Manhart BMW X5 G05 M50D

It doesn’t always have to be the top-of-the-line M model with a powerful V8 petrol engine when it comes to creating a visually and technically impressive BMW tuned vehicle. And when it comes to conversions, sometimes less is even more. The X5 presented here is proof of this. It was refined by specialists at MANHART Performance. While they are usually known for visually striking creations, in this case MANHART dispensed with characteristic set of decals, among other things, so that the car presents itself in a comparatively restrained colour scheme.

MANHART nevertheless provided visually striking accents: the conversion based on the M50d, the top diesel model of the current X5 generation G05, is characterised by various body attachments made of carbon from Larte Design: The front is refined by a multi-piece front spoiler attachment, new kidney radiator grille inserts and a bonnet.

The side line is enhanced by mirror caps, side skirt attachments and frames for the side air outlets in the front wings. Last but not least, a spoiler placed under the rear window and a large diffuser insert give the rear an even sportier look. The latter also serves as the perfect frame for the new black tailpipes of the exhaust system.

The new, very generously dimensioned wheel set on which the X5 travels also presents itself as the perfect rounding off of the individualised look: these are MANHART Classic Line Y-Spoke alloy wheels in the dimension 11×23 inches. They are fitted with 315/25 ZR23 Continental SportContact 7 tyres and feature a combination of superimposed double and Y-spokes.

With their matte black finish, they blend in perfectly with the BMW’s sombre styling. The interior, meanwhile, remained largely in its very high-quality standard condition with, among other things, extensive carbon trim elements. The only exception are the new MANHART floor mats with embroidered company logos.

Last but not least, MANHART did not miss the opportunity to give the M50d a performance upgrade. Thanks to quadruple turbocharging, the three-litre in-line six-cylinder self-igniter is already rated at 400 hp and 760 Nm from the factory, and MANHART specialists from Wuppertal coaxed a few more horsepower out of it with the help of the proven in-house MHtronik auxiliary control unit. From now on, 465 hp and 870 Nm of maximum torque are waiting to drive the powerful BMW SUV forward.

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