Renault Captur – A Pioneer Of The Small SUV Market

A Pioneer Of The Small Suv Market

A pioneer of the small SUV market, the Renault Captur has sold 1.2 million units since its launch in 2013, rapidly becoming the best selling model in its class across Europe.

In a sector that has become extremely competitive, the All-New Captur has reinvented itself without losing the unique identity that made the original such a success. Featuring athletic and dynamic new looks, an even more welcoming and practical interior and setting new technology standard, the New Renault Captur is more grown-up and upmarket than ever.

The All-New Captur is one of the key model’s in Renault’s Drive the Future (2017-2022) strategic plan, thanks in no small part to its status as a truly global product. Not only is it sold on every continent, the All-New Renault Captur will be also be manufactured in China, a key market for Renault.

Furthermore, the All-New Captur is important technologically, as it meets the three pillars of the mobility of the future as presented in the strategic plan, which are as follows:

  • Electric-powered: by the end of the plan, Renault will have 12 electric models in its range, and the All-New Captur will be the first Renault model to benefit from the E-TECH Plug-in hybrid engine.
  • Connected: at the end of the plan, 100 percent of vehicles in the company’s key markets will feature connected systems. The All-New Renault Captur perfectly illustrates this dynamic with its new connected multimedia system and the Renault EASY CONNECT platform .
  • Autonomy: by 2022 Renault will be marketing 15 models equipped with some form of autonomous driving technology. The All-New Captur will be one of the pioneers, joining All-New Clio in delivering autonomous driving technologies to B-segment models.

The All-New Captur is at the heart of the group strategy in so much as it is underpinned by the CMF-B platform, which forms the basis of the All-New Clio. Designed from the outset to accommodate an electric powertrain and the latest electronic architecture it offers the possibility to integrate new technologies that meet the market’s needs.

A bold new exterior design that reinforces its SUV identity

More athletic and dynamic than ever, and with an even stronger SUV identity, the All-New Renault Captur is an unmistakable presence on the road. The totally redesigned exterior is more modern, distinctive and expressive, yet it also remains true to Renault’s core design values.

Longer than before by 110mm and with a higher waistline, the All-New Captur has a true SUV stance, which is enhanced by the tough-looking front and rear protection skid plates, the chunky protective mouldings that run the entire length of the lower body and the prominent wheel arch extensions.

Factor in the distinctively contoured wings, scalloped sides and the ‘floating roof’ treatment and the All-New Captur’s sleek profile makes it instantly recognisable. At the front is a wider grille, while the All-New Renault Captur’s very expressive front bumper features two wide air deflectors in front of the wheel arches that help limit turbulence and reduce aerodynamic drag, helping to further improve fuel consumption.

The All-New Captur’s appearance is pushed further upmarket by the careful use of chrome trim for the window surrounds, the bodyside mouldings and the inserts set into the front wings. The material is also used to embellish the boldly designed tailgate.

Another big advance is the standard fitment of 100 percent LED headlamps across the range. Surrounded by Renaut’s trademark C-Shape daylight running light signature, these powerful units are seamlessly integrated into the design, with elements of the chrome grille running into the lamps.

At the slim rear lights on the All-New Captur retain the C-Shape light signature that typifies the Renault vehicle. A first on a production model! As at the front, there are additional front segments (1 per light) and side segments (8 per light) to further emphasise the design, and the distinctive 3D mesh. The original design of these rear lights, mounted as they are in the tailgate panel, provide the illusion of an extra wide vehicle.

Adding further visual appeal are the inclusion of new exterior colours, including Atacama Orange, Flame Red and Iron Blue. Offering remarkable depth and sheen, they emphasise its athletic, dynamic design and the contrasting finish of the ‘floating roof’, which can be finished in Midnight Black, Atacama Orange, Highland Grey or Alabaster White. In total, 11 bodywork colours, 4 contrasting roof colours and 3 external customisation packs will be available at the launch, giving a unique potential in this segment of 90 possible combinations.

It can also be fitted with longitudinal roof bars or a semi-glazed opening sunroof.

A high quality interior revolution with greater space, style and technology

The interior revolution first seen in the All-New Clio continues on the All-New Renault Captur, which sets new standards for the class. Like the All-New Clio the All-New Captur gets the “Smart Cockpit” layout that’s angled slightly towards the driver, plus it also features a brand-new floating console. Housing the latest technologies and boasting the biggest screens in its category it delivers a more immersive driving experience.

However, it is not just the driving position that is revolutionary because the entire passenger compartment has entered a new dimension of quality and comfort, rivalling models from the class above thanks to its high-grade materials; soft coverings for the dashboard, door panels, the contour of the centre console; meticulously finished fittings; and a new seat architecture.

At the heart of the interior revolution is the “Smart Cockpit” concept, which features the optional 9.3-inch infotainment screen, which is the biggest in the class. With its portrait layout and slightly curved screen it’s both easier to use and brings cutting edge modernity to the passenger compartment. By being angled towards the driver it gives easy access to the All-New connected Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, navigation and infotainment services, as well as the MULTI-SENSE settings and the driving aids settings.

The “Smart Cockpit” is further enhanced by the TFT digital screen that replaces the traditional analogue instrument cluster. Offered in either 7 or 10-inch layouts it offers clear and intuitive display, plus it can be easily customised. On versions with the larger 10-inch version you can even have turn-by-turn sat-nav instructions beamed to the display. Crucially, when specified with the 9.3 and 10-inch screens, the All-New Captur has one of the biggest combined display layouts in its class.

Set below the “Smart Cockpit” screens is the bold flying centre console. Set high for improved driving and handy placement of the gear-lever, it also gives the interior a more streamlined appearance. Importantly, it also frees up space for general storage and a wireless pad for smartphone charging. On models fitted with the EDC dual clutch transmission, the floating centre console gets a futuristic “e-shifter” gear selector that features an illuminated outer edge and can be customised with contrasting coloured coverings.

The rest of the dashboard hasn’t been ignored and from top to bottom the entire layout has been redesigned and the quality improved, with a soft touch foam-like covering for the lower section that houses practical elements such as the glovebox. Further up the dash is separated in two horizontal strips that houses the air vents above and the customisable decorative inserts below. Below this are the carefully laid out strip of buttons, including those for the climate control.

Besides the Smart Cockpit that helps to create an immersive driving experience, the All-New Renault Captur has many features to improve the experience of its occupants. A semi-panoramic sunroof option creates a brighter ambience, while the seats, windscreen and steering wheel can all be heated to overcome any wintry shivers.

Several colour packs are available for the upholstery on the All-New Captur, which allow owners to customise the cabin. The orange pack gets black seats and orange side motifs in synthetic leather and cloth, the light grey pack features seats trimmed in a blend of black synthetic leather and cloth combination with light grey side motifs, while the leather pack get titanium black real leather seats with light grey perforations. Each pack is completed by matching colours in the door armrests and on the dashboard strip.

Here too, the All-New Captur offers top quality materials that are unique in its class, the door panels being decorated with wide insets that, like the armrests, match the various interior colours available. The door inserts also benefit from gentle, diffused ambient lighting strips controlled by MULTI-SENSE.

Further improvements to comfort and user friendliness include the option of a frameless rear-view mirror, automatic parking brake and door storage compartments that can accommodate a 1.5-litre bottles. Up front there’s a central armrest containing two USB sockets, while rear seat passengers get a 12 V socket.

The steering wheel has also been slimmed down thanks to the use of a more compact airbag than on the previous model. Not only is it better to hold, it offers a clearer view the instruments, plus it’s equipped with a new and more comprehensive set of back-lit controls and high-quality satin inserts. Models fitted with the EDC dual clutch gearbox also benefit from gearshift mounted on the steering wheel.

Getting comfortable behind the wheel is made easier thanks to an entirely new seat design, with a seat base that is 15 millimetres longer and has a more enveloping shape to provide greater support. And thanks to their more accessible controls, they are both more ergonomic and easier to adjust. Rear seat passengers benefit too, thanks to the hollowed out semi-rigid shell backing that boosts legroom by 17mm. Furthermore, the new, comma-shaped headrests improve forward visibility from the rear.

It’s not just quality and technology that are improved, because the All-New Renault Captur is roomier and more practical than ever. Overall length has increased by 11 centimetres over the previous model, creating even more space for occupants and their luggage. Not only is there 17 mm more legroom in the rear, boot capacity has been increased by a significant 81 litres, up to a vast 536 litres. And that’s before you factor in the 27 litres of storage in the cabin. And as on the All-New Clio, the subwoofer on the premium BOSE audio system is fully integrated into the left-hand side of the boot, meaning there’s no reduction in space.

A key strength of the previous Captur was the adaptability if its interior, and this has been further improved with All-New Captur. For starters, the sliding rear bench seat has been carried over, which allows 16 cm of movement to either make more space for passengers or to increase the size of the boot. The rear bench seat can also be folded down in a 1/3 or 2/3 pattern, liberating a maximum payload length of 1.57 m with an almost completely flat floor. A further benefit is the movable boot floor that can be used to split the payload volume into two levels, creating more space or a totally flat loading lip with hidden storage below.

Customisation is key with All-New CAPTUR

The Renault Captur has always been recognised for its customisation options – and the All-New Captur goes even further with a greater variety of options and new colours inside and out.

Externally the trademark two-tone bodywork treatment remains at the heart of the All-New Renault Captur’s appeal. In addition to the range of 11 bodywork colours there are also five options at launch for the roof and door mirrors – Midnight Black, Desert Orange, Highland Grey and Alabaster White.

Further customisation of the All-New Captur extends to a choice of three colours for the front and rear skid plates and the lower door protectors, with Highland Grey, Alabaster White and Atacama Orange all available.

In total, the All-New Captur will offer no fewer than 90 colour combinations, allowing owners the ability to create a car to suit their own tastes.

The interior of the All-New Renault Captur can also be customised with coloured with a choice of seven different combination. The Caramel, Blue, Red and Turquoise packs embellish the air vents and the base of the gear lever, while the Light Grey and Orange packs feature inserts for the inner doors, dashboard and upholstery

All in the All-New Captur will offer no fewer than 18 interior colour configurations. And that’s in addition to them eight ambient lighting colours for the inner doors and the base of the flying centre console, all selected via the MULTI-SENSE system settings.

New engines, plug-in capability and CMF-B

The All-New Captur has also stepped up a class when it comes to its wider range of redesigned petrol and diesel engines, plus the addition of a E-TECH plug-in hybrid. Joining the range in 2020, this powertrain is both a first for Renault and also for models in this class.


Renault has always been a technology pioneer and the All-New Renault Captur continues that tradition as in 2020 it will become the first model in its class to be offered with a plug-in hybrid engine. Called E-TECH Plug-in it has been designed to appeal to customers where the All-New Captur will be the household’s only vehicle, delivering the longest driving range in electric mode and the best all-round performance for a plug-in hybrid model. In total, Renault has registered over 150 patents for the E-TECH Plug-in engine fitted to the All-New Captur, demonstrating its cutting-edge credentials.

Capable of driving up to 28 miles (45 kilometres) at speeds of up to 83 mph (135 km/h) in pure electric mode, the All-New Renault Captur demonstrates impressive versatility. Owners can use the car for daily trips without consuming any petrol, while longer weekend and holiday journeys can be undertaken without any range anxiety. What’s more, thanks to its specially designed system and continuous energy regeneration capability of its two electric motors, the All-New Captur always retains enough charge in its 9.8kWh battery to move away and run at low speeds in electric mode, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

The system is similar to that fitted to the New Clio E-TECH, meaning it features a braking system taken directly from the electric vehicle class. This means it allows a maximum of energy to be recovered and returned for rapid self-recharging of the battery, while the strong regenerative braking effect allows a one pedal driving technique, further boosting efficiency.

The electric part of the drivetrain is linked to a new 1.6-litre petrol engine, which has been reworked especially for this application and is equipped with a particle filter to reduce harmful emissions. It also features an innovative multimode continuously variable gearbox for smooth and seamless operation.

As for charging, the All-New Captur gets Mode 2-compatible charging plug for domestic sockets and a Mode 3 plug for charging stations.

TCe 100

Following the All-New Clio, the All-New Renault Captur is the second model in the Renault range to benefit from the turbocharged 3-cylinder 1.0 TCe. Featuring a turbocharger with an electrically controlled wastegate, an exhaust manifold that is partially built into the cylinder head, hydraulic twin variable timing control and the Bore Spray Coating that reduces its consumption and CO2 emissions, this engine is at cutting edge of internal combustion technology. With 100 PS and 160 N.m of torque, this new generation engine makes the All-New Captur a versatile SUV, comfortable both in the city and on the motorway.

TCe 130

The 1.3 TCe engine made its debut in the previous generation Captur, as well as having proved itself in numerous other models in the Renault range. With 130 hp and 240 N.m of torque if delivers strong performance, smoothness and efficiency, enabling dynamic driving while keeping fuel consumption and CO2 emissions down. Fitted as standard with a 6-speed manual gearbox, it’s also available with a new 7-speed (the previous car was a six-speed) EDC dual-clutch gearbox that features steering-wheel mounted gearshift paddles

TCe 155

At the top of the petrol range is the The 155 PS version of the 1.3 TCe engine, which with 270Nm of torque maximises the dynamic qualities of the All-New Renault Captur and its new CMF-B platform chassis. Exclusively available with the EDC 7-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox, this unit provides keen drivers with a greater feeling of sportiness and enjoyment at the wheel, particularly when taking advantage of the MULTI-SENSE Sport mode

This 155 PS version of the 1.3 TCe engine is calibrated differently from the previous 150 PS version it replaces, allowing greater performance but with lower consumption and CO2 emissions that are optimised to meet the WLTP approval protocol.

Blue dCi 95 and 115

The All-New Captur offers two diesel options suitable for the highest mileage drivers. The 1.5 Blue dCi engine has been improved to meet the new emission control standards with the inclusion of a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system and is available in two guises: a 95 PS version with 240 N.m and a 6-speed manual gearbox, and a 115 PS version with 260 N.m and the option of either a 6-speed manual gearbox or EDC 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with steering wheel gearshift paddles.


The All-New Renault Captur is built on the new CMF-B modular platform, which was first developed in 2014 at the Technocentre in Guyancourt. There were many targets for the new platform, including improved safety, efficiency, refinement and technology integration.

CMF stands for Common Module Family and it comprises 85% new parts compared with the platform of the previous-generation Captur. Significantly, CMF-B was designed from the outset to accommodate the E-TECH Plug-in drivetrain.

Safety was also a key development and CMF-B has allowed innovative equipment to be integrated with all-new Captur, including an adaptive driver airbag, high-volume curtain airbags, safety belt pretensioners with load limiters and ISOFIX child seat attachments compliant with the new iSize standard. The structure of the body, side members and bulkhead have also been carefully designed, while then use of high-tensile steel and structural adhesive to improve the bonding of the panels also increases strength.

With the new electric and electronic architecture of the CMF-B platform, the All-New Renault Captur is available with the most extensive range of equipment and advanced driver assistance systems in the class, including a front camera and radar, to the Highway & Traffic Jam Companion adaptive cruise control, a first in this class.

The CMF-B architecture is also lighter than before, particularly on the bodywork and suspension, while an underbody fairing that improves the aerodynamic performance with a Cx reduction of 20 thousandths. The All-New Captur also offers greater refinement thanks to the insulation of the engine compartment, with an improvement of between 1.5 to 2 dB at speeds of up to 80 mph.

All-New Captur Safety and Technology

The All-New Renault Captur offers the most comprehensive range of driver assistance systems in its class, all aimed at simplifying driving, boosting safety and bringing motorists greater peace of mind.

New features on the All-New Captur include the option of a 360° camera and active emergency braking with cyclist and pedestrian detection, which are both firsts in the Renault range. The highlight is the Highway & Traffic Jam Companion, which is rare in the small SUV class and provides significantly improved comfort and tranquillity when driving. This advanced driver assistance system constitutes a first step towards autonomous vehicles.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) available on the All-New Captur fall into three categories: Driving, Parking and Safety. Together, they form the Renault EASY DRIVE system. Their settings are easy to adjust from the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system touchscreen.


Due after the Capture goes on sale in the UK, and a rarity in the small SUV class, is the Highway & Traffic Jam Companion. An option on models with the TCe 130 GPF and TCe 155 EDC GPF EDC engines, this system combines adaptive cruise control (with Stop & Go) and lane keep assist. Active from 0 to 100 mph, the system functions on vehicles equipped with an EDC automatic gearbox, controlling the speed of the vehicle and maintaining safe distances with vehicles ahead while keeping the vehicle centred in its lane. Particularly useful in heavy traffic, the driver assistance system also stops and starts the All-New Renault Captur automatically if the driver does not respond within three seconds.

The Highway & Traffic Jam Companion is a Level 2 autonomy system that significantly improves driving comfort. Drivers nevertheless need to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, with the system emitting an alert if it detects that the driver’s hands are not on the wheel after 13 seconds. After two further alerts, it deactivates automatically after 48 seconds.

Across the All-New Capture line-up, the level of available standard safety equipment is impressively high. Adaptive cruise control is available, as are departure warning and lane keep assist, the former automatically primed at speeds more than 43mph, the latter working between 43mph and 99mph. Traffic sign recognition with speed alert is also included, as is cruise control with speed limiter function. Finally, the Active Emergency Braking is bolstered by the latest cyclist and pedestrian detection functionality. Automatic high beam functionality is also available with the standard LED headlamps

There are numerous parking aid options, including a 360-degree parking camera, Active Rear Vehicle Detection and front, lateral and rear parking sensors. There’s also the option of Handsfree Parking, which allows stress-free parking by taking control of the steering – all the driver has to do is operate the throttle and brakes.

Renault EASY CONNECT in the All-New CAPTUR

With the All-New Captur, Renault is continuing its strategy of deploying always-on connectivity and enriched services with all of its vehicles. Platforms and apps such as EASY CONNECT and MY Renault, plus the EASY LINK multimedia system deliver truly connected services.

Even on the move, the driver and passengers are able to remain connected permanently to their digital environment, the Renault EASY CONNECT package being tailored to each user, with each being progressively enriched with new services on all of the multimedia systems on which it is installed.

Also new to the Renault Captur range are the MULTI-SENSE settings that enable you to customise the driving experience and the on-board environment.

Renault EASY LINK, an ergonomic, connected multimedia platform

The Renault EASY LINK multimedia platform is available in three versions on the All-New Captur, all of them compatible with Android AutoTM and Apple CarPlay.

  • A 7-inch screen version
  • A 7-inch screen version with built-in navigation
  • A 9.3-inch screen version with built-in navigation

The set up features an all-new smartphone-inspired interface that is more user-friendly and functional, with users able to customise various screens using widgets to directly access their favourite functions. Essentially, Renault EASY LINK is based on four main features:

  • Always-on 4G connectivity that supports the integration of services such as the emergency call in the event of an accident, which is available on all versions of the All-New Captur.
  • A platform that is always up to date, thanks to automatic updates. The navigation system includes real-time information from TomTom about traffic and danger areas, plus new functions such as search for addresses on Google.
  • Ease of operation, via a more intuitive, customisable interface (search for an address in one line, as on a smartphone, direct links always visible to navigate around the main functions, shortcuts at the foot of the screen, etc.), an integrated 3D navigation system and the biggest screen in the category (9.3 inch).
  • A rich ecosystem of services, with automated updates and continuous enhancements from partners such as Google, TomTom and Coyote.

MULTI-SENSE, the customized Captur experience

Renault MULTI-SENSE technology makes its debut on the Captur, allowing owners to customize the driving experience. Acting on the engine mapping, electrically assisted steering, ambient interior lighting and the configuration of the TFT instrument cluster, MULTI-SENSE can be tailor to suit a driver’s mood and create several vehicles in one.

The MULTI-SENSE settings are easy to access using the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system or via the handily sited buttons below the central screen. A single press will open the MULTI-SENSE window, allowing you to change your preferences between Eco, Sport and MySense, which is the default mode that allows you to customise your favourite settings.

These driver modes work in conjunction with the ambient interior lighting, which features eight colour options (White, Blue, Electric Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green and Violet), each of which can be used to illustrate your chosen mode and mood.

Depending on the chosen mode, the All-New Renault Captur’s seven and 10-inch digital screens can be customised to deliver a wide range of driver focussed information, from fuel consumption information in Eco mode to engine power and torque gauges in Sport.


The MY Renault app has been updated to bring drivers even more services and keep their vehicle within hand’s reach. It can be used to better prepare sat-nav routes and it will continue to guide users after they get out of their car and direct them back to it. It can also be used to remotely lock the vehicle or activate the horn and headlights. Lastly, it provides optimised vehicle maintenance management through the monitoring of the general condition of the car. Depending on the country, it also enables motorists to directly make servicing appointments with dealerships.


A Renault partner for more than 10 years, BOSE has taken its premium sound to the next level with its audio system for the All-New Captur. The BOSE system has been fully redesigned with upgraded speakers and components, along with new tuning, to deliver a clearer and crisper listening experience in every seat – without taking up any valuable boot space.

The BOSE system includes two additional tweeters in the rear door panels, taking the speaker tally t nine, as well as a compact and totally new externally-ducted subwoofer – the Fresh Air SpeakerTM (FAS) – that features for the first time in a Renault. FAS enables deep and powerful low-frequency sound reproduction without requiring a larger, more conventional subwoofer enclosure. FAS is integrated into the left side of the boot and so does not impact on boot space, allowing the All-New Captur to offer 536 litres of space.

In addition, occupants of the All-New Renault Captur can now choose their preferred sound setting to match their music preferences by selecting either a forward-focused and neutral studio-like sound, or a more immersive and lush surround sound experience.

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