MG Cyber GTS Concept

MG Cyber GTS Concept

The MG Cyber GTS Concept pays homage to the MGC GTS Sebring, which achieved MG’s highest-ever factory result at the famed 12-hour race in 1968. Securing 10th place overall and third in its class, the legendary car, nicknamed ‘Mable’ and driven by Paddy Hopkirk and Andrew Hedges, cemented MG’s status as a quintessential British sporting marque. Only six examples of the MGC GTS were ever made, making its legacy even more iconic.

Celebrating 100 Years of MG Heritage
To mark MG’s 100th anniversary, the brand’s designers have crafted a special concept that embodies the spirit of the original MGC GTS Sebring while integrating today’s cutting-edge, high-performance EV powertrains. The MG Cyber GTS Concept is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle that showcases the potential of a modern GTS model in the electric vehicle era.

Pioneering the Future of EV Sports Cars
Building on the success of the Cyberster, the world’s first open-top EV two-seater to enter production, the Cyber GTS Concept aims to push the boundaries of what an electric sports car can be. This concept car represents MG’s vision for the future, combining its rich racing heritage with advanced electric technology to create a thrilling driving experience for the next generation.

Stay tuned for more updates on the MG Cyber GTS Concept and its journey from concept to reality as MG continues to innovate and lead in the electric sports car market.

Source: MG Motor
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