Manhart Audi S 400 – RS 3 Fighter With 405 HP And 515 NM

Source: MANHART 

The undisputed top model of the Audi compact class has been the RS 3 for many years and is now in its third generation. With currently at least 400 hp and 500 Nm maximum torque, the all-wheel-drive model, which is available as a hot hatch and power saloon, can surprise competitors who at first glance seem superior. But even the S3, which is still ranked below it, is by no means to be underestimated. This is all the more true after our upgrade. We have expertly exploited the potential of the entry-level sports model of the A3 series. The result is the new MANHART S 400, based on the popular saloon variant.

As MANHART connoisseurs can already guess from looking at the new model designation, we put the compact saloon on a par with its big RS brother in terms of performance: 405 hp and 515 Nm are generated by the Audi’s turbocharged two-litre four-cylinder after the installation of a MANHART Intercooler by Wagner, a MANHART Carbon Air Intake and the tried and tested MANHART ECU remapping. In the course of its transformation into the S 400, the S3 also receives a MANHART stainless steel exhaust system by REMUS including valve control. This not only gives the car a sound that matches the increased power; with its two twin tailpipes and carbon casing, it also sets visual accents.

Speaking of looks: this is of course also refined and individualised by further modifications to the Audi: for example, thanks to a suspension tuning with MANHART lowering springs by H&R, the S 400 is around 30 millimetres lower than the S3 in standard condition. This is supported not least by the harmonious alignment of the new rims in the wheel arches: the choice fell on the popular MANHART Concave One with a finish in satin black and in the dimensions 8.5×19 inches. The tyres measure 235/35ZR19. On request, the rims can also be individually configured in the colour of your choice and fitted with MANHART rim decoration. The wheels on the presented S 400 also have the latter in red, which means that they perfectly match the colour of the bodywork, as the grey paintwork of the saloon is covered as usual by a MANHART decal set with decorative stripes and lettering – here in matt black and red.

In this case, the interior and the brake system remain in their standard condition. However, we also offer individually configurable upgrades in both respects on request.

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