History Of Citroën Jumper

For nearly 100 years, Citroën has been supporting all professionals with a range of robust, innovative commercial vehicles tailored to the specific needs of each professional. This is particularly visible in the van segment with iconic models such as the TUB, a true pioneer of modern utility vehicles, the renowned Type H, the well-regarded C25, and the Jumper, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary today and taking the opportunity to rejuvenate itself with more style, connectivity, and the same level of practicality.

Let’s reflect on the exceptional saga of the Jumper, which has allowed Citroën to stand by the side of all businesses for 30 years, and continues today with the launch of a new, more innovative Jumper.

1994: The Jumper brings a new modernity to the van market.

When introduced in January 1994, the Jumper left a memorable impression by bringing to the van market a design, comfort, ergonomics, and driving pleasure inspired by passenger vehicles. Considering the professionals who spend long hours in their vehicles, Citroën paid special attention to the interior with ergonomics similar to a sedan, enhanced sound insulation, and unprecedented features for a van, such as electric windows and air conditioning.

Of course, the new Jumper didn’t forget to address the essential needs of all professionals with a wide range of engines (petrol and diesel, including the new 2.5L atmospheric Diesel and Turbo Diesel with three valves per cylinder, well-suited for heavy loads) and body configurations, resulting in a total of 58 different versions of the Jumper!

2002: Unprecedented engines and features.

In the early 2000s, the Jumper evolved with a renewed design and, most importantly, the adoption of two state-of-the-art engines: the direct-injection turbo-Diesel engine 2.2 HDi and the dual-fuel petrol/LPG engine 2.0i. The Jumper also innovated in terms of features, being the first in its segment to offer a driver’s seat with variable damping, a camera, or rear radars.

2006: A brand-new Jumper that better meets the needs of its time.

Building on the success of the first generation, Citroën launched an entirely new model that even more precisely met the needs of professionals. The design combined modernity and practicality, including integrated steps in the bumper for easier windshield cleaning. The range of useful volumes expanded, now reaching up to 17 m3, compared to the previous 14 m3. The new Jumper was one of the few front-wheel-drive models in its segment to allow a total loaded weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes. The HDi diesel engine range expanded to include three power levels: 100, 120, and 157 hp.

2014: A Jumper at the forefront with the introduction of advanced driving aids.

Continuing to be at the forefront, the Jumper received everything modern in the mid-2010s: LED daytime running lights, a touchscreen with integrated navigation system, a Connecting Box with Bluetooth hands-free and USB, lane departure warning, and a Stop & Start system on its e-HDi engines for a consumption gain of 0.5 liters/100 km in the city.

2024: The Jumper and ë-Jumper enter a new era.

Today, the Jumper takes an unprecedented dimension to stay fully connected to the evolution of constraints, needs, and desires of professionals. Citroën has recently launched a new Jumper and a new ë-Jumper.

For enhanced driving comfort, an automatic transmission is available for the first time on the Jumper, with two of the three new BlueHDi engines (140 and 180 hp, the 120 hp engine being paired with a 6-speed manual transmission).

For professionals concerned with adopting sustainable mobility and reducing daily costs, the new ë-Jumper features an all-new 100% electric powertrain. It offers power (200 kW/270 hp) and range (420 km*) that set a benchmark in the segment. The new ë-Jumper can be charged from 0 to 80% in just 55 minutes on a fast charger of 150 kW.

As a pioneer in zero emissions in its segment, the Jumper will also be available later with a new hydrogen fuel cell powertrain that should offer a range of nearly 500 km.

The new Jumper marks a significant step in terms of connectivity. Mid-range versions feature a 5-inch screen displaying used media (radio, Bluetooth-connected phone, etc.). High-end models are equipped with a large 10-inch touchscreen with integrated navigation and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces.

Optimized driving comfort and safety. To offer users optimal working conditions, the new Jumper receives unprecedented equipment: an electric parking brake, more comfortable to use than a manual device, a digital rearview mirror providing comfort and safety, a “hands-free” access and start system, etc… New driving aids also make their appearance, such as driver fatigue alert or automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection.

With these new assets and a more assertive design than ever with the new Citroën brand identity, the Jumper has all the strengths to inaugurate a fourth decade of success in the van segment.

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