Rimac Celebrates 15 Years with the Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition

In 2009, Mate Rimac defied skeptics and founded Rimac Automobili in Croatia, despite being told it was impossible. By 2011, he shattered records with his self-converted BMW, proving electric cars were more than just “washing machines.” In 2018, Rimac Automobili unveiled the world’s first all-electric hypercar, surpassing all expectations. Just three years later, that hypercar evolved into the Nevera, setting new benchmarks and redefining performance. To commemorate 15 years of groundbreaking achievements, Rimac introduces the limited-run Rimac Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition.

Only nine bespoke models will ever be crafted, each distinguished by a new matte copper finish that symbolizes celebration and energy, reminiscent of electrical conductivity. A full visible carbon fiber split accentuates its sleek profile, complementing the distinctive Rimac pattern inspired by circuit board connections.

Inside, the 15th Anniversary Edition features copper anodized switchgear and surfaces, harmonizing with its exterior theme. Special ‘2009-2024’ script and a one-of-nine designation adorn the cabin, available in bold black or pristine white with copper leather seats, embossed with ‘15’ on the headrests.

Priced at €2,350,000 inclusive of bespoke options and matching luggage, the first unit will debut at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed. This milestone model will tackle the iconic hill climb, echoing the Nevera Time Attack’s record-setting performance at Goodwood in 2023 with a time of 49.32 seconds.

Mate Rimac, CEO of the Rimac Group, reflects, “Starting in a garage, I never imagined reaching where we are today. The 15th Anniversary Edition Nevera symbolizes our journey from a local dream to a global powerhouse, valued at €2 billion. We’ve evolved from a converted BMW 3 Series to producing the world’s fastest accelerating car, pioneering EV tech, and energy storage solutions.”

Since inception, the Rimac brand has grown into the Rimac Group with over 2,200 employees across Europe. The Rimac Campus, Phase 1 completed, marks a new chapter in production expansion, anticipating future growth.

The Rimac Nevera remains a testament to innovation, powered by a bespoke battery system, dual-motor powertrain, and Rimac All-Wheel Torque Vectoring 2 software. This legacy continues to drive Rimac Technology’s collaborations, including a partnership with BMW on next-gen batteries, and Rimac Energy’s advancements in energy storage.

Timeline of Rimac Automobili’s Journey:

  • 2009 – 2010: Garage Phase Mate Rimac converts his BMW E30 into an electric car, laying the foundation for Rimac Automobili.
  • 2011: Setting World Records Rimac sets Guinness and FIA records for the fastest accelerating electric car.
  • 2011: Rimac Automobili is Born Concept_One debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Rimac’s first all-electric supercar.
  • 2013 – 2014: Getting Traction First profitable year, exporting Croatia’s first car; Concept_One travels as FIA Formula E Race Director’s car.
  • 2015: Racing to the Clouds Rimac designs the Rimac Tajima e-Runner for Pikes Peak, showcasing electric power in global motorsport.
  • 2016: First Production Car Concept_One deliveries begin, outperforming traditional supercars.
  • 2017: Breaking New Ground Expansion and investment; electrification partnerships solidify Rimac’s role in automotive innovation.
  • 2018: The Next Generation C_Two (Nevera) revealed at Geneva Motor Show; Porsche becomes shareholder; production facility expansion.
  • 2019 – 2020: Future in the Works Nevera development intensifies; partnerships grow; Rimac Group shapes the future of electric mobility.
  • 2021: The Milestone Year Announcement of Rimac Campus; merger with Bugatti; technological leadership in hypercar and EV components.
  • 2022: The Perfect Storm Series D investment raises €500M; Nevera achieves world’s fastest electric road car speed record.
  • 2023: Time Attack Nevera sets 23 performance records; Rimac Energy established for energy storage innovation.
  • 2024: The Story Continues… Rimac Technology partners with BMW on next-gen batteries; Rimac Campus Phase 1 complete; celebrating 15 years of Rimac Automobili.

Celebrate 15 years of Rimac Automobili’s journey with the new Rimac Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition, a symbol of innovation and performance that continues to redefine the automotive industry.

Source: Rimac
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