The All-New Honda CR-V (2023) Advanced Interior Design

Sporty and modern. Fine Craftsmanship. Upscale touches. Even more space. America’s best-selling SUV of the past quarter century is raising the stakes with a more premium, comfortable and high-tech interior that’s perfect for daily life and fun weekend adventures.

Honda also released images of the exterior design last month, showing that the crossover will have a prominent grille, flanked by swiftback headlights. Moreover, there will be vertical air curtains and a more solid front bumper.

The evolutionary design continues at the rear with L-shaped taillights and a streamlined tailgate. The model will also avoid its chrome upper bar and adopt a sportier rear bumper.

Specs are still uncertain, but Honda has already said the model will be offered with a “more advanced hybrid system for a sportier driving experience and greater capability.” In addition to the hybrid model, the engine lineup is expected to include a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a turbocharger. The engine currently develops 142 kW / 193 hp and torque of 242 Nm.

More details on the all-new 2023 CR-V will be revealed on July 12 as Honda continues the rollout of its “Year of the SUV”. #HondaCRV





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