Hennessey Mclaren 765LT

Hennessey To Offer 1000 HP Upgrade For Mclaren 765lt

The Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) team is taking one of the quickest and fastest factory stock vehicles in the world, the 2021 McLaren 765LT, and making it even faster.

This has been the mantra for John Hennessey and his team of craftsmen for the past 30 years: If it’s fast from the factory, let’s make it faster and even more fun to drive!

“The new 765LT is underrated from the factory. We tested it on our in-house dyno and it delivered about 765 HP – at the rear wheels. This means it’s producing closer to 865 bhp in bone stock form,” said company founder & CEO, John Hennessey. “Upgrading the 765LT to 1,000 HP will drop the 0-60 mph time to just 2.1 seconds, which is just nuts.”

The HPE1000 upgrades to the 765LT include upgraded air filters, re-mapped factory ECU calibration, stainless-steel exhaust downpipe upgrade, high-flow exhaust componentry, and chassis dyno calibration.

Cost for the HPE1000 upgrade for the McLaren 765LT is $24,950.

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