FSD 59 – A Revolutionary Motorbike Concept by Frank Stephenson

Leading global design house Frank Stephenson Design has revealed its latest design concept, FSD 59, a futuristic motorbike that combines advanced technology, radical design elements, and unparalleled functionality.

FSD 59 is a project motorbike that showcases the vision and creativity of Frank Stephenson Design, which has previously worked on projects such as space capsules, eVTOLs, supercomputers, supercars, watches, baby seats and more. The concept is on display at the Geneva International Motor Show this week, where it is expected to attract attention and admiration from the public and the industry.

The design of FSD 59 is the result of a rigorous and creative process that involved experimenting with different architectures and technologies within the domain of electric and hydrogen propulsion bikes.

The design team aimed to create a bike that could adapt to different riding styles and preferences, such as sportbikes, supersport cruisers, and high-end commuters. To achieve this, they incorporated elements of customisation and adaptability, such as adjustable handlebars, footpegs, and seats. The bike is light and agile, without being too aggressive or compromising on comfort and safety.

FSD 59 is not just a concept, but a realistic prototype that has applications for the real world. It has the capability to feature an electric motor that delivers impressive performance and efficiency, as well as a pure aerodynamic design that minimises drag and maximises speed. The bike also boasts a modular battery monocoque platform, a dynamic windscreen angle adjustment, an AR-enabled HUD, and a monoblock fairing, among other innovative features.

The bike has been designed to cater to the diverse needs and desires of the riders, whether they want to cruise along the valley roads or enjoy a weekend at the track.

Frank Stephenson, Founder and Creative Director of Frank Stephenson Design said, “Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to present this to the world and we are very excited to share it. We look forward to announcing more news on this in the future.”

Frank Stephenson Design is a global leader in design, with a reputation for creating products that are not only beautiful, but also functional, innovative, and sustainable. With FSD 59, the design house has once again demonstrated its ability to push the boundaries of design and create a product that is truly exceptional and visionary.

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