How Lincoln Keeps Pace With Rapidly Changing Luxury Consumer Trends?

The Lincoln Motor Company will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2022 and continues to set new standards in the luxury vehicle sector across some of the most competitive regions in the world. With a newly honed and refined four-model range of exceptional SUVs, Lincoln’s more focussed recent approach has reaped huge dividends for the company, which has for decades enjoyed a reputation for class-leading design and refinement.

Sami Malkawi, Managing Director, Lincoln Middle East says this region is key to setting new trends in the luxury sector. “There remains an enormous amount of personal, family and company wealth in the Middle East,” he remarks, “and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. This market is a happy fit for Lincoln, which appeals on multiple levels to customers who appreciate advanced technology and engineering, contemporary styling and luxurious appointments.

“We actively engage with our customers, really get to know them and their needs, and have been able to tailor an ownership experience that is not only perfectly aligned with their expectations but often exceeds them. Our flagship Navigator, the Aviator, Nautilus and Corsair are all designed and built to the most exacting standards and appeal to incredibly wide and diverse demographics, but there’s much more to come and everyone at Lincoln is excited about the models that will be unveiled over the coming months and years.”

According to a report by market intelligence and advisory firm, Mordor Intelligence, the global luxury car market in 2020 was worth approximately $410 billion and is projected to grow to $566 billion over the next five years. With each new generation of buyers come different expectations so it’s vital for Lincoln to accurately interpret future trends. Here are five ways in which Lincoln has ensured its continued relevance to the continuously shifting and evolving needs of luxury consumers:


Luxury car buyers are increasingly making purchases based on a vehicle’s connectivity features, no matter where they are in the world. Lincoln vehicles already feature SYNC®3 Enhanced Voice Recognition Communications and Entertainment Systems with LCD capacitive touchscreen, SYNC®3 AppLink,® Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM compatibility, as well as smart-charging USB ports and touchscreen navigation with pinch-to-zoom capability.

This technology enhances the experience on offer to driver and passengers, adding to what is known at Lincoln as the ‘sanctuary’ – a mobile living space that provides every possible amenity to ensure each journey is a joy. Continuous quality improvements, plus new features, software and capability updates provide seamless operations that Lincoln customers have grown to expect from their personal and home devices. Future Lincoln vehicles will benefit from a unique digital platform built on top of the Android operating system for a constantly improving, ever more personalized ownership experience and the Lincoln Intelligence System will allow for the creation of more connected, sensory experiences. Lincoln designers and engineers are even experimenting with digital scenting techniques, exploring how warm, pleasant scents positively affect the mood and overall well-being of passengers.



Lincoln vehicles are clearly designed to satisfy the desires of luxury consumers but, for many, the ultimate luxury is being able to make their new vehicle unique to them. And Lincoln has this covered with its extensive personalisation program. Special trim levels are available across the range, such as ‘Presidential’, which come with an array of package options combining world-class materials, cutting-edge technologies and luxury appointments.

As for attention to detail and ensuring only the best for our customers, consider that only 1% of the leather produced around the world is deemed worthy of using to upholster a Lincoln. The wood trim, the carpeting and the switchgear inside any new Lincoln vehicle has all been carefully selected to ensure a cabin ambience like no other.


Lincoln recognizes that time in itself is a luxury few can afford and has ensured its ability to meet clients on their terms, providing ultimate flexibility to streamline and simplify the purchasing experience – something that will become even more important in the near future.


Are the days of conspicuous consumption over? In a January 10 article about the changing face of the luxury goods market, Forbes said that 2021 would be “a year of transition bringing in a new era of conscientious luxury and ushering out an extended period of conspicuous consumption,” adding that the pandemic has resulted in “a radical reset to luxury consumers’ priorities”, speculating that big ticket items, such as prestige automobiles, will see customers exercising restraint.

And restraint is very much a Lincoln hallmark, as even a cursory glance at the company’s current range will confirm – tasteful, subtle styling abounds inside and out. Lincoln vehicles are not ostentatious, instead they combine masterful design with exceptional engineering excellence that meets the needs and wants of motorists and their families both now and in the future.


Lincoln vehicles have always led the way in terms of luxury, right from the very earliest days of the company at the start of the 20th century. Decades ago, that meant silky-smooth V12 petrol engines and automatic transmissions, quite apart from the accoutrements one would normally associate with cars unattainable for all but the wealthiest of customers. Now, though, buyers of luxury automobiles are increasingly looking to electrification and emissions-free motoring.

On June 15, 2021, Lincoln announced to the world that a full portfolio of connected and electrified vehicles would be available by 2030.

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