Subaru Outback crowned Overlander 4×4 Best Crossover 2024

The Subaru Outback has been named the Best Crossover of the Year by the renowned specialist publication Overlander 4×4. With the Outback having collected the Best Crossover Estate Award in 2023 and the Subaru XV taking the title in 2022 and 2021, this is the fourth successive year that the Subaru brand has scooped this prestigious award.

Alan Kidd, Editor at Overlander 4×4 said “Subaru’s first 4×4 station wagons invented the crossover estate class, way before the sector was defined. It’s a class that grew and grew, with all sorts of big-name manufacturers pitching in, but the Subaru Outback always defined it. And now it’s seen off the lot of them – to the extent that for this year’s awards, we’ve had to combine the crossover and crossover estate classes into one.

He continued “The Subaru Outback is up against all sorts of rivals, but ultimately, the Subaru is outstanding on off-road conditions and the brand are the true masters of the artform.  The Subaru Outback does everything right as an everyday family vehicle – and it can tackle terrain that would give most other brands a nosebleed.”

William Brown, Managing Director at International Motors said “We are thrilled that the expert panel at Overlander 4×4 has once again recognised Subaru as the leader in All-Wheel-Drive vehicles and crowned the Subaru Outback as their 2024 Best Crossover. 2023 was a year of growth for the brand and this award, along with the launch of the new Crosstrek model, has really kickstarted this new year off to a strong start.”

25 years since Subaru first developed the All-Wheel Drive Crossover, the latest Outback, which is built on the Subaru Global Platform, combines updated styling and superior protection, alongside the latest driver assistance and collision avoidance technology, to make it the most luxurious and safest Outback yet.

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