Mini App – New Functions Provide Additional Content

Mini App – New Functions Provide Additional Content

The MINI App launched in July 2020 acts as a universal interface providing effortless communication between smartphones and vehicles in more than 46 countries on five continents. Over 4 Mio. people (My BMW and MINI App together) are now using the new generation of the app, with its modern design and intuitive user interface. The MINI App offers information on the vehicle status at all times, optional remote functions such as locking and unlocking the doors, and direct contact with MINI Service Partners. In addition, specific functions are available for electric vehicles.

The MINI App is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded by users free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The MINI Connected App expired on 30 June 2021 and has been replaced by the new MINI App.

New functions of the MINI App.
Since May, the MINI App has offered a significantly wider range of functions. For example, the MINI Sharing Link now opens the MINI Sharing App directly if the vehicle is equipped with Flexible Car Sharing Preparation (only available in DE, UK, NL, ES, BE, LU). This makes it easy for up to ten drivers from the customer’s family or circle of friends to share use of the MINI. Map Style brings a new map display to the MINI App. If GPS is not available, the button is highlighted in orange instead of grey. The user also receives a prompt to switch on GPS when they tap the button.

Trip Detail Enhancement enables more transparent route planning. If the user clicks on “Show route” after choosing their destination, they can now view traffic on the planned route, as well as the distance to the destination and the driving time involved directly in the MINI App. The Fuel Prices function allows customers to search for fuel stations and compare fuel prices easily without having to open another app. This feature is available exclusively for vehicles with combustion engines.

With the Explore Tab, the MINI App offers a regular supply of relevant and interesting editorial content – initially in Germany, Austria and Great Britain – covering all aspects of the products, services and values of the MINI brand. And now content can also be shared.

The MINI App now also allows older vehicles to be linked up via Bluetooth/USB and the vehicle status (mileage, fuel level and range) to be displayed.

Contact-free services for all aspects of a workshop visit:
A new function also enables contact-free scheduling and reservation of service appointments outside the dealer’s opening times. The My BMW App reminds the user of scheduled appointments and also offers the option of payment online. This function is another important step in providing contact-free services. (From 07/21)

The Personalised Service Video increases transparency and delivers more information on the vehicle’s status without the customer needing to be present. A personalised video of the customer’s vehicle is recorded by service advisors and shows the result of a vehicle check – e.g. tyre and brake pad wear. Customers can use the videos to decide what work they want to have carried out beyond regular servicing. This function is not available in the USA, Canada and China. (Since 05/21). All-round charging assistance for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

In a service offered specifically for owners of electrified vehicles (either with a plug-in hybrid drive system or purely electrically powered), the new MINI App clearly displays everything you need to know about the charging functions. Users can see clearly presented, at-a-glance information on charging activity, charges in progress, Scan & Charge by MINI Charging, and charging/climate settings. Charging Management (only available in Canada) offers a detailed overview of a charge in progress (start time and duration of the charge, range, pre-conditioning and current vehicle settings, scheduled departure). During the charge, the user can see an overview of previous charges, including the associated costs.

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