Human Horizons Breaks Records in World’s Biggest EV Range Test with the HiPhi Z

Human Horizons, a leading company in automotive innovation, celebrates a remarkable achievement as the HiPhi Z dominates the world’s biggest EV range test, surpassing its rivals with an impressive 522km journey in cold weather conditions. This significant milestone further solidifies HiPhi Z’s position as a frontrunner in winter driving performance.

The test, organized by the Norwegian Automobile Federation and Motor magazine, aimed to establish an industry standard for electric vehicle range and charging speed. Out of the 23 participants, only one car had a deviation of less than 10 percent from the certified WLTP test numbers, and the HiPhi Z exceeded expectations with a deviation of only 5.9 percent. In total the HiPhi Z was able to achieve 522km beating all of its rivals including those that theoretically had a longer WLTP certified range.

This exceptional achievement can be attributed to the revolutionary Efficient Thermal Management System developed in-house by Human Horizons. The CrossLoop Efficient Thermal Management System, a result of Human Horizons’ cutting-edge thermal integration technology, combines an efficient heat pump AC HVAC system with an intelligent and efficient E-Powertrain thermal management system. This integration creates an energy-saving, efficient, comfortable, and intelligent thermal system, outperforming competitors in the industry.

Navigating through the treacherous Dovrefjell terrain, facing the challenges posed by storm “Ingunn,” the HiPhi Z triumphed with its unwavering performance. Despite the road closure over Venabygdsfjellet, the HiPhi Z demonstrated unmatched endurance, covering 522km with exceptional comfort and minimal deviation.

Simen Zimmermann, the testing driver, commended the HiPhi Z’s cabin for providing exceptional warmth and comfort throughout the journey. He states, “It was only towards the end, the last kilometers, that it started slowing down. It glided smoothly over the mountain, passing several stopped cars from the test.”

Mark Stanton, Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer, and European Program President of Human Horizons, expressed his pride in the HiPhi Z’s extraordinary achievement, stating, “Tireless innovation and unique technology development is at the heart of our company, and our team is not only proud of this recognition but also the exceptional comfort the HiPhi Z demonstrated.”

The exceptional feat of the HiPhi Z underscores its prowess in adverse conditions, setting a new standard for cold-weather endurance and performance. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, HiPhi Z emerges as a true contender, ready to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the world of electric vehicles.

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