Range Rover Project Kahn Signature Edition

Project Kahn has just released their Range Rover 2023 Signature Edition, complete with new first-to-market styling.

The Signature Edition features a light conversion, including a choice of forged 23- or 24-inch alloy wheels from Kahn’s latest collection and a brand new, specially designed 3-piece Signature front bumper valance which represents a bold stylistic development of Kahn’s much emulated previous generation valances.

For additional personalisation, the 3-piece valance affords colour splitting possibilities which can be further enhanced by colour matching with the vehicle’s side vents and other components. The standard version of the Signature valance is also available separately at a retail price of £2,400 (inc VAT) while, for added luxury, it can be ordered in a limited carbon fibre version for £3,000.

Afzal Kahn commented: “Our Signature Edition, through changing a small number of features, achieves a sophisticated transformation of the vehicle’s appearance and is ideal for customers wanting a simple and elegant look.  It is always a pleasure to work with Range Rovers, and we have further exciting plans in store for the new models across 2023.”

Project Kahn accepts requests to personalise and tailor a vehicle to the customer’s exact specification.

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