The All-New Peugeot e-Rifter 2022 – Ready For Full Electric

The All-New Peugeot e-Rifter 2022 – Ready For Full Electric

Based on the EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform) multi-energy modular platform, the PEUGEOT e-RIFTER offers a 100% electric engine with a maximum power of 100 kW and a maximum torque of 260 Nm available from the start for immediate reactivity, without vibration, noise, gear shifting, odour and, of course, CO2 emissions.

The electric drive train (electric motor, inverter and DC/AC charger-converter) is similar to the new PEUGEOT e-TRAVELLER.

Like the latter, the speed reducer has been adapted to meet the loading constraints inherent to the use of this vehicle segment.

The performances (in POWER mode) are as follows (data currently under homologation):

  • The maximum speed is 135 km/h,
  • The 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 11.2 seconds,
  • Acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h in 8.9 seconds.

The 2 versions (Standard and Long) are available with a lithium-ion battery (18 modules) with a capacity of 50 kWh offering a range of up to 280 km according to the version, on driving profile and the WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures) approval protocol.

Connected to the passenger compartment’s heat-transfer circuit, the thermal regulation of the battery enables rapid recharging (up to 100 kW), optimised range and increased service life.

Two types of on-board chargers are available to suit all uses and all customer charging solutions, with a 7.4 kW single-phase charger as standard and an optional 11 kW three-phase charger.

The charging socket, located on the rear left fender, means the vehicle can be charged in different ways: from a standard socket, a reinforced socket or with a Wall Box and even on a quick charger.

The charging modes of the 50 kWh battery are flexible and adapted to each every day situation. Several types of charging are possible, at home, at work or on public charging stations:

  • From a standard socket (8A), for a full charge in 31 hours,
  • From a reinforced socket (16A), for a full charge in 15 hours,
  • From a 7.4 kW Wall Box: for a full charge in 7.5 hours with the single-phase (7.4 kW) on-

board charger,

  • From an 11 kW Wall Box: for a full charge in 5 hours with the 3-phase (11 kW) on-board


  • From a fast charger: the thermal regulation of the battery makes it possible to use 100 kW chargers and to reach 80% of the charge in 30 minutes.

The new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER offers a programmable deferred charge: from the screen of the connected navigation pack (depending on version) or from the MyPeugeot® smartphone application (depending on version). This application also makes it possible to start or defer charging at any time and to check the charging status.

The new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER offers passengers the best possible temperature comfort with:

  • A high-power heating resistor (5 kW),
  • Heated seats (depending on version),
  • Thermal pre-conditioning, which can be set from the touch screen (depending on version) or remotely via the MyPeugeot® smartphone application (depending on version). In addition to comfort, this feature, when the vehicle is connected, optimises autonomy by reaching the best battery operating temperature more quickly.

A cockpit in full e-volution 

In terms of the driver’s seat, the central console has been redesigned to accommodate :

  • The new “e-Toggle” gearbox control, perfectly integrated and ergonomic, it gives access to the Park / Reverse / Neutral / Drive and Brake functions,
  • The selector switch for the 3 driving modes,
  • A storage space that works with induction charging for smartphones.

The new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER offers 3 driving modes from the mode selector :

  • Eco (60 kW, 190 Nm): promotes autonomy and smooth driving,
  • Normal (80 kW, 210 Nm): Optimal for everyday use,
  • Power (100 kW, 260 Nm): optimises performance when transporting heavy loads.

Two braking modes are available, with suitable types of battery regeneration :

  • Moderate, for sensations close to those of an internal combustion vehicle,
  • Augmented (accessible from the “B” push, for “Brake” located on the gearbox control), for accentuated deceleration when the accelerator pedal is released, encouraging autonomy.

All versions of the new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER are equipped with the electric parking brake, a new feature on this model. In addition to freeing up floor space, this automatic feature adds comfort and serenity to everyday driving.

The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is evolving technologically with two new handsets, in order to share all the information needed in order to properly manage a 100% electric vehicle with the driver:

As an option, you can have a 100% digital handset, a first in the leisure activity vehicle segment, with a 10-inch high-definition digital panel in the handset. The display of information integrating the latest graphic design developments of the PEUGEOT brand is fully configurable and customisable. The handset has several display modes, accessible via a dial on the steering wheel, allowing the driver to set his PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® “à la carte”. This can include, for example, highlighting navigation, power management or driving aids… All “made-to-measure”.

The standard analogue handset is adapted to the management of an electric vehicle and is equipped with :

  • A powermeter for displaying the level of consumption (ECO for energy optimisation or POWER for maximum power) or energy recovery (CHARGE),
  • A consumption gauge for temperature comfort accessories (heating, air conditioning),
  • A battery charge level gauge,
  • A colour matrix to view energy flows, monitor charging (current or delayed), on-board computer information and autonomy.

At the centre of the vehicle is the touch screen with the connected navigation pack, where you can access the “Electric” menu via the dedicated button, and navigate through the menus:

  • “Flow” to view live energy flows,
  • “Statistics” to display consumption statistics,
  • “Charge”, which allows you to schedule a delayed charge.

You can also view the available charging points and the range according to the remaining autonomy, or schedule the cabin’s thermal pre-conditioning times.

Driving pleasure, Intelligence for greater ease 

The new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER combines compact external dimensions with maximum loading capacities. The batteries are located under the floor, without any impact on the loading volume.

This placement, combined with the EMP2 platform, also fosters rigidity, ensuring driving pleasure and enjoyment just like on the internal combustion versions thanks to optimal weight distribution.

Suspension comfort is guaranteed, identical to that of the internal combustion versions, to ensure the best performance.

The driver of the new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER is at ease in all situations, with a specially adapted power steering system that makes driving easier and with a turning circle of 10.8 m as usual (Standard version between kerbs) and a height of less than 1.90 m, which guarantees access to most car parks.

The new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER offers a modular and easily adaptable volume without any compromise compared to the internal combustion version.

Available in 2 versions, 5 and 7 seats in each of the two lengths Standard (4.40 m) and Long (4.75 m). The latter adds length both in wheelbase and overhang, for the perfect degree of spaciousness.

In row 2, each of the 3 individual seats can accommodate one child seat. They can be easily folded into the floor from the boot using the “Magic Flat” control.

On the long version, the 2 independent seats in row 3 are sliding and removable (like on the standard version) to adapt to all situations and prioritise either boot volume or passenger knee space.

It is also easier to load long objects with a front passenger seat that folds into the floor.

The boot of the PEUGEOT e-RIFTER has a loading volume ranging from 775 litres under the parcel shelf for the 5-seater version in standard length to 4,000 litres under the roof with the seats folded down on the long version.

The luggage cover shelf has two positions and can be used to adapt the boot layout. It can be stowed behind the seat backs of the second row seats.

A lot of very generous and easily accessible storage compartments are available, up to 186 litres depending on the version. They are distributed throughout the passenger compartment on the centre console, in the overhead storage compartment, in the door panels, in row 1, row 2 and in the boot.

The iconic Zenith® roof has change over the generations, becoming ever more appealing. The customers’ votes are in and it has a single-piece roof window that can be closed by an electric curtain. It is overlaid by a translucent floating arch with compartmentalised storage space. The passenger compartment is therefore much brighter.

A unique feature in this category, the wide tailgate includes an opening rear window. This practical window allows access to the boot without opening the flap. This feature is particularly useful when retrieving an object from the parcel shelf or when the car is parked near an obstacle.

Towing capacity is the same with the possibility of towing a load of up to 750 kg with a coupling available from the launch of the version.


As a guarantee of safety and comfort for users, the 100% electric versions can be equipped with the following technologies and driving aids :

  • Hands-free access and starting,
  • Wireless induction charging for smartphones,
  • Advanced Grip Control with 5 grip levels,
  • The hill start aid,
  • The Visiopark 180° (reversing camera),
  • The speed regulator/limiter,
  • Lane departure warning system,
  • Collision warning,
  • Automatic emergency braking,
  • Driver Warning Alert,
  • Automatic high beam switching,
  • Speed sign recognition and recommendation,
  • Extensive sign recognition (stop, one-way),
  • The blind spot monitoring system,
  • The trailer stability control system.

Smartphones have become a must-have in our everyday lives, as they are in the new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER. The information is integrated into the central screen thanks to MirrorScreen compatibility including Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ connection protocols.

In the city, at speeds of up to 30 km/h, to ensure pedestrian safety, an audible signal can be heard to indicate the presence of the vehicle in forward and reverse gear.

La montée en gamme du nouveau PEUGEOT e-RIFTER se fera avec 4 niveaux de finitions :

The new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER will be upgraded with 4 levels of finishes:

  • ACTIVE PACK  Electric parking brake / Sliding door / Manual air conditioning / Safety pack / Bluetooth radio / 2/3-1/3 folding seats.
  • ALLURE  ACTIVE PACK + Rear parking assistance / Body coloured bumpers with chrome grille / Folding front passenger seats / Safety Pack Plus.
  • ALLURE PACK  ALLURE + / i-Cockpit® digital / 16-inch aluminium wheels / Roof rails / 8-inch touch screen with mirroring / Leather steering wheel / Visio Park 1 / Tinted windows / Opening rear window ,
  • GT  ALLURE + specific 17-inch aluminium wheels / GT styling elements / Dual-zone automatic air conditioning / Individual rear seats / Hands-free starting access.

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership or Cost in Use)

The aim is to offer a TCO or equivalent running cost between a combustion vehicle and an electric vehicle, including all costs beyond the simple financial rent.

  • The purchase cost of an electric vehicle is higher, but all factors must be taken into account:
  • A better residual value on resale on the second-hand market,
  • the many financial incentives (ecological bonuses, bonuses, registration fees, company grants, insurance and tax deductions),
  • the cost of maintenance is lower (about 50% less over 48 months),
  • lower energy costs (up to 70% less compared to an internal combustion engine).

Depending on the country of sale, PEUGEOT will be launching the PEUGEOT STORE (Peugeot Store). This is the first 100% online sales site that now allows you to buy a new vehicle, have your old vehicle taken back and finance your new vehicle from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Each customer will have the freedom to choose to have their vehicle delivered to their home free of charge while scrupulously respecting all safety standards.

The PEUGEOT ecosystem :

In order to support its customers in the energy transition, the PEUGEOT brand is offering a range of services based on three pillars:

PEUGEOT Easy-Charge or how to make it easier for our customers to access different charging solutions :

  • An offer of charging solutions for home or office use, with a wide range of equipment (reinforced socket, Wall box, Smart Wall box, …), an assessment to evaluate the electrical installation needed and the best charging solution as well as the final installation thanks to our recommended partners,
  • A public recharging offer via Free2Move, providing access to a network of more than 220,000 terminals in Europe: selection of terminals according to distance, speed and price of recharging.

PEUGEOT Easy-Move or how to ensure the mobility of our customers in all circumstances :

  • Trip planner: a tool for planning and organising long journeys via the Free2Move smartphone application; suggesting the best route taking into account residual autonomy and the location of charging stations on the road,
  • Mobility Pass: extended and guaranteed mobility thanks to a flat-rate included in the vehicle rental which allows you to get a vehicle on hire at any time according to your needs,

PEUGEOT Easy-Care or how to reassure our customers in their discovery process and let them enjoy their vehicle in complete peace of mind :

  • New simulators and digital routes to help you explore our electric range on the PEUGEOT brand


  • Adapted service contracts and roadside assistance, which can be included in a single financing package so that you can enjoy your vehicle with complete peace of mind,
  • A certificate of battery capacity after a service, in order to make it easier to sell your vehicle by guaranteeing the capacity level of the vehicle’s battery.
  • The battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km for 70% of its charge capacity.

Distinctive PEUGEOT styling :

True to the brand’s concept of power of choice, the new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER retains the muscular, robust style of the combustion versions, finished off with a few distinctive features.

On the outside :

  • an “e-RIFTER” monogram on the back,
  • large diameter 16 inch wheels (215/65R16),
  • a load hatch on the left rear fender (in the same place as the fuel hatch).

On the inside :

  • a new PEUGEOT digital i-Cockpit® equipped with a 10-inch digital handset or an analogue handset with colour matrix,
  • specific graphics for the central touch screen with the voice-controlled connected navigation pack including Real-time Traffic and Danger Zones by TomTom Services, as well as the location and availability of public charging points,
  • a new “e-Toggle” automatic transmission control,
  • a driving mode selector that allows you to switch between Eco, Normal or Power modes,  an electric parking brake.

With this new vehicle that perfectly embodies the power of choice, PEUGEOT is taking its commitment to the electrification of its models even further.

The new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER relies on three pillars:

  • Serenity : To offer a range of 100% electrified PEUGEOT passenger vehicles in 2023,
  • Pleasure : Uncompromising performance with PEUGEOT driving pleasure as DNA,
  • Simplicity : Supporting customers throughout the purchasing and maintenance process.

The new PEUGEOT e-RIFTER will be sold in Europe in the 2nd half of 2021, it is produced in Spain in Vigo

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