Volkswagen Unveils First Design Details of the New Transporter Generation

Volkswagen Unveils First Design Details of the New Transporter Generation

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has released the first design details of its highly anticipated new Transporter generation. “We are transferring the DNA of our icon into modern times with the completely new Transporter,” said Albert Kirzinger, Chief Designer of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand. “The details of the seventh Bulli generation pick up the characteristic design features of its six predecessors and give them a new interpretation. This has a tradition – every new Volkswagen Transporter has always represented a new visual beginning, a stylistic bridge between a long history, the present, and the future. This is precisely what has kept this product line updated for over eight decades, making it the most successful van series in its class in the world.” Pre-sales of the new Transporter have already started in Europe, with prices starting from 36,780 euros. The market launch is set for the first quarter of 2025.

Bulli DNA: A Timeless Design Evolution
The new Transporter, redesigned from the first to last millimetre, is instantly recognizable as a successor to the T6.1 and a member of the Bulli family. “The design consistently follows the iconic Bulli DNA,” Kirzinger noted. “This is already evident in the main body, which has the characteristic contour for the product line below the side windows – we call it the Bulli line. This unique DNA can be found in all areas of the exterior design and also makes the new Transporter the original in its class.”

Front Design
The front of the new Transporter features design elements inspired by previous generations. The shape of the radiator grille recalls the T5, the headlights echo the T6.1, and the overall iconic clarity harks back to the T1. These features have been significantly evolved to create a fresh, contemporary appearance while maintaining a strong family resemblance within the Bulli lineup, which includes the Multivan and ID. Buzz.

The side view of the new Transporter, which ranges from 5,050 mm to 5,450 mm in length, showcases the typical Bulli design clarity. “As with the T6.1, we have extended the upper contour of the headlights as a line into the sides, continuing all the way to the rear to create a pronounced linear curvature – the Bulli line. This line separates the upper and lower areas of the body and is a tribute to the T1,” Kirzinger explained. The new Transporter offers a range of 16-, 17-, and 19-inch wheels, including the striking 19-inch Indianapolis alloy wheels with a diamond-cut rim flange and six black spokes.

Rear Design
The rear of the seventh-generation Transporter maintains the characteristic features of a Bulli, with a homogeneous design that includes options for a tailgate and rear wing doors. The tail lights, featuring LED dots, create a stylistic bridge to the T5. “With a horizontal line below the rear window and a black handle strip above the number plate, we form a smooth horizontal strip between the C-shaped tail light clusters, emphasizing the iconic clarity of the new Transporter,” Kirzinger added. Practicality is also key, with the tailgate or wing doors designed to extend far into the bumper, resulting in a low load sill height of 575 mm to 638 mm, depending on the version.

The new Transporter combines modern design with the timeless Bulli DNA, ensuring its continued success and relevance in the commercial vehicle market.

Source: Volkswagen Commercial
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