Live Art Lamborghini steals the show at Wembley Underground Automotive Spectacular

Live Art Lamborghini steals the show at Wembley Underground Automotive Spectacular

Petrolheadonism Underground returned to Wembley in April 2024, after a magnificent debut in 2023, having reached global recognition with an array of significant plaudits.

This year brought more attractions, more famous creators and more exclusive and unique cars. However more significant was the diverse range of showcases and attractions, including an innovative live Pop Art painting on a limited-run Lamborghini.

The mind of the Underground event curator Ciro Ciampi is a vivacious place, able to create unique experiences for car enthusiasts. Ciro hashed a unique plan to best showcase one of the event sponsors XPEL UK, which specialises in vehicle interior and exterior protection, with the culture of the automotive community. How to gain attention and excitement around a product like clear PPF which is invisible? Easy! Invite the esteemed Automotive TV Presenter and Artist Helen Stanley, who has worked alongside Liberty Walk Japan and Europe, Petrolheadonism as well as other known companies, have full reign to transfer her colourful and distinctive pop art style, to one of the UK’s hottest YouTubers cars!

Mark McCann, Stock Car World Champion, YouTuber, Businessman & Car Collector, offered up his stunning white Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato as a literal blank canvas for Helen’s inimitable style. XPEL applied the PPE beforehand and Helen lined up her paints, primed and ready to transform the Sterrato. Throughout the event which spanned over 2 days, the spectators were drawn like a moth to a flame around the exhibition to see the Sterrato transformed into a vibrant, rolling work of Pop Art!

The aftermath of the live Pop Art Sterrato resulted in hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts tuning in across the range of social media platforms, with floods of positive and encouraging engagements. With news of the creation spreading like wildfire, the subsequent days were a treat for unsuspecting bystanders, as the drop-dead flawless Lamborghini Art Car was paraded around the charmful medieval city of St Albans and Central London. Wherever this car travelled, the crowds gravitated at the sight of something rare and exquisite. Public reactions were captured for social media coverage and again the feedback was overwhelmingly positive – should Mark keep the new Pop Art look to his Sterrato?

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