The new entry signed by Zagato, inspired by Le Mans classic historic model, is the evolution of Mostro Zagato Powered by Maserati. Which was launched during the Villa D’Este event in 2015.

The Mostro and the Mostro Barchetta want to join different generations: as in the 50s the hearts of the classic car victims were captured by the sight of the Maserati Mostro and the 450S, nowadays the hearts are fascinated by the new versions.

Zagato is racing toward the future conscious of its heritage DNA, a perfect fusion between the technology of our present and its historic know-how, has been characterizing the Milan Signature since 1919.

“We decided the name of the project inspired by Sir Stirling Moss’s first reaction, who said: “Beautiful like a Monster” when he first saw the Maserati Coupé. It is the oxymoron itself which well expresses the union between the brutal powering and the philosophy of beauty.” Andrea Zagato – Zagato’s President.

Its design signed by Norihiko Harada – Vice President Zagato Design, reminds us of the perfect proportion of barchetta by Maserati’s brothers previously realized for Maserati and subsequently for O.S.C.A. during the 50s.

The details like the two seats and the small wrapping windscreen remind the lines of the speedboat racer.

With its carbon-fiber chassis, the absence of the electronic traction control, and the gearbox mounted to the frontal block – typical of the racing cars – the Mostro Barchetta shows its best on the race, and at the same time is thrilling in every type of street.

Mostro Barchetta will be available in just five exclusive exemplaries and almost all assigned to a limited number of Zagato’s collector clients list. Moreover, these clients could personalize their car during the order, like a handcrafter which makes its made to measure car.


The new Mostro Zagato Barchetta Powered by Maserati is made of a carbon-fiber MonoCell chassis, coupled with an innovative composite structure for the windscreen frame and a rear steel subframe that carries a fuel tank, exhaust system, rear suspension, and differential.

The Maserati engine 8V 4,2 NA with power 420 CV, is installed in the front-mid position for optimal weight distribution (50-50) and the Mostro Barchetta, weighing only 1.200 kg has an excellent Weight/Power ratio which results in a “racing” driving experience with outstanding performances.

The racing gearbox is a manual sequential 6 speed and is mounted to the engine block.

The front and rear suspensions have a double-wishbone architecture with a pushrod acting on a spring/shock absorber adjustable system.

The Mostro Barchetta is equipped with large disc brakes with 6 pistons AP Racing calipers in the front and 4 pistons in the rear and 19″ alloy wheels.

The alloy wheels have a single nut, with 255/40 R19 front tyres and 295/35 R19 rear tyres.




Zagato Mostro Barchetta

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