Wide-Ranging Selection Of Spare Parts And Accessories For Jeep Wrangler 4XE By Mopar

Wide-Ranging Selection Of Spare Parts And Accessories For Jeep Wrangler 4XE By Mopar

In partnership with Jeep®, Mopar team has designed and developed over 100 Authentic Accessories for the new Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid, the electrified version of the Jeep icon for Europe with the best ever capabilities, as well as its most powerful, efficient, sustainable and technically advanced vehicle ever. This reinforces the strong bond between the two American brands that have always explored the world of customization together, creating both exclusive accessories and services for the different Jeep models and unique models for major events.

Authentic Accessories to accentuate the “Off-road” or “Urban” theme of the Jeep icon
For the new Jeep Wrangler 4xe, the Mopar team has created a collection of unique and exclusive accessories, for the widest-ranging and most complete customization according to customers’ differing lifestyles, from total off-road to a more urban character. All high-quality products, they come about as a result of the Mopar professionals’ daily commitment in terms of innovation, attention to detail and respect for the environment.

As for the “Off-road” customizations, the clear standouts are the black Tube Steps paired with door sill guards with the Wrangler logo and the front grille. Likewise, for more intrepid experiences, the highlights are the rear door table with an iconic Jeep design and the basket with mesh to secure cargo in the boot. The customizations continue with the various stickers available such as the “Moab” graphic on the side or the famous “1941” on the bonnet, of course referring to the symbolic date for the Jeep brand, the creation of the Willys.

Plus, to accentuate the off-road disposition, both the special carry-all roof bars, for boxes, kayaks, canoes and much more, and the towing hook, to mount the specific bike carrier designed for heavier electric models. On the other hand, if a Jeep Wrangler 4xe customer is looking for “Urban” features, the catalog includes black or chrome-plated valve caps with the Jeep logo, more than ten 32” wheel covers and chrome-plated details such as tubular side steps and door sill guards. Never mind the specific 17” wheel rims that confer on the new Wrangler 4xe even more elegance and sportiness.

Last but not least, additional Jeep accessories are also available, including body-color mirror caps, special open-air driving support handles, and a basket with the Jeep logo, to be paired with the carry-all bars. Let alone the customer’s electric experience, which must always be kept simple and natural. The Mopar offering, which employs the expertise of Free2Move eSolutions, starts from the highly practical easyWallbox and continues with the more powerful Connected Wallbox for faster and smarter charging. This may seem minor, but every detail has been carefully designed to improve life, including while charging, the approach to which will now come naturally to customers.

Mopar® Custom Shop: quality work done directly at the plant
With the innovative Mopar® Custom Shop process, a large number of accessories can be included in the vehicle configuration at the time of purchase. They are installed directly at the production plant, with the same high standards of quality, and the vehicle is delivered to the dealership fully customized as specified, ready to be driven away. Unlike any other offer, Mopar accessories are covered by a complete factory warranty.

They are made in close collaboration with the Jeep brand, with the product and engineering teams dealing with their development, testing and validation. To ensure full consistency in the accessories and spare parts, and to offer products with an impeccable finish and quality, rigorous standards are imposed, and exclusive factory data are used.

100% peace of mind with Mopar® Vehicle Protection service agreements 
For the new Jeep Wrangler 4xe Plug-in Hybrid, Mopar® Vehicle Protection offers a range of flexible and convenient service agreements based on annual mileage and the length of the plan, for immediate lock-in of the costs of future repairs and maintenance.  All you need to do is book an appointment at one of the authorized workshops. Mopar takes care of all the rest.

For the launch, an extraordinary offer is available, dedicated to the new Jeep 4xe. It only runs for a limited time and in selected markets*. Each new vehicle will come with a total warranty of 5 years (standard 2-year warranty plus 3 years’ extended warranty in addition). The Mopar offers cover the costs of repairing or replacing factory-assembled mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle in the event of failure during the warranty period. The new Wrangler 4Xe also includes the first consecutive instances of routine maintenance*, with the Jeep Wave promotion.

All accessories and services available from the Mopar eStore
All the accessories and services dedicated to the new Wrangler 4xe are also available at Mopar Store, the official Mopar eCommerce website, for purchases from the comfort of home with just one click. Launched in 2019, the Mopar Store offers a wide-ranging selection of accessories, spare parts and official services for all private customers in the main European markets, as well as acting as a founding factor in Mopar’s constant process of digital transformation.

On the site, you can buy Mopar Original Spare Parts, the only ones that can boast certified quality, together with a selection of around 2,000 Authentic Accessories, created to enhance the design and functionality of every single Group vehicle, including the brand-new easyWallbox. As well as classic home delivery, you can also take advantage of a Click&Collect service, for convenient collection of your purchases direct from your preferred dealership.

A wide range of customized services is also available for your car, including warranty extensions, routine maintenance, all-in-one installation packs and much more besides, all of which can be purchased directly online when booking the appointment for the service at your preferred dealership, the day and time you choose.

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