Verstappen Reveals Title Mindset In Mind Set Win Podcast: “You Can’t Have Off Days”

Two-Time Formula One World Champion Details Techniques He Uses To Stay Relentless.

In a special episode to launch Season 2 of Red Bull’s Mind Set Win podcast, two-time Formula One world champion Max Verstappen reveals the mindset techniques he uses to stay relentless in his pursuit of victory and turn up to the track in beast mode every race. Here is all you need to know:

– The Oracle Red Bull Racing star is the first guest on the new season of the podcast uncovering the psychological approaches propelling the world’s leading athletes to their peak performance levels and outlining how people can incorporate their methods into their own daily lives.

– Verstappen is a two-time world champion, who recently became the first F1 driver to ever win 10 races in a row during a season. Maintaining focus race after race and repeatedly pushing the limits of himself and his car at speeds of more than 200 mph “isn’t easy”, reveals the Dutchman.

– During his appearance, listeners get a glimpse inside the mind of the star of the sport and learn how his mindset isn’t “a mystery anyone else can’t replicate” according to new co-host York-Peter Klöppel, the Head of Mental Performance at the Red Bull Athlete Performance Center.

– He explains how by resisting the urge to overthink and over-analyse, he is able to keep his mind totally free and fully concentrated on the task at hand while he outlines that his chilled approach is in part due to the complete trust he has in the process and the team around him.

– The 25-year-old also reveals what he is usually watching on his phone right up until the moment he jumps into the car and flicks into race mode, while co-host Cédric Dumont and York explore further the theme of trusting the process and focussing on What’s Important Now (WIN).


“I enjoy what I’m doing but I also don’t make myself crazy – I don’t put a lot of questions in my head. I just go with the flow and this works for me,” Verstappen

“The passion needs to come from within yourself because if you’re not the one who wants to improve or do better, then at one point it goes wrong,” Verstappen

“You should be open for growth, that’s the most important thing,” Verstappen

“You need to make mistakes to become a better driver – a better person – and it’s about how you learn from these things and how you implement these improvements. It’s a continuous process,” Verstappen

“I have my routine, and I also trust the team around me to do their job to their best standards,” Verstappen

“I like a laid back, chilled approach. I could stay more hours at the track, but I don’t think it helps my performance,” Verstappen

“You can’t have off days, or off weekends, you have to be on it all the time. And that’s not easy to achieve,” Verstappen

“Max is very honest about what he does, and what he does isn’t a mystery anyone else can’t replicate. It’s pretty simple,” Klöppel

“If you overthink, it will prevent you from taking action. It’s in the action that you discover how far you can go as a human being and start to push your limits,” Dumont

“We all have a different way of functioning, and being aware of that is a mental strength,” Dumont

Listen to the Max Verstappen Mind Set Win podcast episode HERE.

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