Overfinch Range Rover Dragon Edition (2024)

Overfinch Range Rover Dragon Edition (2024)

Overfinch proudly unveils the Dragon Edition, a special re-interpretation of the 2024 Range Rover, crafted to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon. This limited edition series, with only eight bespoke enhancement packages available, embodies the ultimate symbols of power and prosperity.

A Year in the Making
The Dragon Edition has been meticulously developed over the past year, standing as a testament to Overfinch’s commitment to creative exploration and excellence. Each of the eight bespoke commissions is carefully curated to ensure every detail pays homage to the emblematic image of the zodiac dragon, integrating unique design elements and luxurious enhancements.

Interior: A Dragon’s Lair of Luxury
The interior of the Dragon Edition Range Rover brings the dragon theme to life with bespoke multi-colored appliqué and embroidery detailing. These intricate designs are showcased in the premium leather upholstery and bespoke marquetry in the veneers. Highlights include:

  • Gear Selector: Featuring the Dragon’s talons for a powerful tactile experience.
  • Dragon Inlay Motif: Prominently displayed on the veneers, complemented by limited edition branding on the front center console.
  • Customizable Colorway: Clients can tailor the interior color scheme to their preferences. The featured example showcases an Overfinch fortune red and contrasting ebony scheme, with distinctive split coloring between the front and rear seats.
  • Perforated Dragon-Scale Patterning: Enhancing both the visual and tactile aspects of the cabin.
  • Illuminated Treadplates: Each door sill features these treadplates, complete with a numbered plaque to emphasize the exclusivity of this edition.

Exterior: A Symbol of Distinction
The exterior of the Dragon Edition Range Rover incorporates Overfinch’s renowned carbon fiber styling, complemented by commemorative badging that adds a distinctive finishing touch. Key exterior features include:

  • Overfinch Vortex Wheel: A new 24″ wheel featuring the dragon emblem in the self-levelling center cap design.
  • Commemorative Badging: Adds a unique and distinguished element to the vehicle’s exterior.

Exclusivity and Availability
The Overfinch Dragon Edition has been developed exclusively for the 2024 Range Rover model, specifically the SV and Autobiography derivatives. This limited edition is available to Range Rover owners worldwide, offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive artistry inspired by the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

Final Specifications
Please note that all images provided are for illustrative purposes only. The final specifications may vary depending on the base vehicle and chosen options, ensuring each Dragon Edition Range Rover is as unique as its owner.

The Overfinch Dragon Edition is a remarkable blend of luxury, power, and cultural homage, making it a coveted collector’s item and a stunning example of automotive craftsmanship.

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