Mansory Maserati MCX Pergusa

In the world of luxury refinement, MANSORY stands as a beacon of excellence, known for transforming premium automobiles into bespoke masterpieces. With the unveiling of the MANSORY MCX PERGUSA, the Bavarian tuner elevates the Maserati MC20 to unparalleled s of performance and luxury.

Complete Vehicle Conversion:
MANSORY’s expertise shines through in the meticulous transformation of the MC20, with every body part meticulously crafted from lightweight carbon fiber. The result is a striking presence on the road, accentuated by a redesigned interior that exudes opulence and sophistication.

Unrivaled Performance:
Beneath the hood lies a powerhouse, with the 3.0-liter V6 biturbo engine now boasting a staggering 750 horsepower and 880 Nm of torque, a significant increase from the standard model. This formidable power propels the MCX PERGUSA from 0 to 100 km/h in a blistering 2.6 seconds, with a top speed of 335 km/h.

Aerodynamic Excellence:
The exterior of the MCX PERGUSA is a testament to aerodynamic ingenuity, with striking carbon fiber enhancements that optimize airflow and enhance performance. From enlarged air inlets to a sleek carbon rear wing, every detail is meticulously designed to elevate both form and function.

Forged Excellence:
Complementing the performance upgrades are the forged rims type “FV.5C” with central locking, ensuring optimal traction and stability at all times. Paired with high-performance tires, these rims deliver unparalleled handling and precision on the road.

Luxurious Interior:
Step inside the MCX PERGUSA, and you’re greeted by a sumptuous interior adorned in the finest leather and carbon fiber accents. Every detail is meticulously crafted, from the sports leather steering wheel to the precisely embroidered MANSORY logos, creating an ambiance of luxury and refinement.

Limited Edition Luxury:
With only 5 units available worldwide, the MANSORY MCX PERGUSA is a rare and exclusive masterpiece that exemplifies automotive excellence. Each unit is a testament to MANSORY’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

Experience the pinnacle of automotive luxury and performance with the MANSORY MCX PERGUSA, where unparalleled power meets unrivaled luxury.

MANSORY MCX PERGUSA: Performance at a Glance

  • Engine: 3.0-liter V6 biturbo
  • Power Output: 750 hp / 552 kW
  • Torque: 880 Nm / 649 lb-ft
  • Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 2.6 seconds
  • Top Speed: 335 km/h / 208 mph
  • CO2 Emissions (combined): 310 g/km
  • Fuel Consumption (combined): 13.0 l/100km

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