Mercedes-Benz CLE (2024)

Mercedes-Benz CLE (2024)

Mercedes-Benz is continuing its long tradition of sporty, elegant dream cars with a new, independent series. The new CLE Coupé uses the conceptual and technical innovations of the C-Class and E-Class. With its expressive design, exclusive comfort equipment for maximum individuality and confident, sporty driving performance, the new two-door car goes its own way. The market launch of the Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé will start in Europe in November 2023. The CLE Cabriolet will follow next year for open-air connoisseurs. With the new dream car series, Mercedes-Benz is fulfilling the wishes of many customers in the C-and E-Class segments.

Iconic design

Long wheelbase, a well-positioned and strongly inclined A-pillar, a short front and a slightly longer rear body overhang, as well as pronounced shoulders and large wheels. There has always been a special magic inherent in these proportions – and they are inextricably linked to the Mercedes-Benz brand. The new CLE Coupé combines these sporty, elegant proportions with the modern design language of Mercedes-Benz. True to the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of Sensual Purity, the result is a sculpture full of power and dynamism that embodies an emotional statement from every perspective.

Athletic appearance

The progressively forward-leaning front section (“shark nose”) with a low-slung bonnet, flat LED headlights with a unique design and the newly designed, three-dimensional radiator grille ensure an athletic yet extremely elegant appearance. The strongly contoured power domes on the long hood refer to the powerful engines with up to six cylinders. In the side view, a distinctive shaped edge structures the powerful volume. This character line runs from the headlight to the exterior mirror and from the rear light to the door handle. The muscular rear is characterised by flowing surfaces, smooth transitions and two-part LED lights with new contours and three-dimensional light bodies.

Plenty of space

At 4,850 millimetres long, 1,860 millimetres wide and 1,428 millimetres high, the new two-door is the largest coupé in the mid-size segment. With its dimensional concept – in particular the 25 millimetre longer wheelbase – the CLE Coupé offers significantly more space than the C-Class Coupé. The rear passengers in particular benefit from 10 millimetres more headroom, 19 millimetres more shoulder and elbow room and 72 millimetres more knee room. The trunk volume offers 60 litres more volume and can easily hold three golf bags.

Sporty luxury

Eye-catchers in the interior are the free-standing 12.3-inch, fully digital instrument display, the 11.9-inch, driver-oriented central display in user-friendly portrait format and the dynamic ambient lighting featuring 64 colours. If desired, it can extend from the centre console to beneath the outer air vents. In each of the doors, a strip of light runs along the contours of the armrest and beltline to the rear. Another highlight is the front seats in integral sport design, developed exclusively for the CLE. In conjunction with the optional Burmester® 3D surround sound system, they each have two loudspeakers at the level of the headrests and thus create a particularly individual and immersive music experience with Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio close to the ears.

Specific EASY-ENTRY function

For the first time at Mercedes-Benz, the front seats are not unlocked using a lever, but instead with an elegant loop made of Nappa leather. It is conveniently located at the upper edge of the backrest.

Latest MBUX generation

The Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé adopts numerous digital innovations from the new E-Class. With the new electronics architecture and the third generation of the MBUX infotainment system, it is the most intelligent coupé with the star. It offers an exceptionally interactive entertainment experience with third-party apps and a new level of personalisation with automated convenience functions (routines).

Electrified driving experience

The new CLE Coupé sets standards in efficiency thanks to systematic electrification and intelligent downsizing. All engines are mild hybrids with an integrated starter generator and 48-volt electrical system. There is a choice of four-cylinder units and – as the most powerful engine – a 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine.

Sporty and comfortable driving pleasure

The chassis is lowered by 15 millimetres as standard. The optional DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL, with continuously adjustable damping on the front and rear axles in combination with rear-axle steering, both offered in the Technology package, ensures particularly agile and at the same time comfortable driving pleasure. The steering angle is up to 2.5 degrees. This reduces the turning circle by 50 centimetres. Despite its larger dimensions, the CLE Coupé with rear-wheel drive has a smaller turning circle than the C-Class Coupé (10.7 instead of 11.2 metres).

Extensive safety

Numerous driver assistance systems, some of which have been further developed, offer situation-specific support for more safety. The extensive standard equipment includes ATTENTION ASSIST, Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Speed Limit Assist, and the parking package with reversing camera. In Western Europe, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is also standard equipment.

The exterior design

The new Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé embodies an emotional statement from every perspective. The sporty, elegant two-door unites proportions typical of a coupé with the modern design language of Mercedes-Benz, whose aesthetic soul is shaped by the design philosophy of Sensual Purity. This creates a sculptural appearance for the CLE Coupé, which is characterised by flowing surfaces with seamless transitions. The progressive dynamics and elegance come into their own when viewed from the side: thanks to the combination of a low silhouette (1,428 mm) with a long wheelbase (2,865 mm), short overhangs (888 mm at the front/1,097 mm at the rear) and a particularly muscular shoulder the two-door fills the road. Other typical coupé features are the long bonnet embedded in the front end with two powerful power domes, the steeply sloping windscreen and the long, sloping roof towards the rear. The passenger cell, which is set far back, leads to the sporty, short rear via the rear window, which is also set flat.

A distinctive shaped edge structures the powerful volume in the side wall. This character line runs from the headlight to the exterior mirror and from the rear light to the door handle. It emphasises the sporty proportions and the powerful wheel arches. In addition, the shaped edge, together with the chrome-rimmed side windows, underlines the balance between elegance and dynamics. The basic variant AVANTGARDE Line rolls on 18-inch light-alloy wheels as standard. With the AMG Line, 19-inch rims are standard. A large selection of other light-alloy wheels in 18 to 20 inches and ten different exterior colours enable a high degree of customisation.

Expressive front: newly designed three-dimensional radiator grille

The progressively forward-leaning front section (“shark nose”) with a low-slung bonnet, flat LED headlights with a unique design and a distinctive radiator grille ensure a decidedly athletic yet extremely elegant appearance. The strongly contoured power domes on the long hood reference the powerful engines with up to six cylinders. As is typical for coupés, the radiator grille has a single louvre in glossy black with chrome trim and a central star. Behind it shines a grille in a newly designed, three-dimensional chrome look with a Mercedes-Benz pattern. The downward-opening silhouette of the radiator grille (A-shape design) also emphasises the powerful forward drive of the Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé. Together with the chrome frame around the shiny black central air intake in the front apron, it makes the two-door look lower and nestle closer to the road.

The CLE Coupé has LED High Performance headlights with a newly designed trifunctional torch for daytime running lights, position lights and direction indicators as standard. DIGITAL LIGHT headlights with and without projection function are available as special equipment. They have two daytime running light ellipses and blue illumination of the headlight base for an unmistakable look that further reinforces the dynamic appearance.

Powerful rear: Distinctive LED lights with three-dimensional light bodies

The powerful rear is characterised by flowing surfaces and smooth transitions. Another highlight is the two-part LED lights with new contours and three-dimensional light bodies. Optionally, a light show to welcome and say goodbye to the passengers is available. The rear lights are connected with a dark red design element. Like the classic chrome trim strip on the bumper, it emphasises the width of the rear. In the AVANTGARDE Line, C-shaped trim parts enclose the chrome trim strip like a classy clasp.

The dimensional concept: the largest coupé in its segment

With its dimensional concept, the Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé is in a league of its own. At 4,850 millimetres long, 1,860 millimetres wide and 1,428 millimetres high, the new two-door is significantly larger than the C-Class Coupé, but two millimetres flatter and 15 millimetres longer than the E-Class Coupé.

The interior design

Sporty luxury in a class of its own, focused fully on the driver: this is the concept for the interior design of the new CLE Coupé. Eye-catchers in the cockpit are the free-standing 12.3-inch (21.3 cm) fully digital instrument display and the 11.9-inch (30.2 cm) central display in user-friendly portrait format. It grows seamlessly out of the front, glossy jet-black area of the centre console and has a six-degree incline towards the driver’s seat. Together with the vertical format, this creates a visual dynamic and lightness that underlines the sporty claim and the pronounced driver orientation of the CLE Coupé.

Additional sportiness is created by the dynamic ambient lighting in 64 colours. Ambient lighting with indirect light on the trim strip of the instrument panel, the cup holders on the centre console, the overhead control unit, the door handles, the seat adjustment unit and in the front footwell is standard equipment. With the optional Ambient Lighting Plus, a light band sweeps from the centre console along the lower edge of the instrument panel to beneath the outer air vents on each side. A strip of light runs in each of the doors along the lines of the armrest and beltline to the rear row of seats, which reinforces the generous feeling of space.

Individual music experience with integrated speakers in the seat

Other highlights include the standard multi-function sports steering wheel in leather and new front seats developed exclusively for the CLE. They feature an avant-garde sports seat design with integrated headrests. In conjunction with the optional Burmester® 3D surround sound system, they each have two speakers at the level of the headrests, creating a particularly individual and immersive music experience with Dolby Atmos close to the ears. The premium sound system has a total of 17 speakers.

The sporty integral seat look of the new multi-contour seats reinforces the reduced design with three-dimensional, seamless shapes on the instrument panel and in the doors – giving the interior an additional visual lightness. The front seats are heated and have an electro-pneumatic four-way lumbar support as standard. Seat climate control and a seven-zone massage are also available in conjunction with the optional ENERGIZING Plus package. Seat height, backrest and cushion inclination, as well as seat cushion depth, can be infinitely adjusted electrically. The memory function can be used to save individual driver seat settings for up to three people – as can the position of the steering wheel, the optional head-up display and the exterior mirrors. If the driver changes, the optimal driving position can be conveniently set at the touch of a button.

User interface: pixel perfect in the best operating architecture

The display graphics and their arrangement are taken from the C-Class. The styles “Classic”, “Sport” and “Ambiente” can therefore also be selected in the Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé and are optionally supplemented by a full-screen map in the instrument cluster. All relevant settings for media, vehicle, telephone, comfort, etc. can be experienced directly and intuitively on the central display. The new main icons in the central display are immediately recognisable as modernisation. They were only recently introduced in the new E-Class.

EASY-ENTRY with elegant leather strap

A new, specific EASY-ENTRY function ensures easy access to the rear. The front seats are not unlocked with a lever, but with an elegant loop made of Nappa leather. It is conveniently located at the upper edge of the backrest. Anyone who has not buckled their seat belt immediately after boarding can reactivate the seat belt feeder via a button on the central display or simply by opening and closing the door again. In addition, the CLE Coupé is one of the first Mercedes-Benz vehicles with an optimised warning if the seat belt is not fastened. The system only reacts to seats on which someone who has not buckled their seat belt is actually sitting.

The KEYLESS-GO comfort package is available to further increase convenience. In addition to starting the engine at the push of a button, it enables all vehicle doors to be opened and locked by simply touching the respective door handle. The recessed grips are illuminated for better orientation in the dark. With HANDS-FREE ACCESS, the trunk can also be opened and closed contact-free and fully automatically – with a simple kick of the foot in the rear bumper’s sensor area.

Exclusive materials and colours

One of the most customer-friendly features of the new CLE Coupé is the wide range of customisation options. This includes the exclusive selection of colours and high-quality materials. In the AVANTGARDE Line standard equipment, the seats are upholstered in black ARTICO man-made leather. The AMG Line comes standard with ARTICO/MICROCUT black, which is made of 65 percent recycled materials in the seat area and 85 percent in the inner lining. Alternatively, the colours macchiato beige/black and tonka brown/black are available. Seats in leather with elaborate longitudinal piping and in Nappa leather with quilted, perforated diamond shapes are optionally available. The colour selection ranges from black to macchiato beige/black, tonka brown/black and power red/black to white/black. The leather covers come from sustainable processing, made with plant-based tanning agents.

In the AMG Line, the instrument panel and beltlines are covered as standard in black ARTICO man-made leather with a Nappa look (optional extra for AVANTGARDE Line). A wide range of trim parts with innovative, technoid or natural surfaces expands the sensory experience between traditional and digital luxury. The highlight is a new trim part with a silver-coloured mixed-metal fabric. Due to its high-gloss finish, it looks very futuristic. A similarly innovative feature is an open-pored, black wood veneer that is interspersed with fine real aluminium inlays. The other trim elements include open-pore brown walnut wood, open-pore anthracite linestructure lime wood and AMG carbon fibre. In the basic configuration, the Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé comes with silver-grey diamond-pattern trim (AVANTGARDE Line) or metal structure (AMG Line).

Generous space

With its dimensional concept – in particular the 25-millimetre longer wheelbase – the CLE Coupé offers significantly more space than the C-Class Coupé. The rear passengers in particular benefit from 10 millimetres more headroom, 19 millimetres more shoulder and elbow room and 72 millimetres more knee room. The trunk offers 60 litres more volume and can easily hold three golf bags.


The infotainment and comfort experience

The CLE Coupé adopts numerous digital innovations from the new E-Class. After the business sedan, it is the second vehicle with the new electronic architecture and the third generation of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system. This makes the sporty two-door the most intelligent coupé with the star. It reaches a new dimension of personalisation and interaction. The MBUX infotainment system, the MBUX language assistant, the instrument cluster, the central display and the optional head-up display share a very powerful central vehicle computer. This type of networking increases performance. Data streams can be transmitted faster. Depending on the market, a communication module with 5G is used as the transmission technology. Significantly higher data rates are possible with the 5G mobile communications standard than with LTE/UMTS.


The entertainment programme in the Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé is extraordinarily interactive – for an individual digital experience. A new Android compatibility layer allows the installation of third-party apps. The following apps will be available at market launch: the entertainment platform “TikTok”, the podcast platform “Pocket Casts”, the audio and video streaming platform “Audials”, the game “Angry Birds”, the cloud-based collaboration application ” Webex”, the video conferencing system “Zoom” and the internet browser “Vivaldi”. In addition, the entertainment portal ZYNC is on board as an option. It offers video streaming, on-demand content, interactive experiences, local video programming, sports, news and much more. More than 30 streaming services from renowned global, regional and local partners are already available. Other partners and channels are constantly being integrated. The Mercedes me Store has a new App Store. The offer will be gradually expanded. In this way, the dream car is always up-to-date and can be extensively personalised.


Online Music: music streaming with millions of songs to choose from

The MBUX entertainment package is optionally available from the Mercedes me Store. It includes Internet radio, music streaming and a data package from a selected third-party provider. With the “Online Music” service, Mercedes-Benz has fully integrated the largest music streaming providers – Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music – into the MBUX infotainment system. MBUX enables access to the personal user profile of the linked music providers. This is how the customer gets their favourite songs and playlists and discovers millions of songs and curated playlists.


Hey Mercedes: powerful and learning language assistant

By activating online services in the Mercedes me App, the Hey Mercedes language assistant is highly capable of dialogue and learning. With the “Just Talk” function, the intelligent voice control can now also be activated without the keyword “Hey Mercedes”. The customer must be alone in the vehicle for this. When the function is activated, a red microphone symbol appears in the display. Then the CLE Coupé is ready and waiting for voice commands.


Hey Mercedes also explains vehicle functions and helps, for example, if you want to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. If compatible building technology and household appliances are available, these can also be networked with the CLE Coupé thanks to the Smart Home function and controlled from the vehicle by voice. The language assistant can also recognise occupants acoustically. After the individual voice characteristics have been learned, this can be used to access personal data and functions via profile activation.


Personalisation: easy and comfortable

Customers can create their personal profile directly in the Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé and synchronise it with existing profile data in the Mercedes me account. By scanning a QR code with the Mercedes me app, the vehicle is automatically connected to the Mercedes me account. Up to seven different profiles with a total of around 800 parameters are possible in the vehicle. For example, the ambient lighting can be set individually from home via remote configuration. Personal preferences such as your favourite radio station and default settings can be taken into the car via your own Mercedes me profile.

Since the profiles are stored in the cloud as part of Mercedes me, they can also be used in other Mercedes-Benz vehicles with the corresponding MBUX generations. In addition to the classic entry of a PIN, a special authentication procedure ensures a high level of security. Fingerprint and voice recognition are combined. At the same time, this enables individual settings to be called up and digital payment processes to be secured from the vehicle. The fingerprint scanner is ergonomically located in the menu bar below the central display.

Next level of personalisation: routines automate comfort functions based on personal needs

Mercedes-Benz is working on automating comfort functions using artificial intelligence (AI). The vehicle should learn which comfort systems the driver uses repeatedly at certain times and under certain conditions, and then run them automatically. The apps for navigation, radio and telephone are already proposing concrete actions. For example, a telephone number or a navigation destination that is dialed regularly at a specific point in time. In addition, more than 20 other functions – from ENERGIZING COMFORT to birthday reminders to suggestions for the to-do list – are automatically offered with the help of AI if they are relevant to the driver. Mercedes-Benz calls these functions “Magic Module”. They are displayed on MBUX’s so-called zero-layer interface.

The Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé goes one step further in terms of automated adaptation to personal habits. The sporty two-door adopts the innovative routines introduced with the new E-Class. At the market launch, customers can use templates of standard routines. They also have the option of creating their own routines. You can link several functions and conditions with each other.

  • Templates: With the help of these templates, customers can experiment with the different types of support that are possible with the help of routines. Examples here include “Cold days” (switching on the seat heating at a certain outside temperature, ambient lighting changes to warm orange) or “Date night” (romantic music is played via Bluetooth audio, the ambient lighting turns pink). The templates are mostly stored in the backend. Some are stored locally in the vehicle, so they can be used even if there happens to be no connectivity. The templates are operated via the vehicle’s central display and are arranged in carousel-style on the screen.
  • Self-created routines: Conditions can be attached to actions on the central display. For example, “If the interior temperature is below twelve degrees Celsius, switch on the seat heating and set the ambient lighting to warm orange”. The driver can also assign a name for such self-created routines, such as “Warm me up”. Under this personally chosen name, the routine then appears on the screen under the menu item “My routines”. It is also activated once so that the vehicle can start it automatically. This routine category can be recognised by the blue tab in the menu bar. Routines can be created and edited in the vehicle, on the central display.
  • AI-generated routines: In the future, the aim is for the CLE Coupé to fully automate recurring routine tasks if desired. Artificial intelligence (AI) will make this possible. The vehicle’s ability to also learn and evolve with the customer will represent a new level of intelligence. In the first expansion stage, Mercedes-Benz will offer the AI-generated routines Massage, Seat heating and Seat ventilation for the driver’s seat. Other interior systems are to be successively integrated and further routines made possible.


ENERGIZING COMFORT: new functions and presentations that are easier to experience

With the varied ENERGIZING COMFORT programmes, Mercedes-Benz has had an extensive range of wellness services for many years, which contribute to greater well-being and safety. In the “Vitality” programme, ENERGIZING seat kinetics is now running the entire time. It supports the muscles with small movements in the inclination of the seat and backrest. A massage is also activated in the ENERGIZING NATURE programmes. The music of the ENERGIZING COMFORT programmes has also been updated. Depending on the equipment level, the system in the CLE Coupé now also uses Dolby® Surround 7.1.

The ENERGIZING COMFORT offer in the CLE Coupé includes:

  • the programmes Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy and Comfort
  • the ENERGIZING NATURE programmes Forest Glade, Sound of the Sea and Summer Rain
  • training and ENERGIZING tips


ENERGIZING Coach: The right programme recommendation for every mood

The ENERGIZING COACH is based on an intelligent algorithm. Depending on the situation and the individual, it recommends one of the programmes Freshness, Warmth, Vitality or Joy. If the Mercedes-Benz vivoactive® 3 smartwatch, the Mercedes-Benz Venu® smartwatch or another compatible Garmin® wearable is integrated, personal values such as heart rate, stress level or sleep quality optimise the accuracy of the recommendation. The Mercedes me ENERGIZING App transmits the vital data of the wearer to the ENERGIZING COACH via smartwatch. The recommended comfort programme can be started directly via a message (“Notification”) on the MBUX central display. The aim is to feel good even on demanding or rather monotonous journeys and to arrive relaxed. In addition, the heart rate is transmitted from the integrated Garmin® wearable to the central display.

The ENERGIZING Package Plus is optionally available for the CLE Coupé. It offers a comprehensive experience with ENERGIZING COMFORT, ENERGIZING COACH, AIR BALANCE package for scenting, ionising and cleaning the air, seat climate control for the front seats and ambient lighting with programme-specific lighting moods. The feel-good package can also be purchased later as an on-demand function.

The sound systems

There are three sound systems to choose from in the new Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé. The top equipment is the optional Burmester® 3D surround sound system. It takes the immersive audio experience to a new level with native integration of spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. Audio surrounds the driver and passengers with unparalleled multi-dimensional spaciousness and clarity that virtually transports them to a recording studio or live stage. Dolby Atmos allows individual instruments or voices to be placed around the listening area. This allows a new kind of sound animation. While conventional stereo systems tend to have left-right dynamics, Dolby Atmos can use the full range and create a 360-degree experience. The Burmester® 3D surround sound system features 17 speakers, including two close to each ear in the front seats.

In the new CLE Coupé, Mercedes-Benz customers who have an Apple Music subscription have access to an ever-growing selection of songs and albums that are available in spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. Universal Music Group (UMG) is the first music label to proactively encourage its artists to produce music in Dolby Atmos. With this new audio standard, the world’s largest music label enables them to base their song approval processes on how the final mix sounds in a Mercedes-Benz. For this purpose, UMG has introduced the new seal “Approved in a Mercedes-Benz” as the “gold” standard for the implementation of Dolby Atmos in vehicles.

The drive

Thanks to consistent electrification and intelligent downsizing, the new CLE Coupé sets standards in efficiency. The range of engines includes four-cylinder units and a six-cylinder engine from the current modular Mercedes-Benz engine family FAME (Family of Modular Engines). Both the diesel and petrol engines are mild hybrids. In addition to a turbocharger, they have a second-generation integrated starter generator (ISG). It provides support in the low-speed range and ensures excellent power development.

The ISG includes the 48-volt vehicle electrical system. It ensures functions such as coasting, boost or recuperation and thus enables significant savings in consumption. Another advantage: the engines start very quickly and conveniently. As a result, the start-stop function is almost imperceptible, as is the transition from coasting with the engine switched off to powerful propulsion with engine power. When idling, the intelligent interaction of the ISG with the combustion engine ensures outstanding smoothness. Thanks to a new battery, the power of the electric motor has been increased from 15 to 17 kW compared to other series. The boost torque is 200 Nm.

Plug-in hybrid under development

Mercedes-Benz will also offer the CLE Coupé as a plug-in hybrid at a later date. In purely electric driving mode, the vehicle will offer a practical range. The driving programme will provide the electric driving mode for the most sensible sections of the route. For example, electric driving will be given priority on routes in urban areas.

Gasoline: Innovative four and six-cylinder engines

The most powerful engine is the 3.0-litre straight-six (M 256 M). The combination of twin-scroll turbocharger and ISG ensures excellent power delivery without turbo lag. The exhaust ducts of three cylinders each are combined in the dual-flow exhaust manifold and only rejoin directly in front of the turbine wheel. This leads to a spontaneous build-up of boost pressure and torque as well as rapid engine response and revving at low engine speeds. The CLE 450 4MATIC develops 280 kW (381 hp) and 500 Nm of torque and thus achieves the sportiest driving performance.

The four-cylinder petrol engine (M 254) is available in two output levels at market launch: with 150 kW as the CLE 200 and CLE 200 4MATIC and with 190 kW as the CLE 300 4MATIC. The entry displacement is 2.0 litres. In this engine, Mercedes-Benz has combined all the innovations of the modular engine family FAME in one unit. These include the NANOSLIDE® cylinder coating, the CONICSHAPE® cylinder honing (trumpet honing), the segment turbocharger with variable flow connection and the exhaust gas aftertreatment placed directly on the engine. The M 254 with 150 kW works with the Miller combustion process to further increase efficiency. The intake valve already closes during the intake stroke. This reduces the gas temperature after compression. This leads to a higher thermal efficiency and thus to a more efficient use of the fuel. In addition, fewer pollutants are produced, in particular the proportion of nitrogen oxides is lower. The 190 kW power variant also has CAMTRONIC with two-stage valve lift switching.

Diesel: four-cylinder engine with variable turbine geometry

Under the hood of the CLE 220 d Coupé is the four-cylinder OM 654 M diesel engine. It is powered by a single-stage exhaust gas turbocharger with variable turbine geometry and friction-optimised roller bearing. The turbocharger is tuned so that the engine responds quickly and develops its power harmoniously. The electrification also includes the use of an electric refrigerant compressor for the air conditioning system. Exhaust aftertreatment includes a close-coupled NOx storage catalytic converter, a diesel particulate filter with a special coating (DPF), an SCR catalytic converter and an additional SCR catalytic converter in the vehicle’s underbody.

Transmission: Advanced nine-speed automatic

The 9G-TRONIC transmission was further developed for the adaptation of the ISG and is used in all CLE models. The electric motor, the power electronics and the transmission cooler have been moved into or onto the transmission. The lines that were previously required are no longer required, which offers advantages in terms of installation space and weight. In addition, the efficiency of the transmission has been increased. Among other things, the optimised interaction with the electric auxiliary oil pump has made it possible to reduce the delivery volume of the mechanical pump by 30 percent compared to its predecessor – good for efficiency. In addition, a new generation of fully integrated transmission control with a multi-core processor and new assembly and connection technology is used. In addition to the increased computing power, the number of electrical interfaces has been drastically reduced and the weight of the transmission control has been reduced by 30 percent compared to its predecessor.

The 4MATIC all-wheel drive has also been further developed. With the front-axle drive, higher torques can be transmitted and axle load distributions that are ideal in terms of driving dynamics can be achieved. In addition, there is a significant weight advantage compared to the corresponding component of the previous series. Less weight contributes to CO2 reduction.

The suspension

The suspension of the new Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé enables agile driving fun on winding roads. At the same time, it offers exceptional driving comfort over long distances. The precise guidance of the front wheels on four links each plays a large part in the dynamic handling. On the rear axle, a multi-link construction with a five-link concept ensures good wheel control qualities and straight-line stability. There are three chassis variants to choose from. Compared to the sedan series, they are lowered by 15 millimetres as standard – for a more dynamic appearance.

The standard equipment is the comfort suspension with lowering. It combines supreme driving comfort and sporty directness. Rolling behaviour, damping effect and stabilisation are continuously and automatically adapted to the surface. A sports suspension with an amplitude-selective damping system is available as an option. It offers a stiffer suspension and damping design as well as sports direct steering for more direct handling and agility. When cornering quickly or when making quick evasive manoeuvres, this sporty chassis tuning is noticeable in the form of less body roll.

DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL with continuously adjustable damping individually for each wheel

The technology package is available as an option for the CLE Coupé. It includes the DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension with continuously adjustable damping on the front and rear axles as well as rear-axle steering. The active chassis controls the damping characteristics in conjunction with the engine, transmission and steering properties for each wheel individually – to suit the driving situation, speed and road surface conditions. The driver can use the DYNAMIC SELECT switch to choose between a comfortable or a sporty, taut setting. In conjunction with DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL, the CLE Coupé is equipped with sports direct steering. It combines a variable ratio that depends on the steering angle for precisely agile reactions with speed-dependent electromechanical power assistance for pleasantly smooth handling.

Rear axle steering for even more agility

With rear-axle steering and the associated more direct steering ratio on the front axle, the Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé is particularly agile and stable at the same time. The steering angle on the rear axle is up to 2.5 degrees. This reduces the turning circle by 50 centimetres. In the models with 4MATIC it is 11.2 instead of 11.7 metres. In the rear-wheel drive versions, the turning circle is reduced from 11.2 to 10.7 metres. Despite its larger dimensions, the CLE Coupé with rear-wheel drive has a smaller turning circle than the C-Class Coupé (11.2 metres). In addition, thanks to the more direct steering ratio, the driver needs fewer turns of the steering wheel to turn it fully.

At speeds below 60 km/h, the rear wheels steer in the opposite direction to the front wheels. The wheelbase is thus virtually shortened depending on the situation, making the vehicle more manoeuvrable, light-footed and agile. From a speed of 60 km/h, the rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front wheels. The resulting virtual longer wheelbase offers noticeable advantages: increased driving stability and driving safety at high speeds, fast lane changes or sudden evasive manoeuvres. In addition, significantly fewer steering angles have to be applied during dynamic manoeuvres. The CLE Coupé reacts more sportily to steering commands. This is supported by the integrated driving dynamics control of the ESP®.


The driver assistance systems

The standard equipment of the CLE Coupé includes ATTENTION ASSIST, Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Speed Limit Assist and the parking package with reversing camera. In Western Europe, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is also standard equipment. It aids the driver by adapting the speed to slower vehicles ahead. The desired target distance can be set in several stages. The status and activity of all driving assistance systems are shown full screen in the assistance display of the driver’s display.

Other driver assistance systems are part of equipment packages. The Advanced Plus package also includes Blind Spot Assist and Traffic Sign Assist. The premium package includes the parking package with 360-degree camera and DIGITAL LIGHT.

The Driving Assistance Package Plus with extended functionality

The Driving Assistance Package Plus is available as special equipment. It includes more than ten latest-generation assistance and safety systems.

  • The Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC offers more functions than the standard system. These include the reaction to stationary vehicles, automatic restart and automatic speed transfer up to 210 km/h.
  • The intersection approach function can provide additional safety when approaching intersections with cross traffic. The system uses intuitive arrows on the instrument display to indicate from which direction cross traffic is approaching. If the driver nevertheless tries to pull away, an audio-visual collision warning is triggered. The vehicle is prevented from moving off by automatically applying the brakes. The driver can cancel this at any time by fully depressing the accelerator pedal.
  • Active Steering Assist provides support when following the lane. The CLE Coupé can automatically restart after it has come to a standstill on motorways, country roads and in city traffic. This is possible in a time window of 30 seconds when your hands are on the steering wheel. Another new feature: If Active Steering Assist is no longer available because the lane markings cannot be clearly identified, it signals this to the driver via a vibrating steering wheel. As before, if Steering Assist is not available, the steering wheel symbol in the instrument display also changes from green to gray. Other features of this assistant are lane recognition at low speeds with an additional 360-degree camera, very high availability and cornering performance on country roads, and lane centring on motorways. Depending on the situation, the vehicle may be driven off-centre: for example, the formation of an emergency lane or orientation at the edge of the road on country roads without centre markings.
  • The Active Lane Change Assist supports the driver co-operatively when changing to the neighbouring lane. Changing lanes to the left or right is only supported if, according to the sensors, the neighbouring lane is separated from your own by a broken lane marking and no vehicles have been detected in the relevant safety area.
  • The Active Emergency Stop Assist brakes the vehicle to a standstill in its own lane if it detects that the driver is no longer continuously intervening in the driving process. If the CLE Coupé is travelling at less than 60 km/h, the assistant uses the hazard warning lights to warn the traffic behind. In addition, the doors unlock when the vehicle is stationary and the assistant calls for help via the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call.
  • The Active Brake Assist with crossing function can use the sensors installed in the vehicle to register whether there is a risk of collision with crossing or oncoming vehicles ahead. If a collision is imminent, the system can warn the driver visually and acoustically. If the driver brakes too weakly, it is also possible to provide support by increasing the braking torque appropriate to the situation and to initiate emergency braking if the driver fails to react.
  • The avoidance steering assistant can support the driver if he or she wants to avoid a road user detected by the system in a dangerous situation. In addition to standing and crossing pedestrians, the CLE Coupé can also consider people and vehicles in the longitudinal direction as well as cyclists. The speed range goes up to 110km/h.
  • From a speed of 60 km/h, the Active Lane Keeping Assist can use a camera to detect when lane markings and edges of the lane are being driven over and help the driver to avoid unintentionally leaving the lane. If there is a risk of collision with other road users detected in the neighbouring lane, for example overtaking or oncoming vehicles, the system can also react with steering intervention and warnings.
  • Active Blind Spot Assist can provide a visual warning of side collisions and an audible warning when the turn signal is activated at speeds of around 10 km/h or more. If the driver ignores the warnings and nevertheless initiates a lane change, the system can intervene to correct the lane at the last moment by braking on one side at speeds of over 30 km/h. In addition, the exit warning function can signal before exiting a vehicle when stationary that a vehicle (including bicycles) is driving through the critical area.
  • PRE-SAFE® PLUS can act if a rear-end collision is imminent. The system warns the driver of the following vehicle by activating the rear hazard warning lights at an increased frequency. In addition, the preventive PRE-SAFE® occupant protection measures are triggered, including the reversible belt tensioners. If your own vehicle is stationary, PRE-SAFE® PLUS brakes the vehicle. Reducing forward jerk can significantly reduce occupant stress, including the risk of whiplash.
  • If an imminent side collision is detected, PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side can help move the affected front occupants away from the danger towards the centre of the vehicle. To do this, air chambers in the side bolsters of the front seat backrests inflate in fractions of a second.

The parking systems: Faster into the space

The Active Parking Assist PARKTRONIC has been improved in several respects: The starting process can now be performed intuitively via the central display. In addition, it is much faster to automatically park in and drive out than before. At the same time, the warning tones are omitted during the parking process. Active Parking Assist is part of the optional Parking Package with 360-degree Camera.

The Memory Park Assistant (SAE Level 2) is also available for the Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé. It can remember parking processes such as the arrival to and departure from the garage at home. The driver sits at the wheel and performs the parking process once. If the vehicle approaches the learned starting position, the parking process can be conveniently started via the central display. The driver monitors the parking process. If obstacles are registered, the vehicle stops until they are removed. The Memory Park Assistant can remember individual parking processes at up to five different locations. You can learn how to park in and drive out of a parking space at any location, up to a maximum of 100 metres in each case. Memory Park Assist is available in conjunction with the Driver Assistance Package Plus or the Parking Package with 360 Camera.

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