Revolutionary Autonomous Cargo Transportation Company, Evocargo Inks Agreement With Roads & Transport Authority In UAE

Revolutionary Autonomous Cargo Transportation Company, Evocargo Inks Agreement With Roads & Transport Authority In UAE

As part of a long-term strategy to ramp up its presence in the global and regional smart logistics market, autonomous cargo transportation company, Evocargo announces a cooperation agreement with Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) to showcase and initiate trials of Autonomous Logistics via its unmanned all-electric Hydrogen vehicles.

Mr. Andrei Bolshakov, Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Evocargo International Holdings Limited said, “We have ambitious targets to create awareness of smart logistics service provided by full-size unmanned vehicles EVO.3 (N3 class) and EVO.1 (N1 class)  which significantly impacts the logistics industry. With UAE being the best place to develop new business connections and potential clients, our cooperation with Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai offers us an ideal platform highlight our latest Autonomous innovations in Smart Logistics service.

The two parties will be showcasing Evocargo autonomous vehicle during the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport and announce their cooperation and intention to explore future testing of Autonomous Logistics in Dubai on October 27th, 2021.

Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, Chief Executive Officer of Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) said, “We are delighted to bring the self-driving technology to external customers and public at large as this will improve our services, and help us ensure that 25 percent of all transportation trips in Dubai is through smart and driverless modes.

Evocargo expressed its interest for cooperation with Roads & Transport Authority in exploring opportunities to showcase the self-produced unmanned electric logistics platforms EVO.1(3.5 tons full weight) and EVO.3 (44 tons full weight) and offer Evocargo’s end-to-end robotization logistics service that can decrease transportation costs by up to 60%.

Evocargo tailor makes each customers logistics ecosystem to support smarter, ecological, sustainable and efficient solutions for their business needs with autonomous vehicles bringing innovation and cutting-edge services in the cargo transportation ecosystem.

Mr. Andrei Bolshakov spoke at the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport, a global platform for self-driving transport that gathers prominent experts, policy makers, technology manufacturers, researchers and leading academia. He was accompanied by prominent speakers that included Eng. Muammar Al Katheeri, Executive Vice President, Engineering & Smart City DSOA,

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO at Public Transport Agency – Roads and Transport Authority and Prof. Sebastian Thurn, CEO of Kitty Hawk.

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