First sketches of Škoda Enyaq RS Race Concept

First sketches of Škoda Enyaq RS Race Concept

With the introduction of the Enyaq RS Race concept study, Škoda Auto is charting new territory in motorsports while amplifying the brand’s emotional allure. Elevating Škoda’s motorsport legacy to unprecedented heights, the Enyaq RS Race showcases a daring design accentuated by a formidable rear wing. This concept not only offers a glimpse into the future of sustainable automotive technology but also serves as a dynamic platform for developing cutting-edge electric technologies for future production vehicles.

Sustainability at the Core
“Sustainability is at the heart of Škoda Motorsport’s vision. Our foray into electric rally cars with the Škoda Fabia RE-X1 in 2021 laid the foundation for the groundbreaking Škoda Enyaq RS Race. This remarkable vehicle exemplifies how motorsports, deeply ingrained in Škoda’s DNA, can drive emotional engagement while fostering innovation for our road models.”

A Dynamic Concept Study
The Enyaq RS Race is based on the Škoda Enyaq Coupé RS, equipped with all-wheel drive to showcase the performance potential of the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electric Drive Matrix. With its aggressive design, this concept is a visual spectacle, emphasizing its racing pedigree. Enhanced stability and aerodynamics, including a prominent rear wing, underscore its connection to motorsport while paving the way for practical insights and design innovations for future production models.

Design Inspiration and Execution
“The Škoda Enyaq RS Race is not merely a concept; it will be a tangible reality. Lower, wider, lighter, and more dynamic, its design embodies the aggressive spirit of racing DNA. Drawing inspiration from the aerodynamics of the Škoda Fabia RS Rally2, it features a sculpted nose, widened fenders, and an imposing rear wing, exuding speed even on paper.”

Škoda’s Ongoing Commitment
The Enyaq RS Race is the latest addition to Škoda’s lineup of innovative battery-electric concept studies, following the Škoda Vision GT and the Škoda Fabia RE-X1. From rally tracks to gaming platforms, Škoda is pushing boundaries in promoting sustainability across motorsport realms. The Fabia Rally2, powered by 100% sustainable fossil-free fuel in the WRC2, serves as a testament to Škoda’s dedication to evaluating electromobility innovations in extreme conditions.

In summary, the Škoda Enyaq RS Race epitomizes the brand’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and performance in motorsport. With its bold design and forward-thinking technology, it heralds a new era of dynamic and sustainable automotive excellence, reinforcing Škoda’s position as a trailblazer in the electric vehicle landscape.

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