New Rear Spoiler Profile For The 911 GT3 By Techart

TECHART individuality is always a statement. This is especially true for the refinement options for the Porsche 911 GT3 models. The new and ultra-light TECHART rear spoiler in visible carbon fiber is pure racing styling. The striking rear wing profile features newly shaped, large wing end plates. Compared to the standard wing, the TECHART rear spoiler weighs around 1,000 grams less. The spotless surface is finished either in high-gloss or satin matte, depending on the customer’s choice.

A special feature and masterpiece of craftsmanship: the TECHART lettering is artfully integrated into the rear spoiler profile as an inlay made of carbon fiber or, on request, aramid carbon hybrid fabric. Alternatively, the lettering can also be chosen in a subtle design painted directly into the visible carbon fiber.

At, Porsche 911 GT3 owners and enthusiasts can get to know all other customization options and virtually experience the TECHART carbon aerokit, lightweight forged wheels and much more in the 3D configurator.

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