Mercedes-Benz GLA (2024)

Mercedes-Benz GLA (2024)

Mercedes-Benz is significantly upgrading the compact GLA SUV with numerous innovations and more extensive standard equipment. The new radiator grille with vertical louvres and horizontal fin enhances the powerful character. In addition, the bonnet with discreetly suggested power domes underlines the self-confident appearance. The redesigned front bumper with visual underride protection points to the GLA’s off‑road genes.

Added to this is the modernised light signature in the standard LED High Performance front headlights and the LED rear lights. Mercedes-Benz is expanding the range of options with the new Spectral Blue paint colour and four additional wheel designs. In the basic trim, the new GLA stands on 17-inch five-twin-spoke alloy wheels in high-gloss black with high-gloss turned surfaces. Optional 18- to 20-inch wheels are also available.

The free-standing double screen is one of the highlights of the significantly upgraded interior. It now includes a 7-inch and a 10.25-inch display as standard for the instrument cluster and multimedia screen respectively. Two 10.25-inch wide-screen displays are optionally available. They offer a holistic high-tech experience and enhance the open-plan architecture. The steering wheel of the current generation is upholstered in leather as standard; ARTICO imitation leather is available as an alternative. For the first time, a heated steering wheel rim is also available for the AMG Line.

Simplified offer logic with extensive standard equipment
The new GLA is equipped with comfort seats as standard. They are upholstered in ARTICO man-made leather and three-dimensionally embossed fabric in black. They are also optionally available in the trendy sagegrey colour. The Progressive equipment variant offers three interior colours: black, macchiato beige and sagegrey. In the AMG Line, the standard seat cover in ARTICO man-made leather/microfibre MICROCUT is now also available in bahia brown. A total of four upholstery colours are available in the AMG Line: black, bahia brown, sagegrey and the new shade red pepper combined with black. The fabric covering of the comfort seat is made of 100% recycled materials. In the case of the ARTICO/MICROCUT seat cover, this proportion is 65% in the seat mirror and 85% in the bottom fabric.

Mercedes-Benz has significantly upgraded the standard equipment of the GLA and tailored the offer logic even more precisely to specific customer wishes. For example, in addition to the leather steering wheel and LED front headlights, the basic equipment already includes Highbeam Assist, a backup camera and the USB package. From the Progressive equipment variant onwards, customers also receive the Parking Package and the Mirror Package. Further functional equipment is bundled into packages based on real customer behaviour. In terms of design features such as colours, upholstery, trim and wheels, those interested can configure the vehicles individually.

Latest MBUX generation with intuitive operation and adaptive software
The GLA now also features the latest generation of MBUX – with newly designed display styles: while “Classic” provides all relevant driver information, “Sporty” impresses with the dynamic rev counter. “Discreet” reduces the displays to the essential content. In combination with the three Navigation, Assistance and Services modes plus the 10 colour worlds of Ambient Light, there are numerous individualisation options. All previous functions such as Media, Phone, Vehicle etc. are still available. They can be conveniently operated via the touchscreen or the finger pads on the steering wheel.

The revision of the telematics system focused on a new design and improved performance. A new feature is the ability to connect wirelessly with smartphones via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Wireless. For further connectivity, the GLA now has an additional USB-C port and increased USB charging power. All USB ports are now illuminated.

By activating online services in the Mercedes me app[1], the intelligent voice assistant becomes even more capable of dialogue and learning. The system gets to know the driver and remembers their typical settings or routes. At the appropriate moment, it suggests personalised infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions – precisely tailored to the respective driving situation. The driver can, of course, reject this suggestion with the “Do not suggest now” function, or permanently delete it with “Do not suggest again”. The vehicle will remember these wishes. Certain actions can be triggered even without saying “Hey Mercedes”. In addition, the voice assistant can explain vehicle functions. The audio “Tourguide” adds an exciting feature to the travel information as part of the “MBUX Voice Assistant” from Mercedes me – initially exclusively in Germany. When the “Hey Mercedes, start Tourguide” voice command is given, MBUX reads out interesting facts about places of interest along the route. The system responds to the approximately 3,400 brown signs along German motorways.

The optional Burmester® surround sound system, in conjunction with the latest MBUX generation, now features the immersive Dolby Atmos audio experience, which gives music more space, clarity and depth. In addition, Dolby Atmos adapts to any playback environment, meaning fans can listen to music with unparalleled clarity that matches the artist’s original vision from the studio.

Digital extra: new mini-games
With the optional individualisation package[2] for Mercedes me connect services, a new digital extra is also making its way into the GLA. A selection of mini-games specially developed for the touchscreens and the touch control buttons on the steering wheel turn the compact SUV into a mobile games console: those who have a charging stop or want to pass time waiting can play alone or compete with fellow passengers. Currently, classic games such as Sudoku, Shuffle Puck, Pairs, Match 3 and a quiz are available.

The new GLA models also step up in terms of safety assistance. An upgrade of the Driving Assistance package enables more comfortable control of the Lane Keeping Assist through the Active Steering Control. The next generation of the Parking package also supports longitudinal parking. And it offers 360-degree visualisation for camera-assisted parking. The Trailer Manoeuvring Assist is also available for the GLA for the first time. It facilitates reverse manoeuvring with camera support. The prerequisite is the trailer hitch with ESP® trailer stabilisation in conjunction with the Parking Package with 360-degree camera.

Expanded range of electrified drive options
To further reduce consumption and emissions, the petrol engines in the new GLA are electrified throughout. The range includes four-cylinder units with seven- or eight-speed DCT dual-clutch transmissions as standard equipment. The mild hybrids are equipped with an additional 48-volt on-board power supply for the belt-driven starter-generator. Its briefly available additional power of 10 kW supports agility when starting or is used for quick boosting. The starter-generator also increases comfort: in addition to low-vibration and low-noise engine starting, it also enables coasting with the combustion engine switched off. In addition, it recuperates during braking and acceleration processes – and thus supplies the 12-volt on-board network as well as the 48-volt battery with electrical energy.

More power and range for the plug-in hybrid
The further developed plug-in hybrid drive of the GLA 250 e (preliminary figures: fuel consumption combined, weighted: 1.4-1.1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined, weighted: 31-24 g/km; electricity consumption combined, weighted: 23.8-21.1 kWh/100 km)[3] scores above all with increased performance. The higher usable energy content of the improved high-voltage battery also leads to a longer electric range. The output of the electric motor has increased by 5 kW to 80 kW while the system power remains the same. On the charging side, three options are still available: in addition to the 3.7 kW standard, the battery can now optionally be charged with alternating current and up to 11 kW. Furthermore, it is possible to charge the battery with direct current and up to 22 kW. This further reduces charging times. Mercedes-Benz has also updated the visualisation of the hybrid functions in the head unit.

The 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine combines smooth running and superior power delivery with contemporary efficiency. It is available in three power and torque levels. Its features include single-stage turbocharging with variable turbine geometry. The cylinder head and crankcase are made of lightweight aluminium. The NANOSLIDE® coating developed by Mercedes-Benz reduces friction between the cylinder wall and the steel piston. This reduces consumption and emissions.

The engines at a glance[4]

Plug-in hybrid GLA 250 e
Displacement cm³ 1,332
Rated power petrol engine kW/PS 120/163
at 1/min 5,500
Rated torque petrol engine Nm 270
Rated power E-motor kW/PS 80/109
Rated torque E-motor Nm 300
System performance kW/PS 160/218
System torque Nm 450
Nominal battery capacity kWh 11.5
Fuel consumption combined, weighted (WLTP preliminary) l/100 km 1.4-1.1
CO2 emissions combined, weighted (WLTP preliminary) g/km 31-24
Power consumption combined, weighted (WLTP preliminary) kWh/100 km 23.8-21.1
Electric range (WLTP preliminary) km 62-70
Petrol engine GLA 180 GLA 200 GLA 220 4MATIC GLA 250 4MATIC
Displacement cm³ 1,332 1,332 1,991 1,991
Nominal power kW/PS 100/136 120/163 140/190 165/224
at 1/min 5,500 5,500 5,500 5,500
Add. power boost kW/PS 10/14 10/14 10/14 10/14
Rated torque Nm 230 270 300 350
Fuel consumption combined, weighted (WLTP preliminary) l/100 km 7.4-6.7 7.3-6.6 8.2-7.4 8.2-7.4
CO2 emissions combined, weighted (WLTP preliminary) g/km 168-151 167-151 186-168 186-169
Diesel GLA 180 d GLA 200 d GLA 200 d
GLA 220 d
Displacement cm³ 1,950 1,950 1,950 1,950
Nominal power kW/PS 85/116 110/150 110/150 140/190
at 1/min 3,400 3,400 3,400 3,800
Rated torque Nm 280 320 320 400
Fuel consumption combined, weighted (WLTP preliminary) l/100 km 5.9-5.3 5.9-5.3 6.2-5.6 6.2-5.6
CO2 emissions combined, weighted (WLTP preliminary) g/km 154-140 154-140 162-146 164-148

[1] In order to use the Mercedes me connect services, it is necessary to create a Mercedes me ID and agree to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services. The services shown and their availability and functionalities depend in particular on the vehicle model, year of manufacture, optional equipment selected and country.

[2] An active Mercedes me connect user account is required to use the product content. Depending on the individual equipment configuration, this package contains a selection of features from the categories Sound Experience, Minigames, Projection Functions and other digital features. The possible categories as well as the underlying features may change at any time during the term of the contract.

[3] Information on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, electricity consumption and range is provisional and was determined internally in accordance with the “WLTP test procedure” certification method. Neither confirmed values from an officially recognised testing organisation nor an EC type approval nor a certificate of conformity with official values are available to date. Deviations between the data and the official values are possible.

[4] Information on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, electricity consumption and range is provisional and was determined internally in accordance with the “WLTP test procedure” certification method. Neither confirmed values from an officially recognised testing organisation nor an EC type approval nor a certificate of conformity with official values are available to date. Deviations between the data and the official values are possible.

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