Jeep Presents Commander, The Most Sophisticated Model Of The Brand Ever Made In Brazil

Jeep Presents Commander, The Most Sophisticated Model Of The Brand Ever Made In Brazil

Reference when it comes to SUVs, Jeep® now intends to transform the Brazilian market again. This time, with the Jeep Commander, the biggest and most sophisticated Jeep ever produced in Brazil. Manufactured at Polo Automotivo de Goiana (PE), it comes to bring a new premium level to the brand in the country and make the Jeep range even more complete. Designed to provide maximum comfort, the model is the first Jeep developed in Brazil, but it will bring a global concept and will be exported to other Latin American countries.

“The Commander was born from the perception of the need to offer a new model for a customer who wants to continue growing in their choice of car, following in Jeep. It starts with Renegade, develops through Compass and now climbs one more step to Commander. It is the SUV that introduces the customer to an even more premium level of the brand, so our family has become more complete. He will dictate a new phase for Jeep in Brazil. With its own personality and an imposing and sophisticated design, it has premium finishes and technology without losing, of course, its capacity for adventure, as every Jeep should be”, says Alexandre Aquino, director of the Brand Jeep for Latin America.

Sophistication and comfort are synonymous with the new SUV. Besides this, the model is complete and already delivers all the best series content in two versions: Limited and Overland (both with Turbo flex 4×2 and Turbo diesel 4×4 options). Space is another attribute of Commander. Above all, seven seats represent more comfort, versatility and even a large trunk, which is even one of the largest in the category.

“The Renegade and Compass are absolute successes in the Brazilian market: more than 600 thousand units were sold of these two models together, leading to the market leadership of Jeep, which has always remained above 20% of market share in SUVs. We want to take this position to another segment that has been growing year after year, which is large sport utility vehicles. We also believe that we will make this category grow. Above all, we already made this happen when we launched Compass”, comments Everton Kurdejak, Director of Commercial Operations for Jeep for Brazil.

>> Design and Sophistication 

The balance of lines brings the elegance and dynamism to a typical Jeep. It also has the traditional and striking seven slits which, together with the unified headlamps, feature a unique signature, reinforcing the breadth and imposingness of the Commander’s personality.

The rear silhouette and horizontal bar also match the robust muscles and sophistication of the taillights’ signature. In addition, the Jeep DNA can be seen in every detail, such as the trapezoidal wheel arches, ramp angles and ground height that characterize the lateral family feeling.

The optical group was developed to bring an extra dose of exclusivity to the model. Full LED headlamps provide more safety and have a dynamic arrow, another premium trend, which works as an additional element of elegance to the optical assembly. The Commander’s rear lights , also in LED, have an unprecedented design and are finished in satin chrome, with four lower reflectors, one with an arrow function and the other three with position light and brake. The optical group brings total harmony between its lights, since the fog lamps and DRL are also in LED.

Sophistication can be considered the main attribute of the Jeep Commander, which is imposing on the outside and unrivaled on the inside. The interior is designed to deliver a high level of refinement, which can be seen even in the seats, made in leather with suede accents. In addition to being a visual refinement, the mix of materials also brings an unparalleled feeling of softness and comfort. The seats also have visible stitching, in a coppery tone, embroidered on the back and seat seats. The Jeep logo is engraved in low relief (Limited version) on the seat and armrest, which still bears the year the brand was founded  (1941). At Overland, the name of the version is what is engraved on the benches.

In line with the seats, there is also suede and leather upholstery on the dashboard with burnished cooper stitching in the brown and black finishes and in light diesel gray in the gray finish, reinforcing the refinement of the new model. There is even a decorative hydrographic film with metallic finish, which varies according to the tone of the interior: vertical brush with copper chrome, silver metal brush with chrome and even vertical brush with satin chrome. The sophistication is seen even on the model’s external badges such as the car name and Jeep logo. They feature a double satin chrome and copper finish.

On the outside, the model offers six traditional color options (Polar White, Granite Gray, Billet Silver, Jazz Blue, Deep Brown and Carbon Black), as well as a new color that is totally exclusive to the model: Slash Gold, a subtle hue golden. In Overland versions, in addition to the black roof, the lower moldings are in the color of the vehicle. Inside, there are three colors as options for the interior finish: black leather and suede (Limited), brown leather and suede (Overland) and gray leather (optional).

It is worth mentioning that the Commander brings nine easter eggs scattered inside and outside the vehicle. In addition to some traditional ones also found in other Jeep models, the new Jeep SUV brings new designs.

Internal space

Space is not lacking in Commander. There are three rows of seats, seven seats and one of the largest trunk of the category with 1,760 liters with all seats lowered, 661 liters in the configuration with five occupants and 233 liters with the seven seats raised, the largest volume with seven occupants in the segment .

In addition, the model also has a surprising storage bin space: 31 liters of volume.

Very versatile, the Commander allows the seats to be folded in eight different ways, leading to an easy and intuitive extension of the load span. Furthermore, it is not only the first row that brings maximum comfort and practicality. The second row has a longitudinal displacement of up to 14cm, allowing you to choose between greater leg room also for passengers in the middle row or choose to increase the trunk even further.

It is also worth mentioning that the second and third rows of seats are reclining, ensuring a more comfortable personalized position between each occupant. To top it off, the Jeep Commander has great accessibility to all this space, with an 80° door opening angle, the best among its competitors.

>> Technology

Jeep Commander stands out for bringing a lot of cutting edge technology. Comes with customizable 10.25” Full Digital cluster and  10.1” Full HD touch screen media center with built-in navigation and mirroring for Apple Carplay and Android Auto wirelessly. It also has smartphone charging without the need for a cable. Simply place the device on the indicated part of the center console. The procedure takes place by induction (the mobile device must be compatible with the technology). However, in case other passengers want to do the wired charging, there are USB ports in the three rows of seats.

It also brings access to the trunk with electrical opening and closing on the Limited and Overland,  the latter also having a presence sensor (Hands-Free). There are also thermal windshields and side windows, automatic mirror folding, Keyless Enter ‘N Go and Dual Zone air conditioning with a channel.

Other technology highlights that offer more convenience to the customer are the electric-adjustable driver’s seat on all versions, the electric-adjustable front passenger seat on the Overland and the large panoramic sunroof.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

The Jeep Commander comes very well equipped as standard on all versions with autonomous steering technologies highly valued by customers in the premium segment. It features adaptive cruise control, collision alert with automatic braking, blind spot and cross-traffic detection, lane change alert, emergency braking for pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists, driver fatigue detector, speed plate recognition, automatic headlamp changeover and park assist.

Premium Harman Kardon sound with Fresh Air technology

To complete the ultimate on board experience, the Commander brings the premium Harman Kardon brand sound system with 9 speakers, sub woofer and 450 Watts of power. It It also has the exclusive Fresh Air technology, which uses cabin ducts as an “acoustic box”. This eliminates the need for traditional speakers, reducing system weight by 40% and volume by 70%, as well as ensuring higher sound pressure and a deeper bass range.

Alexa in Vehicle at Adventure Intelligence

As it should be, the Jeep Commander is fully connected. The model features Adventure Intelligence, Jeep’s exclusive connectivity platform, in all versions. The platform delivers convenience, assistance and entertainment with smart maps, emergency calls and a wifi hot spot, which connects up to eight devices to the Jeep Commander’s native wifi.

A big new feature of the Overland version of the platform is the Alexa in vehicle function, which takes Amazon’s personal assistant into the new Jeep SUV. Just be connected and synchronized with your account and you can use all Alexa functions from inside the car. In addition to all the familiar commands, such as closing the windows, turning on the headlights or the engine, the Jeep Commander has access to all the assistant’s commands, including those external to the vehicle. For example, you can ask Commander to open the garage door, see the weather, look for a restaurant or pharmacy, or even add an item to a shopping list.

Jeep Off-Road Pages

The Commander also features Jeep Off-Road Pages with information such as the degree of vertical and lateral inclination, selected traction system and differential lock status.


Safety is, in fact, one of the main attributes of the Jeep Commander, in addition to bringing the various autonomous driving items above, the model offers seven airbags as standard in all versions: two front, two side, two curtain and one for the driver’s knee.


>> Performance that stands out

Developed on the Small Wide platform, the Jeep Commander has a body made of 79% high and ultra-resistant steel, which provides greater safety to its occupants by increasing rigidity and absorbing impacts.

The model features new front and rear suspensions with geometry and calibration adapted to the model’s dimensions and weight. They were developed to deliver the best performance, handling and comfort in all conditions.

Even the Commander’s air conditioning performance stands out. With dual zone system and rear blower, it has the best third row temperature in the segment, 10% lower than competitors.

The model also has thermo-acoustic insulation glass. The windshield and windows of the new Jeep SUV bring a unique technology. Developed in several layers, they ensure better insulation, reducing up to 10db in sound and around 10°C in vehicle interior temperature. To top it off, the rear and side windows are darker, providing more privacy and sun protection.

Another Jeep Commander differential is in relation to its NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) behavior, with the best articulation and comfort index among the competitors. The model was developed to deliver a low noise level in the most diverse conditions, whether in urban traffic or highways, on smooth asphalt or on uneven pavements and unpaved roads.

Turbo Flex T270 4×2 AT6 versions

The Jeep Commander comes equipped with the T270 engine, which offers low CO2 emissions and great performance. It is already prepared to meet the requirements of Proconve L7, scheduled for January 2022. Its design is focused on efficiency and features low fuel consumption. With global technology and produced in Brazil, the T270 has 185 hp and 270 Nm and is the country’s most powerful flex engine among turbo flex engines.

The Turbo Flex versions of the Commander have a 4×2 traction system and a 6-speed automatic transmission. They also bring the Sport driving mode, which enables a differentiated calibration, with faster gear changes that are now performed at higher revolutions. This makes the throttle response more agile and steering firmer for a sportier driving experience.

The Jeep Commander also has Traction Control +, a traction control system that works in conditions where the vehicle has a low grip surface with the ground on one of the wheels. It is available for all 4×2 versions. The system applies braking torque to the slipping wheel and transfers the torque to another wheel that is in contact with the ground. To enable the function, the driver simply presses the ASR OFF key. So, even with front wheel drive, the model can still venture on the trails, like every Jeep.

Turbo Diesel TD380 4×4 AT9 versions

The Jeep Commander also offers as an option the four-cylinder turbo diesel TD380 engine, which received a specific calibration map, new engine flywheel, new torque converter, new turbine and had an improved pedal curve, allowing a torque increase of 350 Nm to 380 Nm. With 2.0 liters and four cylinders, the engine has 170 hp of power.

The TD380 also anticipates compliance with Proconve L7 standards. The propeller brings the SCR exhaust gas after-treatment system, reducing the emission of polluting gases. Thus, it is necessary to use the ARLA32 additive. In the TD380 engine the autonomy is about 10 thousand km. Thus, the driver will not need to stop to refuel with the additive very often.

With the authentic DNA Jeep, all Turbo Diesel versions of the Commander have 4×4 traction system with reduced, 9-speed automatic transmission, terrain selector with three modes (Sand/Mud, Snow and Auto) and HDC (Hill Descent Control), that assists the driver in steep descents during off-road routes. In addition, they have a minimum floor height of 21.2 cm, 26° entry angle and 24° exit angle.


>> Versions

Naturally sophisticated, the Jeep Commander is designed to be complete. Thus, it comes with two very well-equipped versions that already deliver the best series content, as is the case with vehicles in the premium segment. With the exception of choosing exterior and interior colors, the customer does not need to define anything else when purchasing a Commander.

It is worth remembering that the range of versions of Jeep models usually starts with the Sport, goes through Longitude and then reaches the Limited. In Jeep Commander, the first version is already Limited. In addition, as the Commander comes to bring this new level of sophistication to Jeep models made in Brazil, the Overland version debuts in the national portfolio as the top of the model range.


The Limited version comes with 18” alloy wheels, Full Led optics assembly and seats in black leather and suede and black interior finish. It brings a lot of technology with a 10.25” Full Digital cluster, 10.1” multimedia center with Adventure Intelligence platform and wireless mirroring, cell phone charger by induction, Keyless Enter ‘N Go, front seats with electric adjustments and electric opening of the trunk. In addition, it has seven airbags and all the autonomous steering systems (ADAS) mentioned above.

On top of that, the T270 turbo flex 4×2 version comes with Jeep Traction Control+. The diesel engine configuration also has 4×4 Low mode, terrain selector with three modes (Sand/Mud, Snow and Auto) and Hill Descent Control.


Overland features 19” alloy wheels and leather and brown suede seats. To complete, in addition to the contents offered in the Limited T270 version, the Commander’s top-of-the-range version also comes with a panoramic sunroof, premium Harman Kardon sound system, electric passenger seat, trunk with presence sensor and 127v sockets. It even brings Adventure Intelligence Plus with Alexa in Vehicle. The TD380 configuration, in addition to everything on the Limited Turbo Diesel, features lower frames in the same color as the vehicle and Jeep Off-Road Pages.

>> Accessories, warranty and reviews

The Jeep Commander has no options, but it does offer a line of Mopar accessories that will be available for customizing the new SUV directly at the Jeep Dealership Network. The customer can find accessories for interior, exterior and cargo transportation. There are 18 items available, such as a seat for pets, a glass holder, a roof rack for a surfboard and suitcases, among others.

With a three-year warranty, the Commander has revisions every 12 thousand kilometers or one year for the turbo flex 4×2 versions and 20 thousand kilometers or one year for the turbo diesel 4×4 versions.


>> Pre-sale

The Commander pre-sale starts today, August 26, on the hot site and on the Jeep dealership network. The reservation works with a down payment of R$ 5,000 and the cars are expected to be delivered from October.

After payment of the down payment, the customer will receive an e-mail message with the confirmation of the order and, if the pre-sale purchase has been made online, he will be instructed to go to one of the Jeep Network dealerships to complete the purchase of the Jeep Commander. If, for any reason, the consumer decides to cancel the purchase, he will receive the amount paid as a refund.

It is worth mentioning that all customers who buy the Jeep Commander during the pre-sale will have advantages. The first 500 will receive an welcome kit exclusive welcome kit consisting of a leather suitcase with the logo with the model name and a Trousseau kit (necessaire with brand hygiene products). Plus, everyone who buys by the pre-order end of October 7th will get the first three revisions free. For those who make the purchase as an individual, at retail, Jeep will pay the value of the FIPE table in the used Renegade or Compass (see full details of the conditions on the pre-sale hot site).

>> Service in the Jeep dealers

Jeep will provide a premium experience for anyone who wants to know better or purchase the Jeep Commander. Even though the Jeep service satisfaction indexes are already with excellent ratings, the brand will climb a few more steps to take the maximum sophistication of the model also to the dealer network, with a unique and exclusive service.

Jeep Commander customers will have a dedicated concierge, at their disposal to help them with whatever they need at the call center. In addition, at the dealerships there will be a “Commander Specialist”, who will take care of the relationship with this consumer. A remote test drive will also be made available, in which it will be possible to schedule delivery to a customized location.

It is also worth mentioning that the Commander will soon be part of the vehicles portfolio of Flua!, a Stellantis mobility company, focused on signing brand new cars for the Fiat and Jeep brands. In total, there are more than 50 Jeep dealerships with presential service of Flual.

>> Prices

Check the values of each version of the new Jeep Commander:

Jeep Commander Limited Turbo Flex AT6: R$ 199.990

Jeep Commander Overland Turbo Flex AT6: R$ 219.990

Jeep Commander Limited Turbo Diesel 4×4 AT9: R$ 259.990

Jeep Commander Overland Turbo Diesel 4×4 AT9: R$ 279.990

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