Sales launch for the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV

The EQS SUV is the first all-electric luxury SUV from Mercedes-EQ. At market launch, the model range comprises three variants: EQS 450+ (WLTP: Combined power consumption: 22.9-18.2 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)[1] and EQS 450 4MATIC (WLTP: Combined power consumption: 24.3‑20.2 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)1, each with 265 kW output, and the EQS 580 4MATIC (WLTP: Combined power consumption: 24.3-20.2 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)1 with 400 kW. The prices start at 110,658.10 euros[2] for the EQS 450+. EQS 450 4MATIC and EQS 580 4MATIC cost 114,446.10 and 135,291.10 euros respectively2. The models can be ordered now and will reach the first customers in Europe in December. The model series is produced in a CO2-neutral manner at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa (USA).

The SUV offers plenty of space, comfort and connectivity in its avant-garde, luxurious interior. The second row of seats can be electrically adjusted as standard. A third row of seats with two additional individual seats is available as an option (1,904 euros2). The seats in the EQS SUV fold up from the load floor mechanically. With the seats folded, the floor is level. In combination with the third row of seats, an EASY ENTRY function is standard in the second row of seats.

There are not only three drive variants to choose from, but also three model types. These differ in several details, both outside and inside:

  • Standard exterior & Electric Art Line interior
  • Electric Art Exterior & Electric Art Interior
  • AMG Line Exterior & AMG Line Interior

Mercedes-Benz has bundled other important equipment into packages. These are called Advanced, Advanced Plus, Premium, Premium Plus and Business Class and build on each other. Their availability depends on the model type. In addition, a number of optional extras are also available individually. Here is an overview of the most important options:

  • MBUX Augmented Reality Head-up Display (1,082.90 euros2): displays a lot of augmented reality content for driver assistance systems as well as navigation information. For the driver, they merge with the environment in front of the vehicle and can thus help to reduce driver distraction.
  • Radiator grille with Mercedes-Benz pattern (392.70 euros2): The three-dimensional star pattern picks up on the original star of the Daimler-Motorengesellschaft, which was registered as a trademark in 1911.
  • MBUX Interior Assistant (642.60 euros2): recognises numerous different operating requests with the help of cameras in the roof control unit and learning algorithms. It interprets which way the head points, hand movements and body language and reacts with appropriate vehicle functions.
  • Trailer Manoeuvring Assist (416.50 euros2): facilitates manoeuvring with the towing vehicle by automatically controlling the steering angle on the towing vehicle up to a speed of 5 km/h and up to a gradient of 15 per cent.
  • Sidebags in the rear (452.20 euros2): they cover the chest area of the occupants in the outer rear seats of the second row in the event of a severe side impact and supplement the protection provided by the standard window airbags.
  • ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus (535.50 euros2): builds on the pillars of filtration, sensor technology, display concept and air conditioning. A HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is also a component, which cleans the incoming outside air at its very high filtration level.

Mercedes me Charge: customised tariffs

Since June 2022, Mercedes me Charge[3] has been offering three new charging tariffs in Europe that are tailored to individual driving performance. Anyone who purchases an EQS SUV and has registered with Mercedes me Charge will initially be placed on the Mercedes me Charge L tariff. This tariff is designed for customers travelling long distances. In the first year, these new car buyers do not have to pay any basic fee, from the second year onwards it is 17.90 euros per month[4].

The favourable kilowatt-hour prices are particularly interesting for frequent chargers. AC charging costs 0.33 €/kWh, plus 0.06 € per minute from the 180th minute. These six cents additional costs are a so-called “blocking fee”, which, however, does not apply in Germany when charging between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. This means that owners of an electric vehicle without their own wallbox can charge overnight at public charging points at no additional cost.

Attractive conditions also apply within the new tariff system for DC charging (0.39 €/kWh, plus 0.20 € per minute from the 60th minute) and superfast charging in the IONITY network (0.35 €/kWh). With IONITY Unlimited, drivers of an EQS SUV draw electricity free of charge for one year at IONITY charging stations. This applies from activation via Mercedes me Charge.

Mercedes-Benz Bank offers attractive financing and leasing conditions to private and business customers in Germany. Motor insurance including tailored protection for electric vehicles can be purchased online. Special services such as all-risk coverage for the battery are integrated, and the charging cable is also insured. The InScore telematics insurance is an interesting option, as the premium can be reduced by up to 30 percent by the individual’s driving behaviour. Mercedes-Benz Mobility offers financial services to customers in Europe through their local entities.

[1] Range and electrical consumption have been determined on the basis of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 692/2008.

[2] Recommended retail price in Germany including 19% VAT.

[3] In order to allow use of the Mercedes me connect service “Mercedes me Charge”, a separate charging contract with a selected third-party provider is required for charging payment and billing purposes. A personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services are required for use of the Mercedes me connect services.

[4] Prices incl. 19% VAT valid for the German market, as of 01.08.2022. Prices in other European countries may vary. The contractual partner is Digital Charging Solutions GmbH. Current tariff information:

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