Mad Mike and Lanzante Unveil the World’s Wildest Drift Hypercar

Mad Mike and Lanzante Unveil the World’s Wildest Drift Hypercar

“This is the wildest car I have ever built. I hope Bruce [McLaren] would be proud.” – Mad Mike.

Celebrating a decade since introducing drifting to Goodwood, ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett has once again raised the bar in 2024. In collaboration with British automotive engineering specialists Lanzante, ‘MadMac’ is his most ambitious project yet: a rotary-swapped, 1,000-horsepower, flame-spitting McLaren drift hypercar.

Welcome to Goodwood, ‘MadMac’
Documented extensively on Mad Mike’s YouTube channel, the Lanzante and MadLab teams combined their technical knowledge, engineering expertise, and creative thinking to bring ‘MadMac’ to life. Originating from a conversation between Dean Lanzante and Mike at the 2023 Festival of Speed Ball, the project involved Lanzante (UK) building a one-of-one custom McLaren, which Mad Mike Motorsports (NZ) had 100 days to complete, with support from O’Gara Coach (USA).

Lanzante, led by Dean Lanzante, laid the groundwork by leveraging their extensive experience with the McLaren P1. They utilized a strong and versatile McLaren carbon fiber chassis, enhanced with an FIA-approved roll cage, and developed bespoke P1 GTR and Lanzante-designed P1 LM bodywork. This new shape was modified to create a more aggressive rear stance and wider front arches to accommodate the steering adjustments needed for Mike’s iconic drifting style. With the foundation ready, the car was shipped to New Zealand for the next phase of the build.

Transforming MadMac
On arrival at MadLab, the team quickly began the transformation, conceptualizing and finalizing the build plans. They decided to replace the original 3.8-litre V8 twin turbo engine with a custom, MadLab-built, three-rotor billet 20B turbo engine, to generate the desired 1,000hp and maintain Mike’s signature style. The team retained the McLaren’s original transmission and designed a bespoke transfer case to connect the rotary engine to the factory-fit sequential gearbox.

Further enhancements included custom uprights, a steering rack for greater rotation, bespoke wheels, a custom Haltech ECU and dashboard, and modifications to the steering wheel and gear shifter. They also installed a hydraulic handbrake and worked with Rocket Bunny in Japan to enhance the P1 GTR bodywork. After numerous shakedowns and testing days, MadMac was airfreighted back to the UK, just in time for the Festival of Speed.

Unveiling and Future Plans

Mad Mike, Lanzante, and O’Gara Coach unveiled MadMac at 10:00 am on Thursday, 11 July, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on the Lanzante stand, showcasing its bespoke Red Bull livery. The following day, MadMac made its debut on the famous hill-climb course.

MadMac is set to continue its journey over the next two years, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and generating experiential content for a documentary.

MadMac Specifications
Engine Spec: 20B MadLab billet, peripheral port 3-rotor, turbocharged 2.0-litre
Engine Power: 1,000bhp
Engine Management: Haltech Nexus RS
Turbo Charger: Garret G45 with twin Turbosmart wastegates
Transmission: Quad-plate 5-inch carbon clutch, X-Trac sequential 6-speed
Wheels / Tyres: Custom Rotiform & Work wheels, TOYO 19×9.5 front, 20×14 rear
Exhaust: Custom twin flame-throwing titanium 4-inch
Chassis: Carbon fibre monocoque
Bodywork: Custom McLaren P1 GTR by Lanzante (UK) x Rocket Bunny (JAP)
Steering: Custom MadLab steering & control arms, Ohlins suspension

MadMac stands as a testament to innovation and collaboration, honoring the legacy of Bruce McLaren while pushing the limits of automotive engineering.

Source: Lazante
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