Smart #1 By BRABUS

Smart #1 By BRABUS

BRABUS introduces an exceptional individualization program for the most powerful and fastest smart model ever, the smart #1 BRABUS. The program includes tailor-made aerodynamic-enhancement components, distinctive wheels, and exclusive interior accessories, all designed to create an unparalleled 1-Second-Wow effect.

Dynamic Exterior Enhancements The smart #1 BRABUS receives an array of exterior upgrades that emphasize sporty elegance and BRABUS’s signature “Black and Bold” styling. Key components include:

  • BRABUS Front Spoiler: Adds a striking face and reduces front-axle lift at high speeds, perfected in the wind tunnel.
  • Winglets and Front Fascia Inserts: Enhance aerodynamics and visual appeal.
  • BRABUS Rear Spoiler and Fascia Insert: Ensure optimal aerodynamic balance and complement the car’s athletic look.

Impressive Wheel Options The smart #1 BRABUS comes with 19-inch wheels, but BRABUS offers exclusive alternatives:

  • BRABUS Monoblock Z Wheels: Available in 19-inch and 21-inch sizes, these alloys are both sporty and elegant, with the 21-inch version featuring a unique “PLATINUM EDITION” design.
  • High-End 21-Inch Wheels: These ten-spoke rims combine polished and black-painted sections, made using complex forging technology for high strength and lightweight construction. They come with Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 high-performance tires, size 255/30 R 21.

Enhanced Performance The BRABUS sports springs lower the ride by 35 millimeters (1.4 inches), enhancing the vehicle’s agility and overall sporty appeal.

Luxurious Interior Refinements BRABUS offers a range of high-quality accessories to personalize the interior:

  • Backlit Scuff Plates: Featuring the BRABUS logo.
  • BRABUS Aluminum Pedals: Add a sporty touch.
  • Velour Floor Mats and Trunk Liner: Both in black with red embroidered BRABUS logos and matching piping and decorative seams.

These enhancements not only elevate the smart #1 BRABUS’s aesthetics but also its performance, making it a standout in the urban runabout category.

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