Torsus: The World’s First Off-Road Bus Configurator – Maximising Customisation, Maximising Performance

Torsus: The World’s First Off-Road Bus Configurator: Maximising Customisation, Maximising Performance

TORSUS, manufacturer of the world’s toughest, heavy-duty off-road buses, today announces the launch of its all-new digital configurator, providing customers with the ability to fully customise their off-road bus prior to purchase.

The launch of the official TORSUS off-road bus configurator is a first for the off-road adventure industry, allowing would be customers to design and specify their dream bus from the comfort of their home.

Included within the configurator is a case study calculator, allowing prospective customers the opportunity to discover if their future bus is perfectly configured for their relevant industry, whether that be tourism, medical evacuation or mining, for example. TORSUS has incorporated all of this to create the complete off-road digital configurator, becoming the one stop shop for all off-road needs, taking customers to places they have never been able to reach before.

Would be customers can choose between the PRAETORIAN and TERRASTORM models, whilst being able to select from a wide range of vehicle modifications, exterior, colour and interior options to create the ultimate off-road bus. Once complete, they can share their creation with the TORSUS sales team by a shareable URL or choose to download it.

Vakhtang Dzukashvili, CEO of TORSUS, said: “I am delighted that we have launched the first digital off-road bus configurator, providing customers the opportunity to create the ultimate bespoke off-road solution. We want to make sure that our buses are exactly what our customers want, helping them to go to places that they simply couldn’t go to with a traditional bus.

“With the launch of the digital configurator, we can ensure they get exactly what they need, so they can be ready for the toughest adventures, regardless of their location. By investing in an online configurator, we aim to provide a time-efficient and convenient tool for our customers to make purchasing a TORSUS as easy as possible – particularly for business customers who may have to review and amend configurations multiple times to find the vehicle best suited to their needs.”

Coinciding with the launch of the digital configurator, TORSUS has also re-launched their online website, complete with new digital content showing the true capabilities of the world’s toughest off-road bus. TORSUS is the premier off-road bus for adventuring and this new website truly reflects the vast capabilities of both PRAETORIAN and TERRASTORM.

For further information on the TORSUS digital configurator, or to configure your very own TORSUS, please visit:

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