Lexus LC 2021 Convertible – Thrill And Excitement In An Elegant And Luxurious Form

Lexus LC 2021 Convertible – Thrill And Excitement In An Elegant And luxurious form

Sometimes, you buy a car not because of the fuel efficiency, the space, or the practicality of a family-friendly interior, but simply because you are passionate about driving. The all-new 2021 Lexus LC-Convertible is that prize of automotive aspiration – a true ‘driver’s car’ that gets the heart racing, the blood pumping, and rekindles your love for the open road. It’s also the first ever convertible LC, opening up a whole new marketplace to the Lexus brand and filling a gap in the line-up in the UAE.

Lexus is renowned for its build quality, and the LC-Convertible is a prime example of elegant styling, sleek, aerodynamic body forms, and exceptional road presence. Meticulously crafted to look fast even when it’s standing still, the LC-Convertible is expressive and almost fluid-like, with flowing lines that accentuate the curves of the bodywork. The door handles are recessed and as you approach the vehicle they softly extend and are illuminated by LED lights. When the doors close, the handles smoothly flow back into their recess, giving the exterior a flawlessly smooth and aerodynamic surface. The light clusters mould perfectly into the nose and tail so that nothing interrupts those flowing lines. It’s little touches like this that elevate the LC above and beyond the norm for convertibles.

Elegant interior matches the sleek exterior
Inside the cabin, sumptuous leather that’s been handstitched envelops driver and passengers in elegance and comfort. Innovative technology improves the driver experience, giving you all the information you need to read the road ahead. The Lexus Climate Concierge automatically controls the cabin temperature including the steering wheel, seat and neck heaters. The ventilated seats keep the driver and front passenger cooler in the summer, and this clever automated system will adjust according to whether the soft top is open or closed, even adjusting to respond to the speed of the vehicle when the soft top is down.

Poetry-in-motion soft top
Fully automated, the convertible’s soft top opens and closes in just 15 seconds, and can be deployed while driving at speeds of up to 30mph. When the sun comes out, it stores away under the tonneau cover and creates that distinctive Lexus roofline when closed. The mechanism has been tested over 1,000 times by experts before the car leaves the factory, so you can be assured of poetry-in-motion fluidity every time you activate the soft top.

Taking care of you

Part of the Lexus package is the innovative eCall function, a brand-new edition to the brand’s high-tech arsenal. In the event of an accident, E-Call notifies the emergency services, giving them your precise location. The in-vehicle eCall uses wireless technology and can be activated by the car occupants at the push of a button, or automatically after a crash. The car occupants can communicate directly with a trained eCall operator, who will have received data on the time and exact location of the accident, and information about the vehicle identification. All of this ensures that help gets to you faster, no matter where you are.

Dominating road presence

From the front, it’s the grill that grabs you. Giving the LC-Convertible a dominating road presence, it’s instantly recognisable as a Lexus and gives the convertible a strong character that hints of the powerhouse underneath the bonnet.

The engine is a naturally-aspirated 5.0Ltr V8 that punches its way up to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds. The LC-Convertible is also the first-ever multistage hybrid featuring an Atkinson-cycle V6, powerful electric motors and a lightweight lithium-ion battery. To ensure that responsive, dynamic handling that any true driver wants, a Yamaha® performance damper has been fitted to provide added rigidity and eliminate body roll.

Lighter suspension reduces unsprung weight, increasing the car’s power/weight ratio. The LC also features a retuned Sport S+ drive mode that gives more responsive, sharper handling so you can really feel the car bite into those hairpin mountain bends.

To reassure you and your passengers, the Lexus LC-Convertible comes with the complete Lexus Safety System package which includes All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert with Lane Keep Assist, and Intelligent High Beams for better visibility at night.

The2021 Lexus LC-Convertibleis innovative, powerful and elegant. This aspirational car represents the very pinnacle of current convertible motoring.

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