Maserati Quattroporte (1963)

On 30 October 1963, the Turin Motor Show – then one of the biggest motoring events in the world – opened the doors to its 45th edition. At the Maserati stand, the Quattroporte made its debut. 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the luxury saloon destined to trace new pathways for six generations of motorists.

A celebration that recalls some of major milestones of the Modena brand, as Quattroporte is one of the greatest expressions of the House of the Trident. From stylistic leaps to innovations and technical developments, Quattroporte encapsulates a journey into one of the most exclusive parts of motoring. This luxury sports saloon has long served a specific cross-section of society behind the wheel and launched a new automotive segment.

As with so many other iconic cars that have been a sign of their times, ever since its debut in the early 1960s the Quattroporte has garnered acclaim and has inspired successive generations. This is a product that has been able to reinvent itself with no fear of pushing the envelope, one faithful to the pursuit of excellence in design and performance. With over a century of history and more than 75,000 Quattroporte models produced, Maserati has created a car able to be constantly innovative whilst remaining unchanged over the years.

Brought about as a result of intuition and the audacity of the Italian marque, the first-generation Quattroporte was a pioneer, featuring a roaring 8-cylinder racing-derived engine which was enhanced by a dynamic yet elegant design and a refined interior.

Positioned over the years as a “living room on the move,” or a “limousine with a racing spirit,” the initial version could reach 230 km/h. A majestic car with extremely welcoming spaces and regal allure, Quattroporte has always been accustomed to the limelight and was destined to generate a fortunate lineage of cars that can still surprise to this day.

It is representative of the passion and talent of all those involved in the project over the years – Frua plotted the initial curvature, followed by other masters including Bertone, Giugiaro, Gandini, and Pininfarina, through to the Maserati Centro Stile, home to the latest and current generation of Quattroporte. An entire family of technicians, mechanics, test drivers, and designers took it from the blueprints to the road. Quattroporte has long been and still remains the jewel in the crown of the Modena company’s intense story and in the professional lives of so many people.

While the second-generation Quattroporte was a more daring and less memorable attempt, the Quattroporte III – in the hands of De Tomaso – marked a resounding success; followed by a new challenge that was fully overcome toward the end of the intense 1990s; then by a model that severed ties with the past while remaining faithful to its winning formula as did the multi-award-winning 2003 generation, and that – with the sixth-generation – has taken to the stage once again in its most modern version years later. After all the restyling, progress in engineering, changes in corporate structure, and the countless models produced, this saloon has retained its potent approach to exclusivity.

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