Renault Austral (2023) – New Info And Photos

The New Renault AUSTRAL has now entered its final stage of development. Every time we launch a new model, we take our test vehicles through months of intensive trials in order to ensure the utmost quality and reliability. These endurance tests enable us to confirm the reliability and longevity of their various components.

The development of the New Renault AUSTRAL is therefore being completed under these strict conditions, with final checks of the new CMF-CD3 platform and the all-electric engine options.


The new Renault AUSTRAL is about to undertake a round of tests known as “Confirmation Runs”, in which a fleet of around 100 vehicles set off to travel 2 million kilometres.

Renault’s new SUV will therefore cross France, Spain, Germany and Romania in order to confirm the results of the previous checks. Nine hundred drivers will cover 600,000km of open roads in real-life conditions, while the remaining 1,400,000km will take place on the track.

These tests will, for example, enable the teams to approve the adjustments made to the new CMF-CD3 platform and driver assistance systems, as well as sound-proofing and the comfort of the suspension system so that future customers can enjoy the best conditions possible.


Checks are also being carried out on the powertrains. The Renault AUSTRAL will have a petrol hybrid-only line‑up, for the most part made up of brand new engine options: a latest-generation E-TECH hybrid, a 1.3 TCe unit with a 12V mild hybrid solution and, for the first time in the Renault range, a 1.2 TCe unit with 48V mild hybrid technology.

This range of engines will offer record-breaking performance, with reduced CO2 emissions – from 105g CO2/km (for the E-TECH engine according to the WLTP cycle, subject to approval) – and up to 200hp maximum power.

Keep your eyes peeled – you might just be one of the first to spot the new Renault AUSTRAL on the road.


The Interiour 

The Renault Design team didn’t skip a single detail in All-new Renault Austral’s passenger compartment – including  its energetic look, the feeling of well-being inside and the uncompromising quality all around. And it makes the most of OpenR technology.


All-new Austral’s interior design has all the traditional SUV hallmarks. But you can also tell it’s in a class by itself as soon as you glance at the high and wide grand confort central console. The dashboard’s architecture gives it a slim and wide look, and the connections to the door panels give front-seat passengers that distinct cockpit feeling. The fact that the door panels are high up also create a sense of safety. The overall design follows the angled lines that give the car its dynamic bearing.

The passenger compartment is modular. It has multiple storage areas, starting with a wide sliding armrest that can provide extra storage and makes using the OpenR Link multimedia system simpler. The console has two large storage areas and a nest to hold your smartphone – and induction-charge it at the same time if you want. Combined, the choice of nooks around All-new Renault Austral’s passenger compartment can fit more than 30 litres.

To make the cocoon effect perfect, a flecked fabric decks the entire roof and windscreen posts. Seat comfort also got special attention. At the front, each person has an ample, ergonomic and comfy area. The rear is also roomier because the transmission tunnel is gone. Versatile and multipurpose All-new Renault Austral has a sliding and folding rear bench, operated with a button in the boot. The seats are designed for chatting: as the front ones taper at the top, it’s easier for passengers in the front and rear to interact.

Agneta Dahlgren, Renault Design Project Director:
When we created All-new Renault Austral’s passenger compartment, the three recurring themes were the perception of space, edgy design and a protective feel. And all that based on high quality standards. We’re proud of the result: All-new Renault Austral’s cocoon is as comfortable as it’s brimming with technology. The passengers are at the centre of the experience, the cockpit is as reassuring as it’s streamlined, and they enjoy the feeling of sharing the space and having their individual space at the same time.


In their comfortable and comforting cockpit-cocoon, passengers can relax and enjoy the amazing experience that the large OpenR screen provides. This centrepiece in the passenger compartment is one of the largest screens on the market, one of the most original, and no doubt the most user-friendly. Its L-shaped configuration sweeps across the central dashboard and the total display area spans 24.3 inches (774 sq. cm.). It is easy to look at, easy to reach, intuitive and connected. And it has controls for practically all of the car’s features – so the rest of the passenger compartment is considerably leaner.

This state-of-the-art technology running on the Google Automotive Services system is bright enough and anti-reflective enough to render the visor over the dashboard unnecessary. Besides its visual streamlining and very modern, mid-air look, the panel has inconspicuous built-in vertical air vents, and the ultra-fine contouring around the screen is perfectly flush. The steering wheel is squarer, and slightly flatter in the centre to enhance driving pleasure while providing the driver with an unobstructed view of the dashboard screen. This is an integral part of the sensorial and visual experience in the passenger compartment.

Packed with the latest connected and smart solutions, the OpenR Link interface includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, plus a Google search feature and Google Maps. A full 90% of the features you need every day are only one or two clicks away. The OpenR screen is as smooth and simple to use as a smartphone. And it’s one of Renault’s biggest breakthroughs in on-board technology in the past several years.

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