Škoda Kodiaq iV Plug-in Hybrid (2025)

Škoda Kodiaq iV Plug-in Hybrid (2025)

Škoda unveils its latest innovation in the form of the all-new Kodiaq iV plug-in hybrid model, setting a new standard for efficiency and performance in the SUV segment. With an impressive all-electric range of up to 75 miles, advanced technology, and versatile driving modes, the Kodiaq iV is ready to take on the challenges of modern driving.

Enhanced Plug-in Hybrid System
The Kodiaq iV is equipped with a second-generation plug-in hybrid system, featuring a turbocharged 1.5 TSI petrol engine paired with a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. This dynamic combination delivers a combined output of 204PS, ensuring agile performance on any journey.

Extended Electric Range and Efficient Charging
Thanks to its larger 25.7kWh battery pack, the Kodiaq iV offers an impressive electric range of up to 75 miles, allowing for emission-free travel in E-mode. Additionally, the introduction of faster DC rapid charging means the battery can be charged from 10-80% in just 26 minutes, providing added convenience for drivers on the go.

Intelligent Driving Modes
The Kodiaq iV offers three distinct driving modes to suit various driving conditions:

  • E-mode: Enables electric-only drive for emission-free travel.
  • Hybrid mode: Optimizes fuel consumption by intelligently combining electric and petrol power.
  • Sport mode: Delivers a dynamic driving experience by maximizing power output from both the petrol engine and electric motor.


Price and Equipment Options
The Kodiaq iV is available in two trim levels, SE and SE L, both offering generous specification levels to meet the diverse needs of drivers. With prices starting from £41,935 OTR, the Kodiaq iV offers exceptional value for money and is expected to appeal to fleet drivers seeking efficiency and performance.

Order Now
The new Škoda Kodiaq iV is available to order now, offering a compelling combination of advanced technology, versatility, and efficiency. With its impressive all-electric range and low Benefit in Kind rate of just 5%, the Kodiaq iV is set to redefine the plug-in hybrid driving experience.

Experience the future of SUVs with the Škoda Kodiaq iV – order yours today and embark on a journey towards a greener, more efficient tomorrow.

Source: Skoda
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