Seat Tarraco e-HYBRID

Seat Tarraco e-HYBRID

SEAT is driving forward with its plans to electrify its vehicles and add even greater levels of efficiency. The process has already started, and now the brand is adding a second plug-in hybrid model to the range with the introduction of its first electrified SUV, the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID.

The SEAT Tarraco is already an attractive proposition in the segment, and the introduction of a plug-in hybrid powertrain option will help the large SUV build on its position in the market. It brings a more balanced approach between dynamism and efficiency.

“The SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID is an important model in our range as it is the second plug-in hybrid vehicle of the SEAT brand,” said Wayne Griffiths, President of SEAT and CUPRA. “The introduction of plug-in hybrid technology to the Tarraco allows SEAT to deliver a more efficient model, and our ambition is that 25% of Tarraco’s sold this year will be PHEV’s.”

Designed and developed in Barcelona, at SEAT’s headquarters in Martorell, the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID is produced in Wolfsburg.

Powertrains and chassis

“SEAT’s ambition to electrify its vehicle line-up is exemplified by the mating of combustion and electricity and delivering vehicles such as the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID,” said Dr. Werner Tietz, executive Vice-President for Research and Development at SEAT. “It proves that advanced powertrain technologies can make even the largest vehicles more efficient, maintaining their relevance in a market more influenced by environmental concerns.”

Underneath the large SUV’s bonnet sits the heart of the advanced plug-in hybrid, mixing a 1.4 litre TSI 150PS (110kW) petrol engine with a 85kW (115PS) electric motor linked to a six-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission and with a front-wheel drivetrain, delivering a combined output of 180kW/245PS and 400Nm of torque.

Electric energy is stored in a 13kWh lithium-ion battery pack housed low and towards the rear of the SUV, meaning weight is more evenly distributed across the chassis.

The system switches instantly between the different driving modes – whether the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID is powered solely by electricity, a mixture of both combustion and electric energy or combustion engine.

The plug-in hybrid version provides a range of some 49km (WLTP) using just the energy stored in the vehicle’s battery – perfect for increased efficiency or to travel around city streets where air quality regulations are stricter – and can be used at speeds of up to 140km/h making it incredibly versatile. And when longer distances are required, the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID uses both electric and petrol engines to deliver a 730km range without the need to refuel.

When in electric-only mode power, delivery is progressive yet instantaneous, meaning not only does the driver benefit from an immensely dynamic but one that is engaging and reacts instantly to their inputs.

The plug-in hybrid technology also provides an extensive amount of control over the system for the driver. The SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID always starts in all-electric mode if the battery is sufficiently charged. But the drive can switch automatically to Hybrid mode if the energy capability of the battery drops below a certain level or if the speed rises above 140 km/h. In Hybrid mode, the driver can also maintain the status of charge, increasing it or reducing it to a defined level. The SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID also features three levels of regenerative braking, which can be adjusted via the infotainment system.

In addition to the different plug-in hybrid modes (e-Mode, Automatic Hybrid or Manual Hybrid), accessible and configurable via the infotainment system, the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID also features two further specific buttons: e-Mode and s-Boost.

In case the electric-only system depletes the battery to a certain level, the powertrain switches back to hybrid mode. But once you’re near a power source, when the battery needs recharging, it can be plugged quickly and easily, thanks to a charge port placed at the front on the driver side. Replenishing takes places in as little as 3 and a half hours using a 3.6kW wallbox, or in 5 hours using a 2.3kW domestic system.

The large SUV’s chassis, which mixes MacPherson struts at the front and a multilink system at the rear and a progressive electric power steering system, delivers an involved drive. So, when you head off the beaten track, enjoyment is guaranteed.

Due to the selectable driver profiles through the rotary dial – Eco, Normal, Sport and Individual – the vehicle’s ride and handling can change depending on the conditions and the driver’s requirements. Thanks to the tunability in individual mode, offering an immense number of possibilities, so no matter what the conditions, no matter who the driver, the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID provides the right driving characteristics.

The agility shown by the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID is delivered thanks to the packaging of the plug-in hybrid system. While it’s evident that it requires more space than a traditional combustion engine, it’s been packaged to maximise both dynamics and its impact on interior roominess.

Weight is balanced between the front and rear of the vehicle; under the bonnet sits the engine, motor and PCU, while at the tail is the lithium-ion battery and fuel tank delicately shifting weight around the SUV to spread the load evenly.

And while the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID delivers the core values that every vehicle that the brand produces needs, it adds an astonishing level of efficiency too.

Thanks to its electric-combustion powertrain mix, CO2 emissions are between 37-47g/km while it uses as little as 1.6-2.1 litres of fuel to travel 100km according to the official test cycle.

Those figures are even more incredible when the large SUV still manages to achieve a performance figure of 0-100km/h in only 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 205km/h.

The SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID proves that electrification is a technology that delivers numerous advantages and is part of a bright future where mobility needs can be reached while still reducing our impact on the environment.

Exterior and interior design

The design uses the solid foundation put in place by the Tarraco since its launch and integrates into Style, Xcellence and FR trims, allowing customers to match the vehicle specifically to their needs.

Subtle cues show that the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID is helping take the brand to an electrified future, such as the rear badging with the new e-HYBRID lettering.

The strong interior design remains, the feeling of space, safety and a high level of quality. Again, the focus is on subtleness and hinting at the plug-in hybrid SUVs abilities. This is exemplified by the inclusion of the newly designed and illuminated gear selector and two specific buttons: e-Mode and s-Boost.

And thanks to the overall dimensions of the large SUV, the inclusion of the plug-in hybrid powertrain doesn’t impede its practicality. Available exclusively as a five-seater, the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID has a luggage capacity of 610 litres, meaning it can cope with the rigours of modern life no matter what your demands.

SEAT’s advanced Digital Cockpit provides the final element to the cabin’s dedicated focus on the driver providing all the information and data needed, and which can be configured to suit the driver or the type of journey being undertaken.

The technology streamlines the delivery of information and is augmented by the latest generation of the infotainment system, bringing in a new dimension to what functionality can be brought into the cabin and adding to the digital outlook of the cabin.

All of the information, data and clarity are present from previous versions of the SEAT Tarraco, but the e-HYBRID variant includes essential information about the mode the vehicle is running in, battery state-of-charge and remaining electric-only range.

Digitalisation and Connectivity

As the world shifts and our digitalised lives are taken on ever more important, the need to stay connected when you’re in the vehicle becomes even greater. The SEAT Tarraco already integrated the tools to bring your digital life into the cockpit but is taken to another level in the plug-in hybrid version.

The SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID system, giving a greater breadth of functionality increasing the relationship between vehicle and user, and the SEAT Connect app is the gateway to controlling it. The app can be simply downloaded to your smart device, giving remote control over a plethora of functions that will help maximise enjoyment and improve safety too.

Outside the vehicle, the SEAT Connect app is a window into the SEAT Tarraco e-HYRBID’s data: driving information, parking position, vehicle status, including doors and lights, set up speed alerts so you can be warned if someone using your vehicle are driving too quickly, area and anti-theft alerts, open and close the doors with the remote lock and unlock service or remotely activate the horn and turn signals to find the car more easily.

From your smart device to the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID’s interior, the digital experience is seamless with the ability to connect to the world. The SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID integrates the latest generation infotainment system, including a navigation system with 9.2″ screen, optimising driver feedback and passenger connectivity.

With its clearer display, the infotainment system provides a precise user experience, not just because of the layout of the system’s controls but also because it adds natural voice control to simplify user interaction and making it effortlessly intuitive.

We’ve become increasingly used to home assistants from the consumer electronics world, so taking the technology into the cabin is a natural progression.

The system is woken with the simple phrase “Hola Hola”, from which point natural commands allow you to navigate through functions, while users can make corrections and reference previous commands. So, finding navigation information or searching for music is quick and easy.

And thanks to the Full Link system, access to users’ digital lives is straightforward whether they’re part of the Android or Apple operating systems, thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity (using a wireless connection based on Bluetooth or WLAN). Simple plug into the vehicle’s infotainment system and your digital content is ready to access in a controlled, intuitive, safe manner that doesn’t distract from the road, using either the infotainment system or the integrated steering wheel controls.

The Online Connectivity Unit with an embedded SIM means you’ll never lose your connection to the digital world.

The embedded eSIM allows certain infotainment functions to use real-time information, including a new dimension to functionality with online traffic information, parking and petrol station position and also the opening times and current prices.

The built-in eSIM also offers an additional safety layer, making the eCall service available, which directly contacts emergency services should an incident occur, adding yet another level of safety to the vehicle. It’s not only the possibility to make an emergency call (manual or automatic), but also that important data from the vehicle will be sent to the emergency services such as car position, engine type, vehicle exterior colour or the number of passengers, making it easier for them to assist.

Safety and convenience

The brand’s largest SUV, now with a more efficient and environmental consciousness, maintains the brand’s approach to improving safety. The SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID integrates a range of advanced driver assistance systems and convenience features that allow it to remain secure, stable and comfortable no matter whether it’s battling through urban jungles or taking on more epic journeys.

Well known systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Park Assist keep drivers moving steadily ahead when on the open road and help swing the Tarraco into a space at the end of any journey.

Additional systems such as Lane Assist and Front Assist – which includes bicycle and pedestrian detection – are standard and can be supplemented with further safety technologies, including Blind Spot Detection, Traffic Sign Recognition and Traffic Jam Assist.

The list of features continues with Emergency Assist, Pre-Crash Assist, Rollover Assist and eCall, making the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID more than capable of meeting the demanding safety standards.

Emergency Assist detects if the driver is inactive behind the wheel and softly brakes twice to alert them. Should they continue to not respond, the system automatically slows and stops the vehicle.

Pre-Crash Assist is designed to prepare the vehicle and its occupants should the worst happen and there’s a potential collision. The onboard systems work together; front seatbelts are pretensioned, windows and sunroofs are closed and warning lights are activated in order to mitigate the consequences of an accident. All activated in just 0.2 seconds to maximise the benefits.

Rollover Assist works as an extension of this system, should an accident occur, the car makes an emergency call, switches off the engine, unlocks the doors, turns on the hazard lights and changes the ventilation, among other functions.

The SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID maintains the large SUVs enormous convenience and ability to deliver in daily life, including a range of features that make life simpler. For those who like to tow, Trailer Assist supports the driver when reversing or parking with a trailer. The reversing camera image is used to help guide the vehicle and trailer to the exact position.

It’s simple to use; the driver needs only select reverse gear, press the parking aid button and use the mirror adjustment switch to set the direction you wish the trailer to be steered, then simply take control of acceleration, braking and gear changes in manual vehicles, and the system will do the rest.

Add to this the Parking Heater system that allows you to warm the engine and vehicle faster in extremely cold weather, Kessy keyless entry and the SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID guarantees practicality.

Technical specifications

  • Combustion engine: 1.4 TSI 150PS (110kW)
  • Cylinder/Valves: 4-cyl 16v
  • Displacement: 1,395cc
  • Bore and stroke: 74.5 x 80.0
  • Compression ratio: 10.0
  • Electric motor power: 85kW/115PS
  • Battery capacity: 13kWh
  • Overall Power: 245PS (180kW)
  • Overall Torque: 400Nm
  • Maximum speed: 205km/h
  • Electric-only range: 44-49km (WLTP)/55-58km (NEDC)
  • CO2 Emissions: 37-46.4g/km (WLTP)
  • Fuel consumption: 1.6-2.0 litres/100km (WLTP)



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