Novitec Ferrari N-Largo 488 Spider

Novitec Ferrari N-Largo 488 Spider

NOVITEC N-LARGO is the name of a spectacular widebody version for the two Ferrari mid-engine models 488 GTB and 488 Spider now presented by NOVITEC, the world’s leading refinement specialist for the sports cars from Maranello.

Only eleven N-LARGO widebody versions of each body style will be built. The NOVITEC body conversion impresses with its sophisticated combination of thrilling design and aerodynamic efficiency evident in every detail. It is made from feather-light yet high-strength carbon fibers.

In addition, the N-LARGO is fitted with tailor-made and staggered three-piece NOVITEC NF6 NL hi-tech forged wheels with diameters of 21 and 22 inches.

Additional features include an upgraded suspension with Front Lift system and a performance boost to 568 kW / 772 hp, which raises the top speed of the exclusive two-seater to 342 km/h. By customer request, NOVITEC also tailors the cockpit in every aspect to the personal preferences of the N-LARGO owner.

  • Model: Ferrari 488 GTB/Spider
  • Widebody Version: NOVITEC N-LARGO
  • Production Limit: 11 units per body style
  • Body Material: High-strength carbon fibers
  • Wheels: Three-piece NOVITEC NF6 NL forged wheels
    • Front Wheel Diameter: 21 inches
    • Rear Wheel Diameter: 22 inches
  • Suspension: Upgraded with Front Lift system
  • Engine Power: 568 kW / 772 hp
  • Top Speed: 342 km/h
  • Customization: Fully customizable interior tailored to owner’s preferences

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