The Third Generation Lincoln Continental (1958-1960)

The Third Generation Lincoln Continental (1958-1960)

The third generation of the Lincoln Continental, produced from 1958 to 1960, marked a significant era for Lincoln as it sought to redefine luxury and performance. Known for its opulence and distinctive design, this generation of the Continental stood out with its bold styling and powerful performance.

Distinctive Design and Bold Styling
The third-generation Lincoln Continental was notable for its larger and more luxurious design, which included pronounced tailfins and a wide, imposing grille. This model was an embodiment of the 1950s automotive trends, with a focus on grandeur and elegance.

  • Body Styles: Available in two main body styles: the four-door sedan and the two-door hardtop.
  • Dimensions: This generation was significantly larger than its predecessors, providing a more spacious and comfortable interior.
  • Tailfins: One of the most distinctive features was the large tailfins, which were a hallmark of the late 1950s design language.

Performance and Specifications
Under the hood, the third-generation Lincoln Continental featured robust V8 engines that delivered impressive performance for its time.

  • Engine: Equipped with a 430 cubic inch (7.0 L) V8 engine.
  • Power Output: Produced around 350 horsepower, making it one of the more powerful luxury cars of its era.
  • Transmission: Paired with a three-speed Turbo-Drive automatic transmission, providing smooth and effortless shifting.

Variants and Model Years
The third-generation Lincoln Continental was produced in three distinct model years, each with slight variations and improvements.

1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III

  • Introduction: Launched as the Mark III, this model set the tone for the third-generation Continental.
  • Design: Featured a wide, imposing grille and large tailfins.
  • Performance: Powered by the 430 cu in V8, delivering 350 horsepower.

1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

  • Updates: Continued the design language of the Mark III with minor updates.
  • Features: Included new trim options and slightly revised styling cues.
  • Engine: Maintained the same powerful 430 cu in V8 engine.

1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V

  • Final Year: Marked the last year of the third generation before a major redesign.
  • Improvements: Featured further refinements in styling and additional luxury options.
  • Performance: Continued with the 430 cu in V8, offering reliable and strong performance.

Luxury Features
The third-generation Lincoln Continental was not just about power; it was also packed with luxury features that catered to the comfort and convenience of its occupants.

  • Interior: Plush seating with high-quality materials, offering a premium feel.
  • Amenities: Included power windows, power seats, and advanced (for the time) climate control systems.
  • Safety: Featured innovative safety options, such as seat belts and improved braking systems.

Legacy and Impact
The third-generation Lincoln Continental left a lasting legacy in the luxury automobile segment. It was a car that defined an era, combining bold styling with powerful performance and a suite of luxury features. Today, it remains a classic, cherished by car enthusiasts and collectors for its unique place in automotive history.

Specs at a Glance

  • Engine: 430 cubic inch (7.0 L) V8
  • Power: Approximately 350 horsepower
  • Transmission: Three-speed Turbo-Drive automatic
  • Body Styles: Four-door sedan, two-door hardtop
  • Design Features: Pronounced tailfins, wide grille, spacious interior

The third-generation Lincoln Continental (1958-1960) remains a testament to Lincoln’s commitment to luxury and performance, setting a high standard for future generations of the Continental.

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