McLaren 570S Spider

The new McLaren 570S Spider combines the exceptional dynamism and refinement of the 570S Coupé with the extra exhilaration of open-air motoring. Hand-assembled in Woking, England, the 570S Spider is the most attainable McLaren Spider ever and brings supercar attributes such as carbon fibre construction, a mid-engined layout and extreme performance for the first time to the luxury sports convertible segment.

The two-seat, rear-wheel drive McLaren 570S Spider is the third bodystyle in the McLaren Sports Series portfolio, lining up alongside the Coupé and the GT. Compared to the Coupé, the 570S Spider adds a neatly integrated, retractable hardtop that when lowered delivers an even more immersive and exhilarating driving experience. The two-piece roof – which is engineered using technology proven in the McLaren 650S and 675LT Spider models – is constructed of lightweight composite panels and creates a purposeful, sleek appearance whether closed or lowered.

Most importantly, there are no performance compromises versus the 570S Coupé, with the Spider maintaining the same electrifying pace, dynamic excellence and impressive refinement. The carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis at the heart of all Sports Series cars does not suffer any reduction in strength or stiffness in convertible guise, or require any additional structural actions. This has allowed McLaren engineers to design and develop the 570S Spider without concerns that are potentially a significant issue with steel or aluminium structures.

Electrically operated from the driver’s seat using one simple control, the roof folds effortlessly to stow beneath a beautifully crafted tonneau cover that rises automatically to accommodate the lowered panels and returns to its closed position with the assistance of soft-close technology. The roof can be opened or closed in just 15 seconds, at vehicle speeds of up to 40km/h (25mph).

A glazed wind deflector can be electrically closed or lowered at the push of a button, providing further versatility with the roof up or down. The deflector reduces wind-buffeting when the roof is down and if desired can be lowered when the roof is closed to allow additional sound and fresh air into the cabin. Owners wanting to enjoy even more of the distinctive exhaust note of the new Spider can specify an optional sports system that also channels exhaust sound towards the cabin, via the area beneath the tonneau cover.

The retractable hardtop is designed to withstand the severest conditions and is significantly more weather- and fade-resistant than fabric, yet with its operating mechanism adds just 46kg to the weight of the Spider; this is the only variance in weight between the new convertible and the 570S Coupé.

Supercar performance

The combination of lightweight carbon fibre construction and an incredibly potent 3.8-litre, twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine, means that the new McLaren 570S Spider is both more powerful and lighter than comparable convertibles, with an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 419PS per tonne (lightest dry weight).

Positioned behind the driver, the twin-turbocharged McLaren M838TE engine produces 570PS at 7,500rpm and torque of 600Nm between 5,000rpm and 6,500rpm. In combination with a rapid yet smooth seven-speed seamless-shift gearbox featuring Launch Control technology, the result is a luxury sports convertible with supercar acceleration from standstill to 100km/h (62mph) in 3.2 seconds and to 200km/h (124mph) in just 9.6 seconds.

Top speed is 328km/h (204mph) with the roof closed – identical to the 570S Coupé – and even with the roof lowered, the new Spider can reach 315km/h (196mph). Complementing this extreme performance is a stop-start system that contributes to overall efficiency; the 570S Spider returns official fuel economy of 10.7 litres/100km (26.6mpg) in the NEDC combined cycle and CO2 emissions of just 249g/km.

Exceptional body control

The new McLaren 570S Spider employs racecar-style, double-wishbone suspension all-round, with steel springs, twin-valve adaptive dampers and anti-roll bars calibrated to the same exacting specification as the 570S Coupé. Body control is exceptional and the overall drive incredibly pure and rewarding, while retaining impressive comfort. Accessing the Active Dynamics Panel adds another level of personal choice, allowing the driver to choose from Normal, Sport or Track modes for progressively softer or firmer suspension. This versatility ensures that the Spider is as at ease in everyday use as it is on a track.

Electro-hydraulically-assisted power steering, carbon-ceramic brakes and Pirelli P ZERO™ CORSA tyres are standard, while the latest chassis software both enhances the driving experience and increases safety. Developed originally for Formula 1™, Brake Steer aids cornering and reduces understeer by subtly applying braking force to the inside rear wheel as the driver turns in to a corner. Performance Traction Control calibrated by McLaren provides precise control in extreme situations, while the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system includes a ‘Dynamic’ mode with reduced intervention and increased ‘driftability’, allowing drivers to enjoy the 570S Spider’s dynamic potential with confidence.

Tailored design

The breathtaking body design is enhanced by a rear spoiler, finished in Dark Palladium grey (a visible carbon fibre finish is available at additional cost via McLaren Special Operations) and 12mm taller than the rear spoiler of the 570S Coupé. The higher spoiler provides additional downforce to offset the aerodynamic changes resulting from the Spider having a different rear upper body design, ensuring exceptional aerodynamic balance overall that is the equal of the Coupé.

Designed around a perfect driving position that puts the driver at the centre of the action, the sophisticated cabin blends exceptional levels of craftsmanship, quality and technology; hand-stitched leather on the seats, door casings, dashboard and centre console sits side-by-side with a 10-inch TFT main instrument cluster and a centrally-mounted, 7-inch IRIS touchscreen through which climate control and infotainment functionality are managed.

Customers can choose from standard six-way-adjustable or optional eight-way adjustable electric memory seats, with luxurious Nappa leather or performance-oriented Alcantara® trim available at additional cost. Lightweight carbon fibre-shelled sports seats, inspired by those fitted to the McLaren P1™, can also be specified.

Three new exterior colours celebrate the Spider’s introduction, with Curacao Blue, Vega Blue and Sicilian Yellow joining the existing Sports Series palette and giving Spider customers a choice of 20 colours in total. The new hues dramatically showcase the complex forms of the aluminium bodywork and unique-in-class dihedral doors, particularly when combined for added visual impact with an optional Dark Palladium grey contrast finish on the roof, windscreen pillars and rear buttresses.

An all-new, 10-spoke lightweight forged alloy wheel design (19-inch front, 20-inch rear) has been created as an option for the new McLaren 570S Spider. For further differentiation, a new brake caliper colour, Liquid Black, is also available.

Available to order now from more than 80 McLaren retailers worldwide, each 570S Spider is hand-assembled at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, England.

Design purity

The new McLaren 570S Spider combines breathtaking visual design with optimised airflow management to fully embrace aerodynamic requirements, giving McLaren’s latest convertible the performance to match its striking looks. A retractable hardtop – rather than a fabric roof – ensures that the car loses nothing visually to the Coupé, with the roof up or down.

Aluminium bodywork shrink-wrapped around a powerful mechanical package gives an athletic appearance with instantly recognisable McLaren styling cues and a clear McLaren Sports Series identity. Key design elements include a teardrop-shaped cabin, unique-in-class dihedral doors and distinctive LED lighting front and rear, with the Daylight Running Lights recreating the signature McLaren Speedmark badge.

Maintaining the purity of the 570S Coupé’s silhouette was imperative for McLaren designers and from the earliest days of the project, retractable hardtop technology – already proven in McLaren Super Series Spiders – was identified as the ideal solution.

When the 570S Spider’s retractable roof is closed, its lines mirror those of the Coupé, giving a flowing, uncluttered appearance. With the roof open the silhouette is equally dramatic, additional attention being drawn to the two distinctive buttresses that taper into the bodywork either side of the mid-mounted, V8 engine.

The two-piece composite roof can be opened in just 15 seconds and at speeds of up to 40km/h (25mph). This is particularly useful if traffic lights change mid-way through roof operation, or weather conditions alter unexpectedly on a busy road. The powered roof folds neatly and quietly out of sight beneath a hard tonneau cover to provide a sensory open-air experience and even greater enjoyment of the intoxicating exhaust note of the V8 engine.

Shrink-wrapped bodywork

The front of the McLaren 570S Spider is strikingly low, creating a poised stance that emphasises the mid-engined layout while also ensuring aerodynamic efficiency and exceptional forward visibility. The crisp contours of the bonnet pierce the air and channel it over fluid, sculpted surfaces towards the side intakes and rear of the car. The headlights reference McLaren’s Speedmark logo, sweeping dramatically around the light clusters and down into aggressive aero blades either side of the front splitter.

Every McLaren since the iconic McLaren F1 of the 1990s has been distinguished by dihedral doors. Unique in the sports car segment, the doors swing forwards and upwards when opened, providing easy access to the luxurious, driver-focused cabin. The doors are sculpted to increase performance, with intricate ‘floating’ tendons channelling air to high-temperature radiators through feather-shaped air intakes.

At the rear of the new Spider, muscular haunches wrap over the 20-inch alloy wheels, before merging to form a level rear deck. The rear bumper features ‘open’ elements and an aggressive diffuser, showcasing the technical beauty evident in all Sport Series models. Ultra-thin LED light blades trace the contours of the rear bodywork for a visual signature that suggests the rear light unit is ‘floating’.

The rear spoiler stands 12mm taller than the Coupé’s, generating additional downforce to offset the difference in the Spider’s body shape resulting from it having conventional buttresses rather than the flying buttresses of the Coupé. A roll-over protection system incorporates a steel structure neatly packaged within each of the rear buttresses. Specified in eye-catching Dark Palladium grey as standard, the extended rear spoiler can also be finished in visual carbon fibre as a McLaren Special Operations option.

With the roof of the Spider closed, aerodynamic drag is the same as the Coupé and top speed is unchanged.

Extensive visual choice

A total of 20 exterior colours are available, including three new colours created specially to mark the introduction of 570S Spider: Vega Blue, Curacao Blue and Sicilian Yellow. Beyond this, a virtually limitless range of paint colours is available from McLaren Special Operations.

To accentuate the dramatic body design, the roof, windscreen pillars and buttresses can be specified in contrasting Dark Palladium grey. Optional visual carbon fibre weave or gloss-black finish provides further visual differentiation and there is also a range of carbon fibre parts available at additional cost from McLaren Special Operations. Brake calipers can be finished in a range of colours – including a new Liquid Black which has been introduced for the Spider to complement the new 10-spoke lightweight Diamond Cut forged alloy wheel design developed as an option for the new convertible.

Luxurious, driver-focused interior

Designed around an ideal driving position that puts the driver at the centre of the action and ensures excellent visibility, the cabin of the 570S Spider features exceptional levels of craftsmanship and technology. And while the new Spider delivers a thrilling, high-performance sports car driving experience on demand, the interior is a welcoming sanctuary of luxury and airiness; surface shapes reinforce the fluid lines of the exterior form and a ‘floating’ centre console adds to the feeling of space.

Traditional craftsmanship such as hand-stitched leather trim sits side-by-side with advanced technology in the guise of a 10-inch TFT instrument cluster and a centrally-mounted 7-inch IRIS touchscreen. The result is an environment in which the driver feels fully engaged and comfortable exploiting the exhilarating dynamic ability of the new McLaren 570S Spider, while being equally at ease – and enjoying first-class comfort – on longer journeys and at lower speeds.

Optimising the design of interior surfaces has provided greater seat recline space than on previous McLaren Spider models and with a manual seat at the nominal 28-degree back angle, the Spider has the same seat travel as the Coupé.

Refinement with versatility

Maintaining refinement levels equal to those of the 570S Coupé was a crucial objective throughout the development of the 570S Spider and key to McLaren designers favouring a retractable hardtop rather than a fabric roof.

Made from lightweight composite materials, the two-panel retractable roof was designed with the benefit of the proven technology of the convertible roof on the previous McLaren Super Series Spider models. Roof closed, the new 570S Spider not only shares the profile silhouette of the 570S Coupé, but has the same level of noise insulation and refinement inside the cabin, with industry-standard measurement of decibel levels revealing it to be up to 20% quieter than the 650S Spider.

A glazed rear window that can be electrically closed and lowered at the push of a button is unique to the Spider among Sports Series models. With the roof closed, the window can be lowered to allow more engine noise into the cabin, providing a degree of the exhilaration of open-air motoring without full exposure to the elements. When the roof is opened, the rear window automatically lowers to around 80% of its full , maintaining aerodynamic efficiency and acting as a wind deflector to reduce cabin air disturbance for a more comfortable experience. It can also be fully retracted when the roof is down.

With the roof closed, the area beneath the tonneau cover provides an additional 52 litres of luggage space. Together with generous storage space at the front of the car, this gives the McLaren 570S Spider the largest luggage space in its class, at 202 litres combined.


The McLaren 570S Spider offers owners unrivalled opportunity to personalise their car to suit individual tastes. Three seat choices are available, all providing exceptional comfort and support. Manually adjustable sports seats with six-way driver and four-way passenger adjustment are standard. They are upholstered in leather, with sophisticated Nappa leather or performance-oriented Alcantara® available as an option.

Customers can upgrade to a fully-electric version of the seats, with eight-way adjustment and heating and memory functions. Leather upholstery is again standard, with the two other materials again optional. For the ultimate sports car experience, carbon fibre racing seats inspired by those developed for the McLaren P1™ can be specified. The fixed-back, manually-adjustable ‘bucket’ seats are available in either Regular or wider, Touring size and offer the very high levels of support necessary for trackdays while maintaining generous comfort on longer journeys. The composite material saves a substantial 15kg and the seats are compatible with race harnesses for track use.

Specifying the optional electrically adjustable steering column together with the powered seats enables a comfort entry/exit feature, which moves the seat to its lowest and most rearward position and retracts the steering column to maximise available space when exiting or entering the car.

Three new ‘By McLaren’ interior designs have been developed for the 570S Spider, bringing the number of ‘By McLaren’ interior specification choices available in Sports Series to 13 from a total of more than 20. Demonstrating the full breadth of interior customisation possibilities without opting for a bespoke commission from McLaren Special Operations, the ‘By McLaren’ portfolio introduces unique colours and materials unavailable with other optional specifications. Specially selected by the McLaren design team to accentuate the interior design and complement the exterior forms, up to three co-ordinated colours in a cabin can be selected.

A choice of three audio systems is offered, with the standard four-speaker system providing excellent audio quality. Customers can upgrade at additional cost to either an eight-speaker McLaren Audio Plus system that gives the added benefit of surround sound, or a 12-speaker, 1280 Watt Bowers & Wilkins premium system featuring technology developed for the Hi-Fi industry and especially tuned to adjust EQ (Equalisation). Automatic Volume Control (AVC) adjusts system levels depending on vehicle speed and whether the roof is closed or lowered.

Technology that informs the driver

The McLaren 570S Spider features a 10-inch TFT instrument display and a centrally-mounted 7-inch IRIS touchscreen. The cluster displays key information including vehicle speed, engine revs and gear selector in the central zone, with complementary information such as turn-by-turn navigation on the outer areas of the screen. The screen also displays the view from the reversing camera across its full width when the camera is active, giving the driver a larger, clearer view of what is behind when manoeuvring.

The information display automatically configures to match the driver-selectable, Normal, Sport and Track powertrain settings: in Normal, a digital central rev counter with vehicle speed takes precedence over gear selection; Sport prioritises gear selection and the graphics become brighter for more immediate, at-a-glance recognition and Track introduces a racecar-inspired layout featuring a horizontal rev counter and corresponding gear shift lights.

The intuitive controls in the 7-inch central touchscreen give access to climate control, telephony, navigation and media playback functionality including Bluetooth audio streaming, all of which are standard. 3D satellite navigation, digital radio (DAB and SiriusXM) are also available, as is the optional McLaren Track Telemetry system, which can be specified with video data logging.

Keyless entry, automatic headlights and rain-sensing wipers provide further convenience as standard. A vehicle-lift feature that raises the nose of the car to clear road obstacles is available at additional cost.

Exhilarating driving experience

McLaren pioneered the use of carbon fibre construction in Formula 1™ and every McLaren road car has adopted the technology. All Sports Series cars are based around MonoCell II, a carbon fibre monocoque that is the core of the vehicle. Weighing just 75kg, it is incredibly strong and 25% stiffer than a comparable aluminium chassis, with a margin of superiority over steel even greater.

Unlike most metal architectures, the MonoCell II structure is not weakened by the removal of the roof and requires no additional bracing or reinforcement in a convertible car. This avoids much of the additional weight associated with convertible models and as a result the Spider handles with the same responsiveness and precision as the 570S Coupé.

Rewarding on road or track

The McLaren 570S Spider employs racecar-style, double-wishbone suspension all-round, with the same steel springs, twin-valve adaptive dampers and anti-roll bars as 570S Coupé models. The result is exceptional body control and a particularly pure and rewarding drive. Electro-hydraulically-assisted steering – still McLaren’s preferred choice to meet its exacting attribute requirements – offers greater steering feel than purely electric systems, giving the driver exceptional feedback and full confidence to exploit the perfectly-balanced chassis.

The 570S Spider is also extremely comfortable, as befits a sophisticated, luxurious convertible. The driver can choose from Normal, Sport or Track chassis modes via the Adaptive Dynamics Panel for progressively softer or firmer suspension, to best suit prevailing conditions.

The chassis software both enhances the driving experience and increases safety. Brake Steer, developed for Formula 1™, and subsequently banned due to the competitive advantage it offered, is fitted as standard to the 570S Spider and aids cornering by subtly applying braking force to the inside rear wheel as the driver turns in to a corner, reducing understeer and enabling the driver to brake later and accelerate earlier.

Performance Traction Control calibrated by McLaren provides precise control in extreme situations. The ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system includes a ‘Dynamic’ mode with reduced intervention and increased ‘driftability’, allowing drivers to build up to the McLaren 570S Spider’s full dynamic potential with confidence. The driver can also leave the ESC in its default ‘on’ setting with earlier intervention, or if preferred, cancel it altogether.

Carbon-ceramic brakes are standard, with 394mm discs and six-piston calipers at the front and 380mm discs and four-piston calipers at the rear. The brakes have a progressive, easy-to-modulate pedal feel from cold and deliver significantly shorter stopping distances than conventional iron brake discs; braking from 100km/h (62mph) to zero takes just 3.2 seconds, with 32 metres covered. The carbon ceramic discs are also 2kg lighter than iron discs and significantly more resistant to brake fade under track use.

The 570S Spider is fitted with performance-focused Pirelli P ZERO™ CORSA tyres as standard. In 225/35 R 19 size at the front and 285/35 R20 at the rear, they offer excellent handling response and superior standing-start acceleration on road and track. A Pirelli P ZERO™ tyre is available as an alternative at no additional cost and provides optimal performance in wet or cold weather conditions.

Incredible performance, impressive efficiency

The 3.8-litre, twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 M838TE engine positioned behind the driver sends power to the rear wheels, delivering outstanding performance. Incorporating race track technologies such as a flat-plane crankshaft and dry sump lubrication, the eight-cylinder engine revs freely for quick response, accompanied by a characterful exhaust note that is ensured by equal-length, cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds mated to stainless steel hydroformed tubes. A sports exhaust system is available as a cost-option.

Outputs of 570PS and 600Nm and a Launch Control function give the 570S Spider acceleration from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in just 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 328km/h (204mph). The power-to-weight ratio of 419PS per tonne in lightest form is unrivalled in the convertible sports car class.

All McLaren 570S Spider models feature a seven-speed, seamless-shift gearbox (SSG), providing high levels of refinement in normal conditions and exceptionally fast shifts during more spirited driving. The gearbox can be left in full automatic mode for maximum convenience, or controlled via tactile paddle-shifters fitted to the steering wheel for increased driver engagement. The Adaptive Dynamics Panel allows drivers to adjust powertrain characteristics through Normal, Sport and Track modes, simultaneously changing gear shift calibration, throttle response and exhaust sound from comfort-focused to progressively more intense and thrilling. Cylinder-cut technology, first used to optimise gear upshifts in the McLaren 650S, activates on both upshifts and downshifts in the Spider.

A switchable stop-start system fitted as standard automatically stops the engine while stationary. This contributes to the impressive efficiency of the new 570S Spider, which delivers 10.7l/100km (26.6 mpg) combined cycle fuel economy and 249g/km CO2 emissions in NEDC testing.

Warranty and service

Further reiterating that the new 570S Spider is a rational as well as an emotional purchase – and in addition to the high levels of service from McLaren retailers and attractive personal finance options – the new McLaren 570S Spider comes with a strong service and warranty offer.

McLaren’s Vehicle Warranty, which covers the vehicle for three years from purchase without mileage limitation, is standard. Paint surface is warranted for three years; visible cosmetic corrosion for five years; and perforation corrosion of the vehicle body for 10 years. Normal service intervals are one year or 15,000km (9,300 miles), whichever occurs first.

The warranty, which is valid when channelled through the region of purchase, guarantees McLaren Genuine Parts if fitted by a fully-trained McLaren technician at a McLaren service retailer. In most market, assistance with alternative travel arrangements is also included should a vehicle repair take longer than expected.

The McLaren Extended Warranty can also be purchased, giving customers the option to cover their vehicle for up to 12 years. The policy can be registered in 12- or 24- month policy increments up to the vehicle’s 10-year anniversary from the date of first registration.


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