Rimac Launches New 8-Year Warranty for Nevera Battery

Rimac Launches New 8-Year Warranty for Nevera Battery

Made to deliver 1.4MW of power, the Nevera battery was designed according to a strict set of packaging, weight and performance targets. Its H-shaped design – as opposed to a flat-floor skateboard style arrangement was chosen to allow the driver and passenger to sit low in the car, rather than having the feeling of sitting ‘on-top’ of it. As a hyper-GT, the battery was also challenged to deliver both impressive long-distance cruising and fade-free performance.

To achieve these targets, the Rimac team created a Lithium Manganese Nickel chemistry, with water-glycol cooling plates. A number of innovations help to cool the battery, but perhaps most significant is that these cooling plates sandwich the cells, rather than simply being at the top or the bottom, to provide consistent and efficient cooling across the whole pack.

As a result of this innovative design and engineering, the Nevera showcases a broad range of abilities. In an incredible milestone event last year, it set 23 speed and performance records in a single day, requiring around 30 full-throttle acceleration runs in less than 8 hours, with no discernible drop in performance. The Nevera is also capable of travelling 490 kilometers (WLTP) or up to 305 miles (EPA) on a single charge and can charge at 500kW; a speed so rapid that only a handful of public chargers currently exist with this capability.

“A lot of mass market electric vehicles cover their electric vehicle batteries for around 8 years, limiting mileage to roughly the 100,000-mark. So for us – with one of the most advanced high-performance battery packs in the world – to extend our warranty to eight years and unlimited miles is hugely significant. The Nevera is not just extremely fast, capable and luxurious but also easy to own, and this move is the latest affirmation of that. Our electric motors are maintenance free for life and our battery pack is under warranty for eight years. With the expert guidance of our factory-trained engineers at our dealer network all over the world, you can spend more time just enjoying the drive.”

Hendrik Malinowski

Bugatti Rimac Commercial Director

The 8-year warranty covers all major faults of the battery pack and includes a guarantee that at the end of the warranty period the battery will still have a total charge capacity that is 75% of that when it was delivered new.

Limited volume Nevera production is advancing at pace at the Rimac headquarters in Croatia, with deliveries taking place to customers around the world.

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