Mobilize Limo: An All-New Subscription-Based Electric Saloon For Ride-Hailing

Renault Mobilize Limo: An All-New Subscription-Based Electric Saloon For Ride-Hailing

Mobilize will reveal the Limo at Munich IAA Mobility 2021, a fully-electric four-door saloon designed specifically for taxis, private hire vehicles and fleet use. Available exclusively via a subscription service, the offer will provide all-inclusive mobility solutions packages.

Mobilize Limo comes from the joint venture created by Renault Group and Jiangling Motors Group Co., Ltd (JMCG) in 2018. It harnesses the know-how and experience in e-mobility – vehicles and services – that Renault Group and its network have been fostering for more than 10 years.

Set to be unveiled on the Renault stand at Munich IAA Mobility 2021 as part of the special day dedicated to Mobilize on September 8, a fleet of 40 Mobilize Limo will then be deployed to validate the services it will offer throughout Europe starting in the second half of 2022.

Clotilde Delbos, CEO of Mobilize, said: “The first Mobilize model, Limo, is the new brand’s response to the evolution of the ride-hailing market. This offer, which combines a vehicle and flexible services, fully illustrates Mobilize’s ability to the changing needs of vehicle users. It also demonstrates a unique know-how resulting from the experience of the Renault Group in mobility services and RCI Bank and Services’ strength in financing.”

A premium, elegant design
Mobilize Limo is 4.67m long, 1.83m wide, and 1.47m high, making it close in size to traditional
D-segment vehicles with an elegant, refined and confident presence, a short bonnet and plunging roof. Its flowing yet dynamic profile reflects the transition to electric vehicles with its modern design, available in Metallic Black, Metallic Grey and Glossy White.

The Mobilize Limo also comes with distinctive features, including flush door handles that pop out when the vehicle unlocks, LED headlamps with a sophisticated lighting signature and scrolling indicators,
17-inch smoke-finish lacquered alloy wheels, finished off on the outside with Mobilize logos and ‘Mobilize Limo’ branding just behind the door mirrors.

Inside, Limo inspires a sense of calm and serenity thanks to soft-touch satin-finish TEP leather effect upholstery that’s also easy to clean. The door panels feature a sophisticated light strip with faux-metal inserts, while seven ambient lighting options enhance the mood.

The high-quality dashboard features decorative carbon inserts, with a digital interface reaching across the upper section of the dashboard. A 10.25-inch screen is used for the instrument panel, while a
12.3-inch touchscreen features in the centre of the dashboard for multimedia and navigation controls.

Gilles Normand, Mobilize Vehicle Director, said: “Limo’s electric motor is its number one asset. It makes it ideal for use in cities, where ride-hailing is very popular. And wherever it is used, its range of more than 280 miles offers drivers one or even two full days of work without recharging. Statutory, spacious, connected, Limo demonstrates Mobilize’s ability to meet the needs of both professionals and consumers.”

Enhanced comfort for everyone on board
Above all, the Mobilize Limo’s design is centred around services and usages. It was guided by the goal of giving drivers and passengers as much as possible in the way of comfort and practicality.

The driver’s seat in the Limo was designed to ensure professional drivers have the most ergonomically and acoustically comfortable seat possible. It features eight electric seat settings (four on the front passenger side), and the steering column can also be adjusted for both height and depth, so drivers have the ideal seating position no matter their body type.

A refrigerated storage compartment is also located between the two front seats, while a Winter Pack including heated seats and steering wheel will feature in some markets.

The 2.75m-long wheelbase means that Mobilize Limo offers exceptional comfort for back-seat passengers with 288mm of kneeroom and a flat floor, accessed via wide-opening rear doors that give easy access to the back seat that can comfortably fit three adult passengers. Those in the rear can plug in their smartphone or tablets into one of the two USB ports located in the back, and they also have easy access to volume control knobs located in the rear, as well as adjustable air vents and reading lights.

The boot on the Mobilize Limo boasts a loading capacity of 411 litres, ideal for large suitcases. A temporary spare wheel is housed underneath the boot floor.

A smooth yet exciting drive
Mobilize Limo comes with a high-performance 110kW (150hp) all-electric motor delivering 220Nm of immediately available torque, providing responsive acceleration in all circumstances. Limo drives smoothly on urban and semi-rural roads, with a 0-62mph time of 9.6 seconds and a top speed set to 87mph.

Drivers can choose between three driving modes (Eco, Normal, Sport). The intensity level for the regenerative braking can also be set to one of three options via the vehicle’s settings.

Limo is ideally suited to city roads thanks to its 11.2m turning circle. It has also been fitted with a VSP (Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians) system that warns pedestrians and other vehicles of the car’s presence and is always active at speeds under 19mph and as soon as the car is in ‘Drive’ mode.

Simple and efficient connectivity
The Mobilize Limo’s on-board multimedia system will allow smartphone mirroring via the 12.3-inch centrally mounted 12.3-inch touchscreen, as most drivers use their own devices for navigating and accessing various platforms such as Uber.

A Limo app specifically for drivers provides all the car’s information and can be used to remotely access the car’s location and certain features, such as locking/unlocking the doors, setting the climate and scheduling charging times.

Compatible with various recharging solutions
Mobilize Limo uses a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 60kWh offering 280 miles (pending WLTP certification) between recharging sessions. That is enough to cover the average daily mileage of most professionals at around 150 miles per day of intensive use, with plenty remaining charge for those drivers used to covering more ground.

Mobilize Limo is compatible with the most common types of AC and DC charging systems, which means it can connect to all public charging stations and home wallbox setups. It can also be recharged on a regular power outlet. With fast charging, the battery can topped up to around 150 miles in just 40 minutes.

State-of-the-art technology for optimal safety
Limo comes equipped with full LED lights for the best possible night-time visibility, while the standard model is also fitted with eight airbags (two front, two front side, two rear side, two curtain) and the latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS):

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Lane Change Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Deviation Warning
  • Front Collision Warning, Pedestrian Collision Warning, Advanced Emergency Braking
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Around View Monitor (AVM)
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Door Opening Alarm

A cost-effective, emissions-free model suited to ride-hailing services
Throughout Europe, the ride-hailing market (taxis and private hire) is booming, set to grow from €28 billion today, to €50 billion by 2030. It is also a market that will experience a fast and widespread increase in electrification, with electric models soon becoming essential for those wishing to access city centres facing traffic restrictions such as the low emissions zones (LEZ) that are being introduced across the continent. Yet private drivers primarily operate in urban and peri-urban areas. For example, of the 47,500 private hire vehicles registered in France, 75 per cent of them are in Paris and the
greater-Paris area (2020 figures from Stacian).

Mobilize Limo is therefore the ideal solution for drivers looking for premium emissions-free vehicles that are cheap to run. With a battery that offers around 280 miles between charges (pending WLTP certification) and a driving experience that is silent, smooth, and vibration-free, this is a vehicle that will alleviate any concerns drivers and fleet managers may have when it comes to electric mobility.

The new service will be available as a joint offer combining both the vehicle and services for all sorts of drivers including taxis, PHVs, and other private transport services such as medical and community transport. Mobilize’s offer will include a fully-fledged package of services with something for everyone be they full-time, part-time, or one-off drivers. These services will also be available for other Renault Group electric vehicles.

Managed by RCI Bank and Services, Mobilize rental agreements will include flexible mileage and contract durations. For fleet operators running taxi or PHV services, Mobilize will leverage its network of start-up partner companies to offer a complete solution for their activity (fleet dispatching, payment, vehicle charging, connectivity) in order to optimise their Total Cost of Operations (TCO) and operational excellence, at the service of customers.

Casual drivers will have access to a pay-as-you-drive solution, while Mobilize packages will also include services such as manufacturer-backed warrantees, maintenance, insurance, and charging solutions. Such all-inclusive, competitive packages serve to give commercial operators peace of mind.

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