INEOS Grenadier with Chelsea Truck Company’s New Styling Package

INEOS Grenadier with Chelsea Truck Company’s New Styling Package

Chelsea Truck Company is thrilled to announce the latest advancement in its INEOS Grenadier programme. Following a series of successful prototype vehicle builds, this distinguished member of the Kahn Group introduces an exclusive styling package, set to revolutionize the look and feel of the INEOS Grenadier.

Innovative Styling Package
The new styling package from Chelsea Truck Company is designed for both dealers and retail customers, offering a seamless way to enhance and personalize the INEOS Grenadier. Available independently of vehicle orders, the package includes a selection of premium components:

  • RS-Forged Alloy Wheels: Choose between 18-inch or 20-inch wheels for a striking and robust appearance.
  • Wide Wheel Arches: Provide a more aggressive stance and increased road presence.
  • Front Grille: Adds a distinctive and bold look to the vehicle’s front end.
  • Rear Roof Wing: Enhances aerodynamics and aesthetic appeal.
  • Twin Exhaust System: Features the signature crosshair tailpipes, delivering a unique and sporty exhaust note.

Delivery and Availability
Starting in July, customers will have the opportunity to transform their INEOS Grenadier with these expertly designed components. The package promises to deliver not only significant aesthetic enhancements but also practical improvements, tailored to meet the needs of discerning vehicle owners.

A Word from Afzal Kahn
Group CEO Afzal Kahn shared his enthusiasm for the new offering: “This styling package is designed to transform the Grenadier by elevating its classic design language. Each component has been specifically crafted with the end user in mind, offering simplicity in execution while delivering significant aesthetic enhancements and improvements to the vehicle.”

See It in Action
The new Chelsea Truck Company styling package is available for viewing on the current vehicle models. Experience firsthand how these enhancements can transform the INEOS Grenadier into a personalized masterpiece, combining classic design with modern sophistication.

Key Features of the Chelsea Truck Company Styling Package:

  • 18-inch or 20-inch RS-Forged Alloy Wheels: Enhance appearance and performance.
  • Wide Wheel Arches: Create a more aggressive and commanding presence.
  • Front Grille: Distinctive design element for a bold front look.
  • Rear Roof Wing: Improves aerodynamics and style.
  • Twin Exhaust System with Crosshair Tailpipes: Adds a sporty exhaust note and unique aesthetic.

Discover how Chelsea Truck Company’s exclusive styling package can redefine your INEOS Grenadier. Embrace the opportunity to personalize and elevate your vehicle with market-leading components crafted with precision and style.

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