KALMAR Automotive Delivers First 7-97 C1 to the USA, Available at Canepa

KALMAR Automotive, renowned for enhancing and restoring bespoke sports cars and adventure vehicles, has introduced its first 7-97 to the USA. The unique KALMAR 7-97 Classic, dubbed ‘C1’ after its debut at Canepa, is now on display at Canepa, a leading collector car specialist in California.

This latest addition to KALMAR Automotive’s lineup exemplifies its commitment to crafting bespoke automotive commissions. The KALMAR 7-97 Classic, code-named ‘C1’, represents the pinnacle of the 7-97 series, boasting desirable engineering upgrades and innovative design features.

The 993-based C1, known for its uncompromising approach, benefits from the lightest and stiffest body option, with its coupé ‘shell undergoing enhancements such as the removal of the donor 911’s rain gutters. Additionally, a re-engineered decklid and KALMAR Automotive’s unique bonded glass solution contribute to reduced lift, drag, and wind noise.

Designed to showcase the diverse possibilities offered to KALMAR Automotive customers, the ‘C1’ is currently exhibited at Canepa’s Scotts Valley headquarters in California, with more versions of the 7-97 slated for arrival in the coming months.

California Dreamin’
Inspired by the rare Porsche 911 ST of the 1970s, every KALMAR 7-97 pays homage to its heritage and style. Utilizing an air-cooled 964 or 993 generation of the 911 as its base, the 7-97 is available in various body styles including coupé, cabriolet, targa, and RS-R. Each 7-97 undergoes meticulous engineering and customization, ensuring a unique experience both inside and out.

The 7-97 ‘C1’ is built on a 993-generation platform with a ‘no-compromise’ approach, featuring a ‘Triple 4’ specification boasting a 4.0-liter engine generating 401 horsepower and 426 Nm of torque. Notable technical highlights include a 997 GT3 4.0-liter crankshaft, drive-by-wire individual throttle bodies, enhanced exhaust system, and a Motec M150 ECU.

Inside, the 7-97 ‘C1’ boasts a full leather interior with Recaro sports seats, twin airbags, remote central locking, Bluetooth audio system, and rain-sensing wipers. Even the car’s key is specially designed for KALMAR Automotive, featuring electronic functions akin to the latest Porsche models.

Bespoke Blend of Past, Present, and Future
Every KALMAR 7-97 is developed in-house, featuring lightweight carbon fiber body panels, electric air conditioning, and power steering systems to enhance weight balance. Weighing close to 1150 Kg. (2500 pounds) for rear-wheel drive and under 1215 Kg. (2675 pounds) for all-wheel drive, the 7-97 embodies the brand’s commitment to performance and agility.

Jan Kalmar, founder of KALMAR Automotive, expressed excitement about the US debut of the 7-97 C1: “The engaging, analogue, and yet modern feel of the 7-97 C1 is the perfect companion for exploring America’s west coast.”

Bruce Canepa, Founder of Canepa Group, praised the 7-97 C1, stating, “Timeless Design in every detail, uncompromised quality in every component & surface, and performance & drivability for those that want the ultimate air-cooled driving experience.”

With Canepa Group serving as KALMAR Automotive’s sole representative in North America, the 7-97 C1 is now available for viewing at Canepa’s Scotts Valley headquarters in California by appointment.

Specifications and Performance Features:

  • Platform: 993-generation Porsche 911
  • Body Styles: Available in coupé, cabriolet, targa, and RS-R
  • Engine:
    • 4.0-liter engine
    • 401 horsepower
    • 426 Nm (314 lb-ft) of torque
  • Transmission: Six-speed gearbox
  • Weight:
    • Rear-wheel drive: Close to 1150 Kg (2500 pounds)
    • All-wheel drive: Under 1215 Kg (2675 pounds)
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in less than two seconds
  • Additional Features:
    • Adaptive active suspension
    • Electric air conditioning
    • Power steering system
    • Lightweight carbon fiber body panels
    • Remote central locking
    • Bluetooth audio system
    • Rain-sensing wipers

Source: KALMAR Automotive
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