New Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Charges Electric Vehicles Connected And Intelligently

With the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox, the intelligent power grid at home is already becoming a reality to a certain extent. Users can connect it to their own Internet connection via Ethernet cable or WiFi. In this way, they can conveniently operate the wallbox with the Mercedes me App2 on their smartphone – no matter where they are. For example, they can control the charging process of their vehicle.

With the help of an integrated energy meter, the current status of the charged electricity as well as the overview of all charging processes can be conveniently read in the Mercedes me App. An overview of charging costs is also available. To protect against unauthorized use, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox can be activated or locked via the app or via RFID[5] card.

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox also has the technical option of receiving software updates “over-the-air” in the future. In this way, additional practical functions can be added continuously, for example access control with RFID or the smart integration of the wallbox into the customer’s own energy network and energy management system.

Technology meets design

Mercedes-Benz stands for the combination of convincing technology, outstanding comfort and ground-breaking design. This also applies to the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox. The housing follows the design principles of Mercedes-EQ and thus becomes a design piece for garage or carport.

At the same time, it is robust and allows intuitive operation. The wallbox controls the charging process, adapts the charging power to the charging process and delivers up to 22 kW in three phases. This makes charging many times faster than at a conventional household socket. A multi-coloured LED light on the wallbox indicates the current status of the charging process.

The integrated safety components of the wallbox, assuming the unit is correctly installed, provide additional protection against fault currents for the vehicle, the house installation and the wallbox during charging.

In order to meet national funding requirements, if applicable, the maximum charging power can be reduced to 11 kW during installation by a qualified electrician. In Germany, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is supplied with a permanently connected six-metre charging cable with a type 2 plug. Depending on national requirements, it is also expected to be available as a version with a Type 2 socket in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox charges all current and future Mercedes-Benz electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles with the universal Type 2 connection in accordance with the IEC 61851-1 standard. Of course, electric vehicles from other manufacturers can also be charged.

Availability and price

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is expected to be available in Germany and in many European countries in April 2022 at Mercedes-Benz dealers. In some markets, it is also successively available online in the Mercedes-Benz Shop. Selected installation partners will also offer the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox.

The recommended retail price in Germany is 990 Euros (incl. 19% VAT) for the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox, in addition to the costs for professional installation. The respective national installation partner supports the consultation and installation of the wallbox.

The market launch of the wallbox will take place successively in the following countries over the next few months: Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Finland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, France, Portugal, Mexico.

[1] 22 kW charging may require the corresponding special equipment “alternating current charging system (AC charging 22 kW)”, depending on the manufacturer and vehicle. If this is not the case, the vehicle is automatically charged by the wallbox with the optimal charging power. The maximum charging power of the charging station must be adapted to the upstream installation (cable cross-section and fuse protection).
[2] The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox contains the technical prerequisites for remote functions. In order to use the remote functions of the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox, the Mercedes me App, a personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services, as well as the connection of the wallbox to the customer’s own Internet connection, are required.
[3] The prerequisite for this is the customer’s own internet connection with the customer’s own smartphone, a Mercedes me account and connection of the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox to the customer’s own internet connection.
[4] Not compliant with the MID or calibration law (Eichrecht).
[5] Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) will soon be supported.

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