Raw Power, Technical Precision, and Smart Technology: Meet the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor

Ford’s Next-Gen Ranger Raptor, the world’s fastest mid-size pick-up, is here. With smarter technology controlling tougher, next-generation hardware, Ranger Raptor blends raw power with mechanical and technical precision in the most advanced Ranger ever – one that more than matches the performance expectations of off-road drivers across the region.

“The Next-Gen Ranger Raptor was designed to suit the needs of thrill-seekers who prize power and performance across every terrain,” said Chris Noel, Managing Director for Ford Middle East. “For these enthusiasts, off-roading isn’t a hobby – it’s a lifestyle.”

The Next-Gen Ranger Raptor offers a plethora of new off-roading-geared features that suit the needs of these adventurers. Built to dominate the desert, this mid-size pickup truck raises the off-road performance bar for its category.

Conquer Everywhere

This begins with the new Raptor’s bold, athletic design. With a wider stance and improved approach angles, drivers benefit from the best ride, handling, and off-road capability seen in a Ranger Raptor to date.

Driving the thrilling power of the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor is a twin-turbo 3.0-litre EcoBoost V6 engine, which produces up to 292kW (392hp) at 5,650rpm and 583Nm of torque at 3,500rpm. Tuned by Ford Performance, this engine – and powertrain – provides acceleration and raw performance that meet the needs of even the most demanding off-roaders.

The new engine is mated to a performance-tuned 10-speed automatic transmission with a race-bred anti-lag system available in Baja Mode – a central part of the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor’s all-terrain credentials – to offer improved acceleration out of corners.

“This is faster than any mid-size pick-up with an acceleration actually comparable to a sports car,” explained Noel.

The anti-lag system keeps the turbochargers spinning for up to three seconds after the driver backs off the throttle, allowing for faster resumption of acceleration out of corners or between gears when the driver gets back on the accelerator.

With each gear in the automatic transmission programmed with its own boost profile, the Raptor’s new engine provides seamless acceleration on virtually any terrain – sand, gravel, and dirt.

Any off-roading beast requires a suspension system built to handle the biggest bumps, and the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor is no exception. Developed and tuned by Ford Performance, FOX 2.5-inch Live Valve Internal Bypass shock absorbers bring cutting-edge control technology offering position-sensitive damping capability to react and adjust to terrain and driving style 500 times a second. These shock absorbers are the most sophisticated ever on Ranger Raptor and are filled with Teflon-infused oil, which reduces friction by around 50 percent compared to those on the previous Raptor.

While the hardware is FOX, the tuning and development work was carried out by Ford Performance using a mixture of computer-aided engineering (CAE) and real-world testing. Everything from adjusting the spring rates to setting the ride height, valve tuning and honing the ride zones was performed to create the perfect balance between comfort, control, stability, and traction on- and off-road.

Controlled Power

Speaking of balance, a front and rear differential lock provides added traction to the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor on soft sand by allowing both wheels on a specific axle to turn at the same speed. For extra safety, ABS brakes with electronic booster allow the Ranger to braker faster and over shorter distances.

Drivers can enjoy their choice of seven selectable Drive Modes – Normal, Sport, and Slippery for on-road, and Rock Crawl, Sand, Mud/Ruts, and Baja for off-road – with an easy turn of a control wheel. These modes calibrate a wide variety of systems, from traction to steering, to deliver the ultimate driving experience, whether you’re climbing dunes or navigating the highway.

Drive Mode isn’t the only thing Next-Gen Ranger Raptor drivers can easily switch. The pickup also features an Active Valve Dual Exhaust with four selectable sound profiles, from the Quiet setting made for keeping the peace with neighbors to Baja Mode – an aggressive volume profile that lets you hear the Raptor’s unencumbered engine roar, intended for off-road use.

Interior Toughness

Performance-driven features in the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor also extend to the pickup’s interior. Jet fighter-inspired Performance seats offer added comfort and support during vigorous rides, while driver and front passenger get 10-way adjustment options to stay comfortable and secure through even the roughest rides.

The Raptor’s individual customization options extend to the 12-inch Driver Cluster Screen, which is fully configurable to suit a range of driving styles. Another helpful screen is the 12.8-inch Center Display, which offers enhanced visibility through multiple camera views – and better maneuverability in tight spaces with a bird’s-eye, 360-degree, top-down view and rear trailer hitch view.

“With temperatures dropping across the region, we’re now entering the off-roading season,” says Noel. “Our distributor partners are seeing inquiries for the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor steadily rising and it’s not hard to understand why. Off-roading offers an adrenaline-pumping weekend escape, and you can’t beat the Raptor’s credentials on this front.”

The Next-Gen Ranger Raptor is now available at distributors across the Middle East.

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