Manhart BMW MH3 650 Touring

The BMW M3 as a Touring – for a long time this was just a dream of many petrolheads and M fans. But now the Munich company finally had mercy and fulfilled it in the sixth generation of the model. Of course, MANHART Performance also took a closer look at the new station wagon as quickly as possible in order to explore further potential for improvement and to design a program for technical and optical optimization. The result is called MANHART MH3 650 Touring and it celebrated its big world premiere in May 2023 at the Tuning World Bodensee fair in Friedrichshafen.

The double-turbocharged S58B30T0 in-line six-cylinder in the Touring delivers 510 hp and 650 Nm as standard – which is always brought onto the road by all-wheel drive. As already proven with the M3 limousine, MANHART team skilfully manages to mobilize a few more horsepower here: After installing the MHtronik additional control unit, the data sheet shows a whopping 650 hp – as the new name of the car already makes clear. The maximum torque increases to a brawny 800 Nm. In order to be able to express this increase in power acoustically even more succinctly, the M3 also got a rear silencer by Remus with four 100 millimetre MANHART tailpipes and HJS sport downpipes.

The MH3 650 also differs from the factory M3 Touring in that it has a much more crouched and therefore sportier stance and a more individual styling. The lowering of the body is thanks to the installed adjustable H&R lowering springs. Last but not least, the new wheel/tire combinations are also very consistent under the fenders. These are MANHART alloy wheels by Yido Performance in 10.5×20 inches ET15 and 11.5×21 inches ET17 with 285/30ZR20 and 305/25ZR21 tires. Sporting modern and decidedly concave styling, the wheels generally feature a black finish, with twin spokes featuring a baby blue accent line.

In doing so, MANHART pick up on the eye-catching colour of the bodywork wrap, which in turn contrasts with the roof, which is covered with a carbon-look wrap. A whole range of carbon add-on parts sets further dark accents: The front carries the bonnet and the spoiler lip from the M4 CSL, MANHART radiator grille kidneys and angled MANHART attachments as well as lateral M Performance winglets on the apron. In the side view, in addition to the mirror caps of the factory-optional M Carbon exterior package, MANHART attachments on the front fenders and MANHART side skirts set further carbon accents.

Last but not least, the interior is refined by a starry sky made of countless fine LEDs under the roof, which invites you to dream – although you don’t have to do that anymore with the M3 Touring…

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