Seat Ibiza and Arona Marina Pack Special Editions

SEAT is continuing its collaboration with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to drive innovation, the circular economy and help preserve natural resources in the Mediterranean and beyond. At the same time, SEAT also begins a new collaboration with Autoneum, and becomes the first car manufacturer to use LABEL blue by BORGERS® recycled materials, which will help pull more than 2 million plastic bottles every year from the ocean.

As a result, the SEAT Ibiza and Arona are increasing their sustainability with special editions – named Marina Pack – that integrate SEAQUAL® YARN in seat trim covers, while all versions of SEAT Ibiza and Arona now include LABEL blue by BORGERS® recycled materials from marine plastics in the floors and carpets.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and LABEL blue by BORGERS® works with NGOs, fishermen, authorities, and local communities to help clean up the seas and oceans. Marine litter from our beaches, ocean and sea floor and surface, rivers and estuaries is collected through clean-up programmes. After sorting the different types of materials, the plastic is cleaned and transformed into upcycled marine plastic, which is used to create SEAQUAL® YARN for seats trim covers and LABEL blue by BORGERS® polyester marine fibres for the floors and carpets.

“SEAT is committed to finding innovative solutions to our sustainability targets. Projects such as the use of recycled materials not only help the company achieve its goals but also contributes to the continuous cleaning of our seas, rivers, and oceans.” said Dr. Werner Tietz, Executive Vice-President for Research and Development at SEAT and CUPRA. “SEAT is determined to help preserve a natural resource which is very close to us – the Mediterranean – which is an incredibly important part of that.”

The Special Edition SEAT Ibiza and Arona Marina Pack that include the SEAQUAL® YARN seat trim, as well as LABEL blue by BORGERS® recycled polyester fibres from marine plastics in the floors and carpets will begin production from June 2023.

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